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    Trafficking Milo: Maricopa County Probate At Work

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    Greg Elofson and his father Milo have come face to face with predators working in Maricopa County Probate Court in Arizona.  Targeted by Adult Protective Services, unscrupulous attorney's and other predators in the system who are operating under cover of the probate court to separate Milo from his small estate and his freedom to live without fear. Greg continues his search for adequate accomodations for his father. 

    Bio:   Greg Elofson is the CEO of By Your Side (byyourside.care), which builds personal rescue beacons for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's/Dementia.

    He holds a PhD from the University of Arizona in Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Science, a Juris Doctor degree from the Fordham University School of Law, a Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor's degree from Occidental College.

    Greg has been a National Science Foundation Reviewer, published in numerous top international peer-reviewed journals, lectured internationally at schools like the London School of Economics, the Asian Institute of Technology, and Edith Cowan University in Australia, and conferences internationally including those in Helsinki, Geneva, and Paris. Greg also holds certificates in China law from China's #1 law school, Renmin University, and in EU intellectual property law from University College Cork, in Ireland.

    He began his career working at the #1 accounting firm in the world, Arthur Andersen & Co, worked as a Staff Scientist at Science Applications International, was a Professor at Emory University, the University of Miami, Fordham University, and Middlebury college.

    Greg is also a caregiver, looking after his father Milo, while they search for solutions and answers to finding proper assisted care for him, through a mine-field of dangerous interference and malfeasance originating from the Maricopa County probate court.

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    When is Probate a Good Idea?

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    Probate may be necessary even if you a will, trust, or powers of attorney.  The titling of your assets, the types of estate planning documents you have executed, and whether you have a large number of known or unknown creditors are all factors in whether probate should be opened.  In some cases, probate courts may even be involved in medical and financial decisions made on your behalf while you are living.

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    Indiana: Probate is handling child custody?

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    Join us this evening as Mary Harper joins us from Indiana's St. Joeseph County.  The question we all should be asking is:  How did a child custody case end up in a probate court?  Who died?

    My name is Mary. I live in South Bend Indiana which would be St. Joseph County jurisdiction. I am a Mother, a USAF reservist and a college student. I am of sound character reaching out to acknowledge there is a legitimate problem with the practices of law in this St. Joseph Probate System.

    I have been put through the ringer fighting for my youngest Daughter Ella, who was taken from me 4 years ago...on my birthday. The Father to Ella...and his corrupt attorney went into the court room of Magistrate Barbara Johnston at the local probate court...accusing me of everything a person could accuse another of, and was granted an emergency petition to take my baby. There was never any evidence produced or showing that any of the charges levied against me were true.

    Four years out and a journey of false accusations...mind you I proved wrong, and lengthy continuences...with no evidence from opposing counsel, a magistrate that felt that "order of the court" meant her order and not the law, I am still without my child. I have no criminal record, while my child is with a guy that has had a felony charge and just recently, another battery charge. I have been robbed my of rights...but most of all my child has been ignored by this ungoverned and improperly instructed, supposedly overwhelmed probate system and denied her Momma that Loves her dearly and I might add her two sisters whom I raise on my own, that miss her so.

    This biased and unethical magistrate denied me my request for the local agency in this county to come in and see what would have and should have been for the "best interest of the child." My little girl has been put on a roller coaster and I need my baby.


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    The Texas Twighlight Zone: Probate Court at its finest

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    Join us for a revealing and frightening (not) discussion of the perils and pitfalls of Texas Probate as we enter the Twighlight Zone with untold unethical players. It was truly revealing and to think, I only had to practice guardianship law in Harris County for 2 years to learn the secrets I suppose I wasn't suppose to know. Recognize my sense of humor guys. Caveat: I really don't know who all of the culprits are and am not impugnity anyone on the Judiciary, but rather, the ad litems who seem to control the venue. Get the scoop and stay tuned! 

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    Reporter Michael Volpe: Systematic Corruption in Family & Probate Courts

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    Reporter Michael Volpe joins us to update the story of Norman Hughes, a Korean & Viet Nam war vet being held against his will in an assisted living center, endorsed by the Memphis VA Center. Mr. Volpe initially investigated and reported on the abuse of Hughes, August 1, 2014 on the Daily Caller.

    We will also be discussing the "Orwellian recklessness of both family and probate court, corruption on the part of Guardian ad Litem and other professionals, the media's reluctance to report on it because of the personal nature he said/she said nature of the story, all of which leads to systemic corruption."

    Mr. Volpe is one of those rare reporters willing to actually look at the growing abuses of family and probate courts, and to report it. 


