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    Premature Ovarian Failure: Causes, Prevention, Treatment

    in Health

    What causes premature menopause or ovarian failure? What are the symptoms?  What can you do to prevent and treat it? Host Dawn Davenport, Exec. Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support organization, will interview Dr. Mark Perloe, Medical Director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists in Atlanta. He received trained at Penn State University and the University of Wisconsin before completing an Reproductive Endocrinology fellowship at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Benjamin Leader is Director of Clinical Research at ReproSource, a clinical fertility testing and research laboratory dedicated to improving reproductive health. Dr. Leader is a Harvard and MIT-trained physician scientist.

    Blog summary of the show and highlights can be found here:
    Blog summary of the show
    More Creating a Family resources on premature ovarian failure can be found here.

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    Premature Baby Conquers Handicaps

    in Health

    Sarah H. of Knoxville was born 12 weeks premature.  Before she left the hospital she had serious challenges to overcome.  But this tiny baby was also born with a strong spirit and a can-do attitude that have helped her through those and many additional challenges in the first 23 years of her life.

    Sarah is a member of Club Vibes (http://www.club-vibes.org/) an organization created by John and Sue Buckley to assist blind and visually impaired young people in the Knoxville area to live independent and productive lives by identifying their unique capacities and developing their individual strengths. They recruit "pilots" who steer tandem bicycles while a visually impaired young person "stokes" in the rear.

    Sarah and Sue join Mike and Joyce to talk about Sarah's medical journey and her outstanding academic journey which she hopes will lead her to a career in medicine.

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    Supporting Parents of Premature Babies: Part 1

    in Parents

    Join Sara Bingham, WeeHands Founder and author of The Baby Signing Book, each week as she shares parenting tips, language development strategies, and the joys of connecting with your baby, toddler and/or preschool child.

    This week, Sara will chat with Beth Maclin, founder of The Little Bear Foundation, about premature babies and the support their parents need. 

    Learn more about how WeeHands and signing with your baby at www.weehands.com or share with us on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/weehands.

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    Kate Hopper on Premature Motherhood

    in Moms and Family

    Book: Ready for Air: A Journey Through Premature Motherhood No woman dreams of having a premature baby when she becomes pregnant. Whether she imagines a home or hospital birth, the imagined outcome is always the same: a healthy baby cradled in her arms. But millions of women do not experience the birth of their dreams. In the United States alone, half a million babies are born prematurely every year, more than one thousand every day.
    SHOW TIMES: 4 pm PST, 5 pm MST, 6 pm CST and 7 pm EST.
    Bestselling author Kate Hopper joins the show to discuss her new book, Ready for Air, about her own frightening first birth in 2003 when she began exhibiting signs of preeclampsia, the pregnancy-induced disease that affects over 200,000 U.S. women and causes an estimated 76,000 maternal deaths worldwide every year.
    Kate's first book, Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers
    Website: www.katehopper.com

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    Premature Documentation

    in Comedy

    Damien, Vlad, and later on, Ali, get in the conversation on a number of topics including the questionable logic of going raw instead of using protection despite how good it feels, details of the new Apple products, a grandma getting bit by a pitbull during her Ice Bucket Challenge video, Kobe Bryant's new documentary and the concept of making documentaries prematurely, and when the last time Nas put out a must-listen-to verse. All that and a whole lot more. Check it out.

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    Watch live on DailyMotion, Tuesdays at 6:00pm: www.dailymotion.com/video/x2hj1sj_s…y-labs-live_fun

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    Premature Ejaculation

    in Entertainment

    We discuss one of men's worst fears, premature ejacultion or PE as it's commonly referred to. Join us as we discuss this embarrasing subject. You don"t want to miss it!
    We are now an affiliate of Good Vibrations, www.goodvibes.com
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    Premature Solutions

    in Parents

    On today's program, Ross and Susy spoke with a mom who's thinking of pulling her son out of school due to poor performance...but will that solution really solve the problem? Or does the mom need more information about what's getting in the way for her son at school before they can start contemplating solutions. Plus a lot more...

