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    PHAT Unltd - 5/8/13 - Attack of the Mitches

    in Entertainment

    Once again, its the World's PHATTEST Adult Radio Show....Period - Back with another classic and epic show. Tonight we are going to be discussing the topic of - Mitches - The Epidemic. Since Kevin Hart coined the phrase, there has been a rash of Mitch-Assness in the World.
    In addition to that we will also have a very Special Guest to talk to us about the topic as well as his rise to becoming The People's Champ in the Adult Entertainment Business...Leading Woodsman - Rock Da Icon! - Will be joining us tonight...You Don't Want To Miss What He Has To Say!!!
    Another feature packed show with the finest co-hosts and of course all the latest industry and entertainment news - its noneother than PHAT Unlimited on PHATNation Radio!!!

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    PHAT Unltd - 5/22/13 - Management in XXX w/ Ty Strokes

    in Entertainment

    What's good PHATNation! Its another Wednesday, so you know its time for the PHATTEST Internet Radio Show in the World! - PHAT Unlimited!
    This week we are going to go over the topic of "Management in XXX". Management is the guidance of careers, but with the large number of careers that don't last we explore whether management is necessary or not, and what exactly is management, and is it for you or not.
    Helping us with that topic we will have special guests - Owner of Camilly Entertainment - Ty Strokes & Camilly XXX Performer - Ms. Mocha XXXtasy.
    Also, we will have a Special Guest Host, the one and only Ebony Bombshell, Miss DeDe DeRenne joining us. Let's hope she is ready for the ride, lol.
    Tune in, you don't want to miss this!

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    PHAT Unlt-"The Tit-y Conspiracy & Special Guest Titz Galure

    in Entertainment

    This week on the World's PHATTEST Radio Show, PHAT   Unlimited, we discuss  Big Breast-ism in America & ask  a question - Are Big Breasts Being Phased Out in Society? We discuss the dynamics of the role media has played in women having big breasts, the undergarment industry's role in making bras for overdeveloped women hard to find and a queen's ransom to afford...
    We also discuss this with perhaps "THE BIGGEST BREASTS IN VOLUPTUOUS X X X", the rookie sensation with the 54QQ cup Wonder, Miss Titz Galure.
    In Addition to bringing you the hottest topics, news, and craziness. Its the one and only, PHAT Unlimited on PHATNation Radio

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    The fat frog phenomenon with Mike's Phat Frogs

    in Pets

    Airing 3/1/15 at 8:00 P.M. Eastern & 5:00 P.M. Pacific

    Have you noticed all the new and amazing color variations in Argentine Horned Frogs these days? These incredible amphibians have really come a long way in recent years and are a very popular pet world wide. They are often called Pac Man Frogs due to their voracious apetites and large mouths. In this episode we welcome Mike of Mike's Phat Frogs for a fun  discussion all about some of our favorite amphibians including African Bull Frogs. We will discuss morphs, husbandry, feeding and breeding of frogs in captivity. Join us in our chatroom while the live show airs by following this link. We also welcome your questions, comments and discussion topics during the show by calling in to 646-478-5331. Thank you for making Gecko Nation Radio a global success. 

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    PHAT Unltd. - "Command vs. Worth: Pay in XXX"

    in Entertainment

    A hot button issue will try to be solved on this episode of PHAT Unlimited. Yes we're discussing the issue of Pay in the XXX biz.

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    PHAT Unltd. - "Breaking Into Voluptuous XXX"

    in Entertainment

    Yes, this is one you don't want to miss. This is one for all new women and women considering voluptuous adult entertainment. You all will want to listen to PHAT Unlimited tonight. We will be going over what you need to do first, your mental state, what being a voluptuous adult entertainer actually means and entails, as well as few ways to be good at it.

    Our Special Guest will be DirtyLittleDiva of www.DirtyLittleDiva.com, and she will be helping us go over how to break into this phenomenal industry, and we discuss her legendary head game which is (I am assuming) illegal in 13 states. Yes it is that good, and this woman is that good with it.

    As well as we will be going over the soon to come Urban X Awards (www.UrbanXAwards.com) and cover some more coming from that gala affair that's happening on July 13th, 2010.

    Not to mention some of the hottest real hip hop around. So this one is not to miss. New Adult Entertainers and Women just getting into the biz, call into the show with your questions.

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    PHAT Talks With Elder Sharde D. Martin

    in Radio

    This episode of "PHAT Radio Online LIVE" is one that every business owner (whether small or corporate) should tune in for. We will be talking with Elder Sharde D. Martin, President and Conceptual Director of The MIND Box. The MIND Box is a design, branding and marketing firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. She's also a dynamic minister. Through her YouTube Channel (PreachaNATL) her on time messages combined with her witty sense of humor invokes thought and inspires change! 
    We will talk about her ministry, The MIND Box and more importantly we will discuss marketplace ministry and its impact in the Kingdom of God! Her insight and perspective should be a delight to tap into!
    Tune in for the LIVE taping. If you miss the live taping you can tune in to the broadcast at 8 AM CST and again at 1 PM CST on October 6, 2013 on PHAT Radio Online!

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    PHAT Unltd. - 2010 Urban X Awards "THE AFTERMATH"

    in Entertainment

    It all went down on July 13th the 2010 Urban X Awards, the biggest night in adult entertainment. Tune in as we breakdown the winners, the OMG moments, the controversy and "THE AFTERMATH" with our special guests the Master Mind behind the Urban X Awards, Ms. Gianna Taylor, Paxnegro the man behind the woman and Panterra. Please believe us when we say THIS IS ONE SHOW YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS GUARANTEED FIYA! The best show on Phat Unltd to date. Two hours of nonstop entertainment!

    ***The views and opinions expressed on this show are those solely of our guests and callers and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Phat Nation Radio or PHAT-Mag.com***

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    PHAT Unltd. - The Bootlegging Epidemic

    in Entertainment

    What's good everyone, we are of course here with a doozy of a show tonight. For tonight we will be talking about a topic that effects every single adult entertainer & director/Producer in the game. A Topic that has been plaguing the industry for years, and literally costing them the Industry money & you the consumer/fan qualtiy of productions and careers of a lot of your favorite stars out there.
    Yes, we will be hitting up the topic of Bootlegging in XXX. Why its so prevalant, what can be done to fix it, and how you can protect your content, so that you aren't a victim of it.
    Joining us tonight will be our Special Guest, AVN Award Winning LumberJack, the Infamous Jonny Slim as we go deep into the world of Bootlegging XXX.

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    PHAT Unltd. - "The One & Only Kayla Kleevage"

    in Entertainment

    We have a banging show for you this week!! Join us on Thursday at 11pm for The One & Only Kayla Kleevage!!! We will talk with the AVN Hall of Famer and find out what she has in the works and so much more. We hit news going on all around the entertainment and adult entertainment world with, "The Phattest Week Ever" and the hottest hip hop on the planet. We've got it all! Join us this Thursday on PHAT Unltd. at PHAT Nation radio, your one and only source for voluptuous adult entertainment news. You don't want to miss this!!