    Chicago-based writer Michael Volpe spent more than a decade in finance before becoming a freelance journalist. His work has appeared in such national publications as the Daily Caller, FrontPage Magazine, CounterPunch, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Newsletter. His first book, Prosecutors Gone Wild: The Inside Story of the Trial of Chuck Panici, John Gliottoni and Louise Marshall was published in October, 2013, and his second book, The Definitive Dossier of PTSD in Whistleblowers, was published in 2013.

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    Reporter Mike Volpe / The Rampant Abuse of Guardianship via the Probate Courts

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    Mike Volpe, Investigative reporter for the website REBEL PUNDIT, joins us this evening to discuss his recent expose' on the corruption of the probate courts and those who are victimized by a for-profit system of elder abduction, isolation, neglect, abuse and the inevitable looting of their lifetime accrued assets by judges, attorneys, predatory guardians and anyone else who can find a way to tap the estate.

    From the article on Rebel Pundit "Court Appointed Guardianship Abuses Run Rampant in American Courts"

    "Initially started to protect the elderly and mentally challenged from being taken advantage of, it has often been corrupted, having the opposite effect. Those perfectly healthy who are effectively jailed and held against their wills, often end up in nursing homes away from their families."

    Join us as Mike talks about his investigation and what it revealed about the dangerous new age crime of "aging with assets". 


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    Probate Court: Human Trafficking & Milking the helpless

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    The human trafficking of our elderly!

    Join us this evening for news on the epidemic of probate and family court corruption occuring across the nation.  Probate courts are facilitating the abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of elderly individuals who have committed the new age crime of aging with assets.  Professional guardians and unethical attorneys are gaming the system and getting rich off the elderly, and diabled adults.  No assets?  Not a problem!  You are virtual cash cow in the federal and state subsidy, grant, and benefits prorgrams. 

    Keven and Theresa will join us from Florida later in the show to discuss the new data base they are building to track corruption from city to city, state to state. 

    We will take phone calls the last 30 minutes of the show.

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    006: US Probate Leads with Leon McKenzie

    in Real Estate

    Probate leads for real estate investors have always been thought to be a 'Holy Grail', but pulling good leads on your own may be as elusive as the White Whale. It's harder than it seems, and the market is full of mis-information. There's 1 company that stands above all others, and really knows what they're doing...US Probate Leads. Watch this interview with CEO Leon McKenzie to learn the REAL opportunities for real estate investors.

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    San Antonio Probate ~ Featuring Phil Ross, Kris Hood & Debbie Valdez

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    Sherry and I enjoyed this show immensely, as we were educated from a pro Court Room Blogger, Kris Hood, and A+++ Probate & Civil Rights Attorney Phil M. Ross on the ins and outs of recusal and reversing decisions of Texs Probate Judges with respect to Trusts and Guardianship! Mr. Ross is truly gifted and we are so blessed to have been quiet long enough to hear him share his insight and victories with us, giving more families hope that the tide in guardianship has indeed changed and it's time for Families, period.  Thank you Debbie Valdez (G.R.A.D.E.), Phil M. Ross, and Kris Hood- for joining us and sharing the story of Mr. Jack Hood, a quite spunky 90 year old Veteran who wasn't going to take this lying down!  Go Jack! As a caveat, we acknowlege the many gifted judges of integrity, who inspire us every day to reach higher and work harder and preface this program with the statement that the views of our guests are not necessarily our own. We seek to inform our listeners on what is going on and how to effectively combat it and win!  We also hope to motivate any lawyers or other officials on the fence to get off of it and join us!

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    Attorney Peter B. Tiernan Discusses Deeds, Probate, And Your Home After You Pass

    in Real Estate

    Many of us don't want to think about death. However, there are certain things that need to be set-up to save headaches for family members should there be an unexpected passing. Join me, Emily Tiernan host of Emily Knows Homes as I sit down and talk with Peter B. Tiernan Probate, Estate, and Tax Attorney out of Margate, FL. He explains durable power of attorney and why it's important to have it set-up now, inheritance and income tax, as well as life estate deeds.

    Peter has been practicing law for over 40 years, holds a Juris Doctorate, and has written over 28 articles for the Florida Bar Journal and national magazines.

    This episode was provided by Randazzo School in Coconut Creek, FL.

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    Attorney Peter B. Tiernan Discusses Deeds, Probate, And Your Home After You Pass

    in Real Estate

    Join me as I discuss with Peter B. Tiernan what we need to consider about our homes after we pass. We discuss durable power of attorney, homestead, and life estate deeds.

    Peter is a estate, probate, and tax attorney from Margate, FL. He has written over 28 articles and has been practicing law for over 40 years.


    Today's show is brought to you by Randazzo school in Coconut Creek.

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