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    Lurk and Smash - Larry "Lrkr" Barcello and Adam "Hulksmassh" Rodriguez of Barbell Brigade.

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    Training partners Larry Barcello and Adam Rodriguez join us to talk about how they ended up training together, their powerlifting goals, and how each of them has benefitted from the coaching of Josh Bryant. We also ponder whether powerlifters have to be selfish to succeed, the impact of social media on powerlifting, "askholes,"the lameness of federation politics, and the tyranny of singlets.Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald.Jim McDonald produced.

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    Pain-Free High Performance, With Dr. John Rusin, Ep 14

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    Dr. John Rusin is a physical therapist, but he's not one of those physical therapists who's going to tell you not to work too hard at the gym. In fact, he's worked with a lot of hardcore athletes - from major league baseball players, to Olympians, to powerlifters. Hard work in the gym is not something his clients avoid.

    But, they do avoid pain and injury, and Dr. John helps them do that. 

    00:00 - New happenings at Breaking Muscle
    02:50 - Introduction to Dr. John Rusin
    03:31 - Combining high performance with a pain-free methodology
    04:39 - Combining training for aesthetics and performance
    05:43 - Training based on individual needs
    06:30 - Why Olympians are the hardest type of athlete to work with
    08:21 - Taking a step back to move forwards
    09:26 - What the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale is and who should use it
    11:35 - How to shift from a percentage-based program to using an RPE scale
    14:18 - How lifestyle factors such as sleep play into RPE
    15:57 - The purpose of the warm up for the strength athlete
    18:15 - Dr. John's free hypertrophy program on the Breaking Muscle forums
    21:00 - The conundrum of gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously
    22:50 - What drove John to become a high performance physical therapist
    28:58 - Why back injuries are unpreventable for most people
    31:56 - How to improve your daily functional movement patterns
    35:58 - How to perform hands-on myofascial release on yourself
    40:00 - John and Kalli's upcoming Hypertrophy and Fat Loss Program
    41:29 - Who the program is for and how they will benefit
    42:20 - Differences in the program for men and women
    43:58 - How to find Dr. John Rusin online

    Full article: http://breakingmuscle.com/breaking-muscle-radio/pain-free-high-performance-with-dr-john-rusin-ep-14

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    Replay: Diet and Nutrition for Powerlifters

    in Sports

    Listen while we discuss proper diet and nutrition for powerlifters.  Listen as we talk to Lacy Puttuck RD, as we discuss for proper ways to gain weight, to cut weight and when to stop cutting weight and move up to the next weight class.  also, learn what supplements to take before during and after your workout. 

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    No, What's Your REAL PR?

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    We talk about how social media ignores some people while making stars of others, what the hell YouTube haters are thinking, some things about powerlifting meets that don't make much sense, and powerlifting training for non-powerlifters. We also try to figure out why everybody gives conditional answers when you ask about their PRs (personal records).Finally, we welcome new sponsor,Caveman Coffee.Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald.

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    AKA Kim Valentine - Guest - Powerlifter Kim Tran

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    One hundred and five pound powerlifting marvel, Kim Tran (known to social networks all the way back to MySpace as "Kim Valentine") drops in to talk about her drive to be a top powerlifter, what she learned from training with Mike Tuchscherer, and the mystery behind the increasing number of Asian powerlifters. We also cover how to look the most jacked in group photos, the miracle of spandex, and the wild world of the Folsom Street Fair.Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald.

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    Pro Strongman to Pro Wrestler to Pro Bodybuilder - New IFBB Pro Jon Andersen

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    We talk to newly minted IFBB pro bodybuilderJon Andersen about achieving his latest goal...and being on to the next one. After winning his first bodybuilding show, what changes did he make to push himself to the next level? What's hisnextgoal? Does this episode have another classic Jon Andersen poop story?We also discuss several powerlifters who recently crushed their own goals in competition.Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald

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    Building The Squat

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    Have you stalled on your squat?

    Building the squat requires many aspects to look at when improving it.When increasing the squat we need to ensure we are consistant with the amount of weight lifted with the rep scheme is at. Understanding what are actual 1 rep max is important so that we can stay within our strength curve. When we loose constitency we fall short of the overload princple and this will make you stall in your squat.Building the squat needs to make sure we have good exercise selection this comes from the core and auxillary exercises. We will cover five major areas in the podcast to have a bigger squat. These five areas will cover good motor skills, good anatomical leverage, while understanding which muscles are being used and developed. Understanding these prinples will help increse your ability to squat more weight.

    Benefits of this Podcast

    You will gain many ideas on incresing your squat. There is never one thing that will help but many small tweaks that will ensure a growth in the squat.We will help you gain strength by understanding some common areas that are missed when trying to have a big squat.

    Intended for 

    This is intended for all athletes for athletic performance or athletic development, All powerlifters and strength athletes can gain valuable information as well as coaches can gain information on helping their athletes.

    Sponsers of the Show

    Music : Longed for Fusion 

    Critical Bench : If you ar looking to increase your bench press and gain strong upper body strength visit their site 

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    Max Aita - Weightlifting Coach and Raw Powerlifter

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    One of our favorite dudes, Max Aita, joins us to talk about pursuing dreams...and changing directions when they abruptly end. When an injury ended Max's weightlifting career, he shifted into coaching other weightlifters and competing in raw powerlifting. Max has squatted 705 lbs raw with knee wraps in the 220 lbs weight class. You may know him from a YouTube video where goes from squatting an empty bar to 600 lbs in about 30 seconds.  We also ponder things that powerlifters can learn from Olympic weightlifters and vice versa. More about Max's gym and coaching programhere.Mark Bell hosts with Silent Mike and Jim McD.

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    Listen in as Shawna Mendelson talks to Gracie "V " Vanasse on True Power

    in Sports

    Hey everyone! Please listen in tp TRUE POWER as I talk to one of the strongest up and coming womens 132 & 148lb powerlifters in the world!! Gracie V on Sunday at 9pm EST, and 6pm Pacific!!

  • 01:26

    Shawna Mendelson -TRUE POWER interviews Therese Janc

    in Sports

    Listen up as Shawna Mendelson talks to Therese Janc! Therese is a super strong lifter who is fairly new to the sport of powerlifting. She has some great raw numbers on the books! Listen as Shawna has an depth conversation with her in regards to her experience in the sport, her current ideas and views, and where she sees herself in the future!
    Going to be a great interview don't miss it! Sunday May 5th @ 6pm eastern time! 

  • 01:32

    True Power with Shawna Mendelson Interviews Rheta West!

    in Sports

    Hey guys! Listen up to True Power as I talk to Rheta about her powerlfting experience and background, her unbelieveable day at the Womens Pro Am, being a mom, riding a harley her tattoos, and just being bad ass!!
    Monday April 22nd at 8:30pm Eastern Time!