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    Orlando Presentz....Before the Fame: Dann!e Amnes!a

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    Saturday show is among use are you ready to meet a new artist this is his first interview anywhere Im so proud to introduce you guys to Dann!e Amnes!a Album "The Coldest Summer". It still blows me away that this young man is just 16 Years old. So tune in and listen to what this young man has to offer to the Industry.

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    Reflections From the Water's Edge, Happy Spring Rain With Mary E.

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    Mary E., welcomes Craig Shaman, Athletic Director for Michigan City Area Schools. Tonight's show will highlight Spring sports with MCHS, and other up and coming events. In addition to the weekly sports focus, Mary E., will recap all the amazing things happening in the, City By The Lake. Tonight's music is being provided by Johnny V. Check out Johnny's newest release and enjoy tonight's featured song, "Rain" from his album titled Wood Chips. You can catch Johnny V, every Tuesday night at Ryan's Irish Pub on Franklin St. and 4th Ave. 

    Special thanks to Jim St. James for continuing to bring amazing music to not only ArtSees Diner Radio, but people from Northwest Indiana to the Florida Keys to Phoenix and back home again. 

    Steve and Mary E., are celebrating the recent news that they were named "Best Acoustic Duo" for 2015, by the Kankakee Area Music Awards. 

    We will also feature a little gastronomical celebration by sharing our recent experience at Galveston Steak House and Maxine's French restaurant, two of the Michigan City favorite restaurants. 


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    Independent Everything: LIVE with CME Rap artist ~ Eshia E

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    Join the Independent Everything crew LIVE with special guest, 24 year old Eshia Patton aka Eshia E. She is her mothers only daughter (4 brothers) and has no children. She resides in Mobile, AL and is unofficially signed to the Closet Music Entertainment (CME)/Metal 2 Music Records/SMG label.

    Growing up, she knew that she would be doing either hair or music. Her mother would take her whenever she had a client and little Eshia would sit there with her baby doll and try to do the same style.  Eshia E recently turned to music after getting out of a relationship, along with other problems in life, and started her music career. 

    Earlier this year Eshia E released "I Been" and a track with Metal 2 Music Records/SMG Hip-Hop poetic lyricist,  Kali Kiya, entitled "Don't Ack Like Dat," available on all fine digital download and streming sites. She was able to release and express emotions stemming from her personal experiences through her lyrics. on these songs.

    Eshia E recently started Cosmetology school, where she is on the Presidents list and has a 3.0 average. She is also working on some new music... so be on the lookout.



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    Are Black People Contributing To Racism By Using The N-Word?

    in Culture

    In Michigan, just a few days ago, a young man in a suburb of Detroit captured a video of bullies taunting him and calling him nigger as they rode the bus to a concert. The students responsible for the taunting were suspended, but the mother of the victim and some other supporters think that their should be a more harsh penalty. Unfortunately, the situation may not hold a lot of weight in the way of racial intimidation.  But, why is that?  Call in this Monday at 7pm to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "ARE BLACK PEOPLE CONTRIBUTING TO RACISM BY USING THE N-WORD?" Call 760.283.4647 to listen in and hit the #1 Key to comment!  Don't forget to download the E-Block Radio mobile app >> www.tinyurl.com/eblockradio << and take the show eveywhere with you!  *****SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST WRITERZBLOCK G*****

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    Ladies Night with DJ Twisted E

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    Monday-Friday: 5-7pm EST

    Wednesday: 6-8am EST
    Saturday: 10-12midnight EST
    Sunday: 9-10pm EST


    Rap, R&B, Pop, Dancehall and House


    "We Didn't Change the Station...We Changed the Game

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    Haul E Wood Jones

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    Haul E Wood Jones is a singer, song writer, producer and promter, he works hard at what he does and is super taleted. we are gonna ytalk about his newest mixtape "Inspired" and he also has a mixtape due out in august titled "Message" as always the phone lines are open.

