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    Pneumatology Series By: Doug Perry Part.1

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    The Pneumatology and "about tongues" Series
    By: Doug Perry.
    This is a collage of what the Lord has shown brother Doug Perry, of why the "church" needs to change. These sermons have been prevouisly broadcasted and watched on youtube on the "fotm1" youtube channel throughout the years. It's a bitt of a hassle, to dig up the interconnected and related themes (videos on youtube, we have over 700+ videos!) of "why the church needs to change" and other important themes like: "About Fellowship of the Martyrs", the "Bible study series", the "Spiritual tune-up series" and the "demonology" series. So we though that we might just try to digg'em all up for you and try jamming them packed on a 3 hour broadcast! Note: some of the themes have a lot of audio content and will have to be broadcasted on multiple 3 hour podcast sessions. We sincerely hope this may be of a great blessing to you! May all the Glory be to Our Lord Jesus Christ!!!
    Contact us at:fotm@fellowshipofthemartyrs.com
    Or call us at: 816-255-5766
    Direct link to YouTube channel:
    Here are the sermon titles included in this podcast: The reality of impartation, Straight talk about tongues, Interpretation of tongues, Interpretation of tongues languages of man?, The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, The Holy Spirit in the New Testament-Pre Pentacost, The Holy Spirit in the New Testament at Pentacost, The Holy Spirit in the New Testament- Post Pentacost, How to be filled with the Holy Spirit, Other things you can be filled with, Pneumatology warnings, Pneumatology Promises And 13 ways to grieve the Holy Spirit.

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    Another fundamental reality: all mankind are spirits!

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    Christians hardly know this great truth about THEMSELVES.  You ARE a spirit, you posses a soul, you live in a body, (1 Thess. 5:23).  This is true about everyone that you see every day, whether in person or through some other form of media.

    1 Samuel 16:7 says that as human beings we look 'on the outward appearance' but God looks 'on the heart'.  Paul said the same thing in 2 Cor. 5:  henceforth know we no man 'after the flesh'.

    Just seeing people (and yourself) by the five senses promotes opinions, categorizing, labeling, etc.  All of these things subject to change as we are tossed about in the sea of life.

    Receiving Truth about what YOU are and what THEY are will free you from this human weakness and you will begin to see others as eternal spirits, followed by the question:  "Where will they spend eternity?"

    2 Corinthians 5:  today's topic.

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    "Have you seen The New Creation?"

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    I'm sure at different times you have been asked the question, "Have you seen so-and-so?"  A person's name is given and they immediately come to mind.  Your answer is usually 'yes', or 'no'.

    Well, I have a question to ask you too:  "Have you seen The New Creation?"

    The New Creation has a description, features, characteristics and a life, just like any other person you know.  I am asking you that question to turn your thoughts toward the new you!

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    "It's time..to conquer sin in your life"

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    I want to address those of you who have been believers for some time, in other words, you aren't in the first year or so of your salvation.  People play with the sin in their lives thinking that it doesn't matter that much.  Well, I want to tell you that as the evil increases in this world, you had better start conquering those 'easily besetting sins'.  Jesus didn't die on the Cross to make the new creation available to us so that we could go on 'sinning in the flesh'.  I remember Kenneth Hagin Sr. made a remark that he went for weeks not knowing that he had a body!  That should be our goal: to walk so conscious of the Spirit that we aren't even aware of the voice of the world, the flesh and the devil.  IT IS ACHIEVABLE!

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    "Paul - Steward of the Mystery"

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    I must continue bringing Paul's Gospel before your heart, mind, eyes and ears.  Only through Paul's revelation does the Church come to maturity.  All of Paul's letters are divided into two parts:  doctrinal and practical.  Have you read Colossians lately?  Oh, please do....great blessings await you in that little letter.

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    "Paul's viper & pollution...."

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    A news report I heard last night was telling of the number of people being killed by pollution a year, over 200,000.  I didn't know it but I was about to get a lesson in the keeping power of God.  Tune in as I share it with you.

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    "The Grace of Divine Healing" by John G. Lake

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    Let's explore today this wonderful sermon by this dedicated man of God.  Grace is a word that we hear a lot today....Dr. Lake's applies it to the subject of divine healing for the body. 

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    "Walkng in the Light"

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    "What does that phrase mean and how do I do it?"  This will be our topic for this broadcast.  The Holy Spirit's indwelling bring together the spiritual and the practical, as we see in the verse:  "faith without works is dead".  That what this program will be about, the spiritual worked out in the practical of every day life.

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    "The Reality of the Holy Spirit's Indwelling"

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    "He Who is with you shall be IN you", Jesus said, speaking of the Holy Spirit.  If you are born again/saved, the Spirit of Christ is dwelling in you.  I must tell you the truth that He isn't dwelling in your mind, your emotions or even your will.  He is indwelling the REAL YOU, the spiritman who makes his home in that body you live in.  Training your soul to be aware of The Indwelling One is the best thing you can do for yourself!  More on this in today's broadcast.

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    Don't neglect the Great Doctrines......

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    We are pressed on every side by the needs of the day and hour.  We look for Bible promises to meet the needs that we have in our lives, the lives of others and our world.  We need PRACTICAL help and we all need it NOW!  I am reminded today, however, that the faith for the PRACTICAL is built on the Great Doctrines of the Scriptures.  It takes more thought and effort to search these out and study them, but the reward is worth more than bags of gold.

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    NLI S of P Class 17: Serving God in Newness of Spirit

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    Welcome to New Life International School of Pneumatology.  We are examining man as a spirit, possessing a soul and living in a body.  The words, 'heart' and 'spirit', have been our topic, the Greek words and definitions of each and then looking into the scriptural usages.  In Romans 7:6, Paul said that we were no longer under the oldness of the letter (the law written on tablets of stone), but that we were new in spirit and that we should serve God in that newness.  We touched on this verse some in our last lesson, but today I want to 'dig' even deeper into this wonderful portion of scripture leading up to Romans 7:6.