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    Guest-Jon Huck and Shane McConnaghy

    in Comedy

    On this episode of The Charleston Comedy Podcast. We have guest Jon Huck.  Jon’s humor can best be described as honest, observational and self deprecating. His material ranges from TV friendly to wildly inappropriate. Jon performs stand up all over the Country. Jon appeared on Season 4 of Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham”. His first CD “Fantasticular Hilaritation” is available on Itunes.
    Jon also portrayed several characters during the run of MTV’s popular hidden camera show “Punk’d”. Most recently he appeared on VH1’s “Undateable”. Jon’s first feature – “Garbage” is due out in early 2011. Listen to the show live at 11 pm eastern time..Also Shane McConnaghy will be calling into the show. He and his step brother Stan will be in Charleston for the Step Brothers Tour..Comedy brothers from different mothers, it's the Step Brothers comedy show. Shane and Stan are as different as night and day, but one thing they share is the ability to make you howl with laughter. Intelligent and clever are never used to describe these two. Instead, what is heard again and again at their shows is, "My face still hurts from laughing so hard." The Step Brothers are a comedic duo you don't want to miss. It is two shows for the price of one.

    Email the show at charlestoncomedy@gmail.com, subscribe for free on iTunes, and listen to all of the archived episodes right here on Blog Talk Radio.

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    4th and Goal Podcast Episode 4: Shane Hallam Stops By and Talks Combine and More

    in Sports

    It's Monday night and James and Scott are back again with another episode of the 4th and Goal Podcast, this week we have DraftTV's Shane P. Hallam stopping by to catch us up with the ongoing NFL Combine that is at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indinapolis. 

    We will be talking about players that have solidified their spots in the draft as well as who's stock went up or down depending on their workouts. This will also include some draft talk that doesn't happen for another two months.

    Also we returning this week will be the "Pick 6" Segment where James will run off a top 6 list and Scott will give his honest and maybe unflitered thoughts without prior knowledge of the list either.

    It looks like another great show for the 4th and Goal Podcast; however what would make it even better is if any of you listners would call in at 516-418-5946 and have a take on something we talk about or if you want to bring up your own news story that we can discuss. Either join the conversation or start your own with us!

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    Episode 35: Eberley, Snottie, and Shane Young talk the Semi Finals

    in Sports

    What does the future hold?

    The NBA playoffs are in full swing, second round matchups are under way.

    Shane Young, Snottie, and Eberley talk semi Finals and our MVP award winner.

    Who has been the best player thus far?

    Who has the most pressure to perform in the second round?

    That and more tonight! Make sure to tune in.

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    Podcast 364

    in News

    Why Do I Do What I Do? A question from a drunk friend proves surprisingly difficult to answer. Why do I do podcasts? The pat answer isn’t good enough. Part of the reason is to prove podcasting is a viable medium for listeners and advertisers. In fact, far superior to radio in many ways. Another […]

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    Podcast 363

    in News

    Minnesota, Land of Confusion. What is the nature of what has been described as Minnesota’s ‘quirky’ political tendencies? Doubling as a Minnesota News Update, and commentary on the political state of affairs in the state, this podcast delves into the top political stories in the current time frame, and the conservative ‘movement’ in the state. […]

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    Podcast 362

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    No Growth Economy. New numbers say the US Economy grew by only .2 percent. Yet still, the Federal Reserve says the economy should grow now in the second quarter. Never mind all the ‘experts’ predicted 2015 would be a ‘blow out’ year, and that they have been revising their predictions down all through the quarter, […]

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    Podcast 361

    in News

    Baltimore. Riots in Baltimore overtake the national consciousness. Despite not wanting to talk about a story with facts that may change minute by minute, sometimes the ‘elephant in the room’ is the best conversation. What are the facts about the 25 year old Baltimore citizen who died in police custody? Did outrage cause the riot […]

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    Podcast 360

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    Updates! The Correspondent’s dinner is a colossal waste of time, and discussions now center on how to fix it. How do you fix it when the news reporters who should be in Baltimore covering riots are ‘the story’ at a glitzy, hollywood style celebrity roast, including the President. How is the public to expect objectivity in […]

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    Podcast 359

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    Spring Dusk. Live from the deck of the Broadcast Bunker on a spring evening. Finally warm enough to eat outside, and podcast from the deck with great coffee and an origami fire in the grill, post steak. A review of a live speaking engagement at SD48′s Freedom Banquet starts and is interrupted because of technology […]

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    Podcast 358

    in News

    Back In The Bunker. Another special announcement concerning more distribution of the The Bob Davis Podcasts. Plus, a discussion of what it’s like to be back in the studio after weeks on the road in the Mobile Podcast Command Unit. This weekend – in podcast time – is Earth Day, 2015. It is, essentially, a secular, […]

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    The Boss Podcast (Conversation with Travis Williams)

    in Sports

    JR was joined by Bossman Show Basketball Analyst, Travis Williams.

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