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    #TRUTALK The Reality of Police Brutality

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    There has been a movement to spotlight police brutality in America. You can't go a day without a new cell phone video showing officer misconduct hitting social media. We will have another great no holds barred and most importantly honest conversation about some of the more popular cases.

    Sandra Bland 

    Eric Garner 

    Michael Brown

    Tamir Rice

    Walter Scott

    Freddie Gray and more. 

    The problem with all these cases and more is the dead were all unarmed when they were killed. Is this a disturbing new trend? Or has this always been going on? Le't get ready to dig in!

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    Building Social Capital With The Police

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss how to improve "relationships" between law enforcement and people who think that law enforcement is unfair.  Typically the primary ingrediant that is missing for a positive relationship is a "relationship". Many people who dislike the police (and vice versa).............have no relationship with each other and that sets up a climate of polar opposites.

    The best way to heal is to BE PRO-ACTIVE and see what the other person needs.

    Visit our website: www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Call and listen to It's My House Radio  712-432-8863.

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    "Police Lives Matter"

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    On this Wednesday at 3 pm were doing a show called "Police Lives Matter". Join us when we welcome our esteemed guest, Dr. Joel Shults operates Street Smart Training and is the founder of the National Center for Police Advocacy.. Dr. Shults is retired as Chief of Police in Colorado. He spent 30 years as a uniformed law enforcement professional. He has an educational background in criminal justice education as well as earning his doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. He'll be on the show to talk about what a police officer's life is like in the streets; the dangerous situations and encounters that police officers face; how some officers do experience PTSD and trauma; some are conditionally, environmentally and situationally aware. Many are not always racist or being harassing. Tune in to hear his perspective about police and their dealings with the public at large. The goal of this show is to create understanding, to present police in another much more positive light and to restore and enhance relations and respect on the side of both the officer and the public.

    Dont miss this show!

  • Police Brutality and Racial Profiling

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    The stories are becoming all too familiar - Oscar Grant, John Crawford III, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and many others whose names don't make national headlines.  #BlackLivesMatter has become the cry of the African-American community as the lives of young Black men and women are taken at the hands of police while unarmed.  Why are people of color stopped, searched, arrested, and killed in disproportionate numbers compared to their Caucasian counterparts?  How can unarmed "suspects" such as John Crawford III or Oscar Grant get shot on site when people who commit heinous acts - such as James Eagan Holmes who killed 12 and injured 70 in a crowded movie theatre - are arrested and given every benefit of the doubt?  Let's discuss it and find some real solutions beyond the hashtags.  Because of the nature of this subject matter, parental discresion is advised for children under 13.

  • BIKE WEEK DO'S & Dont's

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    Lets talk about bike week do's and don'ts what should you and should not you do during bike week?

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    Police Who Kill: Poor Training or Intentional Murder?

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    After three days of peaceful demonstrations marking the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown's fatal shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, yet another African American man was shot by police in that same city. The names of those who died from police violence - Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Samuel DuBose, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Freddy Grey, Sandra Bland and many more are etched into the public's memory. Although reform measures, such as body cameras, have been introduced in 24,states, the killings haven't stopped. Some speculate that we are seeing the manifestation of an underground plot by the KKK or some other White Supremacist group to commit genocide on blacks under the cover of law enforcement.  Whether or not this is true, the public has a responsibility to step up and force and end to these killings. Organizations don't kill people. Agencies don't kill people. Companies don't kill people. PEOPLE  kill people. How do we identify, post on the Internet and circulate Warning posters of police repeat offenders until they are taken off our streets?

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    Could teen have run with severed spine after being shot by police?

    in Entertainment

    The St. Louis police shooting

    Could teen have run with severed spine after being shot by police?

    The St. Louis police shooting death of 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey sparked days of protests earlier this month, and now one searing question has risen to the forefront: How could Ball-Bey have run from police after his spinal cord was severed?   Call in your thoughts .

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    Dismantling the Police State by Hugh Traulsen

    in Politics

    We are pleased that Hugh Traulsen has agreed to be our guest to discuss the troubling concept of converting our police force to an armed force.  Mr. Traulsen's motives are altruistic and he is simply trying to make the world a better place. His background has been varied and interesting. He was responsible for a whistle blower complaint which resulted in a high placed political figure being displaced and he accomplished that through lodging a complaint with the Wall Street Journal.

    To his credit, he has a poem in the Ronald Reagan Library, has received a letter from President Obama and is well known in numerous social and media circles.  Please feel free to call with your questions or comments 646-652-4620.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Police Brutality

    in Comedy

    Joe and Kate are joined by Malachi Nimmons to talk about police brutality. They get into the overall abuse of power that goes way deeper than just the police force, and how an "us verse them" mentality only creates a bigger divide.
    Check out all of our shows at http://standupnylabs.com

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    Falsely Arrested and accused of assault by Sussex Police Eastbourne

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    John Paterson Falsely Arrested and accused of  assault by Sussex Police Eastbourne.


    Freedom Talk Radio - The arrowhead for global remedies for humanity. The war has been ongoing between humanity and satanity, and now we declare that it has been won by humanity.

    We want to hear your success stories, how you fought and won, to help others further down the road. Volunteer your experiences, knowledge to teach others in the remedies we all have under common law, ancient laws, divine laws - which serve and protect the people.

    We must demand our inherent rights which are common to all laws which serve and protect the people. We disown all man-made laws which are used to enslave and rob the people.

    We declare our divinity over all man-made laws and religions. We condemn all crimes of murder, sodomy rape and cannibalism against babies, children, women, dead bodies, dead animals.

    We declare this planet free from SATANITY. We, HUMANITY will run this planet as intended by our father, GOD, in whatever country, religion or culture, as brothers and sisters, as equals, in love.

    We enshrine the original 7 principles in public office as HONOUR and crimes of corruption and fraud as DISHONOUR, which will cause immediate removal from public office and citizens arrests to be issued by our common law Peace Officers, Sheriffs and Grand juries.


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    Police brutality

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    The Justice Department releases statistics on this and related issues, although these datasets are only periodically updated: It found that in 2008, among people who had contact with police, “an estimated 1.4% had force used or threatened against them during their most recent contact, which was not statistically different from the percentages in 2002 (1.5%) and 2005 (1.6%).” In terms of the volume of citizen complaints, the Justice Department also found that there were 26,556 complaints lodged in 2002; this translates to “33 complaints per agency and 6.6 complaints per 100 full-time sworn officers.” However, “overall rates were higher among large municipal police departments, with 45 complaints per agency, and 9.5 complaints per 100 full-time sworn officers.” In 2011, about 62.9 million people had contact with the police

    [A]ccording to the CDC, in Oklahoma the rate at which black people are killed per capita by law enforcement is greater than anywhere else in the country. That statistic is taken from data collected for the years 1999-2011. During that same time period, Oklahoma’s rate for all people killed by law enforcement, including all races, is second only to New Mexico. However, Oklahoma, the District of Columbia, Nevada and Oregon are all tied for the rate at which people are killed. (The CDC treats the District of Columbia as a state when collecting and displaying statistics.) In Missouri, where Mike Brown lived and died, black people are killed by law enforcement twice as frequently as white people. Nationwide, the rate at which black people are killed by They note that among 36 different studies published since the 1980s, the rates of force asserted vary wildly, from a high of more than 30% to rates in the low single digits.