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    THE J RIL SHOW / Mr L E S, MomoB, Princess Odilia

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         He rides rough & tough with his Afro Puffs!  And has the crew to do the doo.  Joined by Mr LES, MomoB and Princess Odilia.  One of the more entertaining shows on the scene.  Listen closely, you might learn something, and this TJRS comes as hard as they can on topics/subjects in the universe.  A pleasure to have this show on the JKN.  Has a really nice following, and Jay King says J Ril is the best show host on Blog Talk Radio.  Tune in and check them out.

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    From the Doctor's House w/Rev. Elder Dr. Matthew E Davis, Sr

    in Religion

    Share with us each day as the Doctor expounds on the Word of God with Medicine of Healing, Deliverance, Blessings and Praises- Dial 1-646- 716-6989

    For more information about us ministry go to: www.touchedbythewordministries.vpweb.com   or E-mail us: BlessofRehoboth@aol.com

    Contact us at 901-228-8274 for Prayer In Agreement, General Comments, Schedule of Services, Prayer,etc.

    Visit us at 4275 Winchester Rd,Ste 3628 Commerce Cr., Memphis, Tn 38118

    BibleStudy- Tuesday 6:00pm to 7:30pm - Sunday Morning Sunday School is 10:30am to 11:25am    Worship and Praise Service is 11:30am to 1:00pm

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    Sociedade civil convoca mega manifestação em Luanda e Cabinda

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    Radio Angola (RA): Tivemos o privilégio de entevistar o jovem universitária e activista cívico, Manuel Nito Alves.  Durante a entrevistsa, Nito Alvez disse que estão criadas condições para organizar uma mega manifestação em Luanda e Cabinda dentro de algumas semanas. O jovem activistas tambem diz que a sociedade civil e os partidos da oposicao devem ir às ruas exigir mudança em Angola.

    Por Florindo Chivucute

    A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas. Perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org. 

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    'Men on the PROWL! Women on the GROWL! - IT IS WHAT IT IS with Ron E. Jefferson

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    IT IS WHAT IT IS! on KLJN Radio with Ron E. Jefferson *'Nuthin' But the DOG in ME!' (Know the BARK... Before YOU get BIT!) ~ April 7, 2015 ~ The signs of CALLOUS MEN on the PROWL! 

    IT IS WHAT IT IS!'. Our topics wll run the gambit of issues from relationships, social and current events. We want a platform where people can share OPINIONS, COMMENTS and VIEWPOINTS with POSITIVE OUTCOMES. Respectfully sharing WISDOM and HUMOR. So that we can be a more ENLIGHTENED PEOPLE and become part of LIFE'S SOLUTIONS where they are!

    'Men on the PROWL! Women on the GROWL!; Knowing the BARK... Before YOU GET BIT!" IT IS WHAT IT IS! With Ron E. Jefferson *'Nuthin' But the DOG in ME!' (Know the BARK... Before YOU get BIT!) ~ April 7, 2015 ~ 

    *Music ~ ATOMIC DOG!; G.Clinton *My PONY;Guinnwine *


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     Real Talk--Join Pastor E for a variety of Real Talk discussions, dynamic principle based messages and Worship to our GOD with extravagant respect.

    Pastor E teaches principles that exemplify excellence, commitment, operational efficiency and loyalty. Our dedicated team is trained to help you meet your God purposed life by helping you uncover and move towards your purpose.

    Family, N.O.W. is the time to build your:

    Confidence to step out of the box. 

    Courage to conquer your fears. 

    Hope to exceed your expectations. 

    Belief that you can manifest your dreams. 

    Faith to believe in what you cannot see. 

    Trust to know that there is a higher purpose for your life GOD and

     Regain your BIRTHRIGHTS in Christ N.O.W. 0-5!

    We are fully devoted to Jesus. We believe that the door of salvation is always open to those in search of the truth. With open arms our ministry demonstrates Gods love and concern for our fellow man at every opportunity. Through works of charity and by actions in love, we feel that we are walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and will reach the lost and unsaved.

    Pastor E. Hamilton

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