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Be Happy, don't Worry!

    in Fitness

    WORRY is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do but won't get you anywhere!

    WORRY is disturbing and the cause of anxiety which can lead to premature aging and in some cases death.

    How often have you sat and worried over things...no sooner was the bill paid and you started to wonder where next month's funding will come from.

    WORRY is not a substitute for constructive action.  SIDE BAR...how many times have you heard the phrase 'CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM'  how can criticism be constructive when all you're doing is finding fault!


    Are you a fear junky...etc.

    Focus on positive aspects...etc.

    Dream Stealers...etc.

    Buddies that complain...etc.

    Who do you know that lives vicariously through you...etc.

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    Lost Arts Radio Show #24 - Special Guests Michelle Rowton and Paul Connett

    in Health

    Michelle Rowton of Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccination

    Also, Dr. Paul Connett on Water Fluoridation

    Michelle Rowton, MSN, RNC-NIC, C-NPT, NNP-BC, is a Masters-level prepared nurse, a neonatal nurse practitioner with extensive training in functional medicine. She is recognized by the Texas Board of Nursing and licensed as an Advance Practice Nurse. Michelle is also a spokesperson for Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines (www.namv.org), and one of the important voices speaking out in opposition to the massive campaign that has been set into motion worldwide to bring in universal forced vaccination. Michelle is back on the show with us to discuss what is happening around the country and around the world in the government/industry campaign to force vaccination on everyone regardless of personal beliefs and without informed consent. We also discuss with Michelle, the meaning of a study that confirms premature babies are terribly damaged by vaccines, but that means it's ok to just go ahead and keep injecting them with the same vaccines known to harm or kill them.

    Also on this week's show, Richard talks with Dr. Paul Connett, Ph.D internationally known researcher and executive director of Fluoride Action Network (www.fluoridealert.org). Paul is a recognized world leader in the effort to educate the public about the real effects of Fluoride when it is intentionally put into drinking water and innumerable processed foods, drinks and other products. Putting Fluoride chemicals into our drinking water, instead of disposing of them as the toxic waste that they are, amounts to another case of forced drugging of the population, when the effects of this drug are known to be extremely harmful. Dr. Connett covers a wide spectrum of issues and information related to fluoridation, why it is important to you and your family, and ideas for what you can do to get the Fluoride out of your city's water supply and your own household drinking water.

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    in Politics

    Today is Yaabey and we will be turning to the new topic of Spirit and what it has to do with Revolution."I do not think that life will change for the better without an assault on the Establishment, which goes on exploiting the wretched of the earth. This belief lies at the heart of the concept of revolutionary suicide. Thus it is better to oppose the forces that would drive me to self-murder than to endure them. Although I risk the likelihood of death, there is at least the possibility, if not the probability, of changing intolerable conditions. This possibility is important, because much in human existence is based upon hope without any real understanding of the odds. Indeed, we are all—Black and white alike—ill in the same way, mortally ill. But before we die, how shall we live? I say with hope and dignity; and if premature death is the result, that death has a meaning reactionary suicide can never have. It is the price of self-respect."

    In the metaphysical sense we based the expression "All Power to the People" on the idea of man as God. I have no other God but man, and I firmly believe that man is the highest or chief good. If you are obligated to be true and honest to anyone, it is to your God, and if each man is God, then you must be true to him. If you believe that man is the ultimate being, then you will act according to your belief. Your attitude and behavior toward man is a kind of religion in itself, with high standards of responsibility.” 
    ? Huey P. Newton, Revolutionary Suicide

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    Cricket Talk weekly

    in Sports

    I want to apologise for the premature ending of the Show last week. We have make a report to our sponsors and they are looking into the cause. I regret any inconvenience that this interruption might have caused..

    On Sunday we wil talk Cricket as we usually do. Of Course we will dwell on the performance of the West Indies in the Series against Australia. 

    England and New Zealand wil be reviewed. India in Bangladesh will be covered.  We will be spending some time on the upcoming Caribbean Premier League which is scheduled to commence its thirth edition on June 20th. We will cover much more....Be sure to join us.......

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