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    The Week in Podcasting PROMO

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    New Show on Blogtalk radio "The Week in Podcasting"  with Seth Everrett, VAL Rilley and Jeff Adams 

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    The Week in Podcasting #7 "Halloween"

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    The Week in Podcasting #7 "Halloween" 

    Seth, Val and Jeff present a special edition of The Week In Podcasting, celebrating the holiday of Halloween.  After a discussion of the new Star Wars movies, podcasts featured this week include:

    - Horror Talk from The Horrophile Digital Magazine...Hosts: JV Johnson and Ron Bonk...Guest: John Schneider

    The show can be found at:


    - Paralyzed from Shark Dropper Studios...a fictional audio drama

    Subscribe on iTunes or listen at blogtalkradio.com/paralyzed

    - The Thinking Atheist...Host: Seth Andrews...The annual "Ghost Stories" show is a departure from our standard religion, science and education-based themes. It's essentially an audio book of ghost stories...for the radio. 

    Subscribe on iTunes or listen at blogtalkradio.com/thethinkingatheist

    - The Sasquatch Chronicles...Host: Wes Germer

    Subscribe on iTunes or listen at blogtalkradio.com/bigfoothotspot or go to www.sasquatchchronicles.com

    A spooky episode chock full of spooky stories and a cameo appearance from Executive Producer, Pod Vader, who has a ghost story of his own to share.  

    Please subscribe to The Week In Podcasting on iTunes and leave us a review.  See ya next week...if we survive - HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA

  • 4th Quarter Tax and Home-Base Business Show

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    What is the biggest challenges most Americans Face? Having too much month at the end of money. How can the common person overcome this challenge? Most try by getting a second jod or a second mortgage, or both.

    In reality, the best answer is making the most out of your current income by starting and running a homebase business.

    We will show you how a properly structured home-base business can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your taxes. The U. S, Congress has created laws that encourage individuals to be entrepreneurs - to start and run their own business.

    When you start your own home-base business, you become eligible to take all the same kinds of deductions available to big corporations. These deductions will allow you to decrease the amount of taxes that you pay. Helping you get back an extra $3,000 to $5,000 back on you tax return. Tune in today and find out how you can get started in a home base-business in this last quarter of 2015 to increase your tax return.

    Movements Unlimited Tax Services


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    The Week in Podcasting #6 "Movie Minute Sportocracy Life Interrupted"

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    With Hosts :

    Seth Everett (www.blogtalkradio.com/sebproductions)

    Val Reilly (@valreilly on Twitter)

    Jeff Adams @thejeffadams on twitter  (www.blogtalkradio.com/thejeffadamsshow)

    Producers: Jeff Adams and Jay Soderberg

    Topics this week include: 



    The Movie Minute    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/themovieminute/2015/10/08/joanna-langfields-movie-minute-reviews-of-pan-and-steve-jobs

    Sportocracy      check out Sportocracy on iTunes or go to the website majority.fm


    Life Interrupted Radio www.LifeInteruptedRadio.com and http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeinterruptedradio


    NO Bras 


    Send in suggestions for shows we should cover: theweekinpodcasting@gmail.com.

    See ya next Thursday!

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    Pushing the boundaries of podcasting

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    Tune in on Sunday Nov. 8 at noon when our next broadcast of Studio SPJ will feature a discussion of the possiblity of podcasting.

    Our guests will include Paul Brubaker, producer of "The Backgrounder," a weekly podcast on New Jersey politics and culture heard at NJ.Com and Brandon Robinson, co-host of "Brown and Scoop." a weekly podcast on sports and entertainment on the CBS Radio Play,it network.

    The 30-minute conversation will be moderated by John Ensslin, who besides producing Studio SPJ is also the host of Record Talk Radio, a podcast featuring journalists and newsmakers from northern New Jersey.

    All three will be speakers an SPJ New Jersey workshop called "Podcasting 101" from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the New Jersey Institute for Technology. Click here for information about the workshop.




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    MOMS, Make money from home in 5-10 minutes a day

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    Erin is a single mom of two beautiful children who works from home and she is going thare with us how she makes money AT home in as little as 5-10 minutes a day! BOOM! Im in!

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    Tax Tips You Can Count ON!

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    If you are “making good money,” but
    feeling broke, blame taxes. Income
    Taxes are THE biggest expense item
    for nearly all households.

    And if you’ve been feeling “more broke”
    in the past year, here’s why…

    During fiscal year (FY) 2015 (which just
    ended on Sept. 30), the IRS took more of
    our hard-earned money than ever before!


    Sit down for this one! The total collected
    was $3,248,723,000,000.

    Translation: $3,25 TRILLION dollars. Or
    3 Trillion, 248 Billion, 723 Million dollars.

    That’s a whopping 8% jump over last year!

    The entire population of the United States
    is 320 million. That means the amount
    collected from every person in the U.S. –
    even counting infants – averaged $10,152.

    The average American family – mom and
    dad and three kids – a normal family if five --
    paid nearly $51,000 in taxes last year!
    ($3.25-Trillion divided by 320-Million people).

    So if you think that taxes are killing you
    financially, be assured, THEY ARE!!!
    Only one person can reduce your taxes to
    the legal minimum – YOU!
    The MORE You KNOW, the LESS You OWE

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    EP.24 - Podcasting on the Edge

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    Prepared to get motivated as we bring Scott Doucet to the PodUp Podcast.  He is the host of the Edge-ucation podcast.  It’s a show focused on helping folks live a motivated, adventurous and passionate life.  The reason we are excited to bring Scott on is that he actually took his digital show and is now getting on the radio.  It’s a fantastic story about how he made that connection and there’s a lot you can learn about your venture from hearing it.   

    We also check out some news that came out last week suggesting that a television series is in the work about the hit podcast Serial.  This would be another huge boost to the podcasting world and something we would be very excited to see.  

    Edge-ucation Podcast iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/edge-ucation-podcast/id980296889

    EdgeMotivation.com - http://www.edgemotivation.com/

    Scott Doucet Twitter - https://twitter.com/edgemotivation

    Serial TV News - http://www.theguardian.com/media/2015/oct/02/serial-podcast-to-be-made-into-tv-series-by-directors-of-the-lego-movie

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    From Homeless To Home Owner

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss how to can help the homeless.  Within the homeless communities there are various distinctions of "homelessness".

    Homeless Veterns
    Working Homeless
    Homelss Families
    etc. etc. etc

    Call in with your questions, comments, and solutions. Out of this IDEAS that come up, we want to convert these ideas into an action plan to help people go from homless to homeowners.  The best technolgy to help these people is the "appropiate technology" known as a tiny house..........or a dwelling that is efficient for the person or family in question.

    Visit our website: itsmyhouseradio.wordpress.com

    Call to listen to It's My House Radio @ 712-432-8863.

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    Be consistent and make money from home.

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    Hop on this call and find out how you can make money from home BY BEING CONSISTENT, This is one call you dont want to miss. BE CONSISTENT.

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    An Affair: Is it OK to get sex from others when you can't get it from home?

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    It is Saturday and it is time for another Edition of the jrilshow.  TONIGHT:  Our QOD-An Affair:  Is it OK to get Sex from others when you can't get it from home?