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    Beauty Talk with PBA

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    The Professional Beauty Association joins us on Sunday, April 21st. Please tune in to hear why we need to support this organization as artists, as well as the five core program areas that PBA focuses on.  9pm EST/6pm PST

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    August 23, 2015 Edition of The Sports Officials

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    Come jump on the playing field with us as we discuss the past wek in sports. On today's show we'll discuss the Mt Rushmore of owners. How about we talk about the Top 3 uniforms in sports? We'll review the NFC North and the NFC South divisions and teams.Our sideline question of the day: Name one of the worst officiating calls you've ever seen. We have the weekly Bang Bang, Did I Do That and Weekly Update segments. Not to mention the callers and other surprises we always get. You know why? Because we're WWDO Radio, it's What We DO!!

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    August 16, 2015 Edition of The Sports Officials

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    Come jump on the field with us as we discuss the past week in sports! We're checking in on Geno's jaw. There's the AFC East preview we'll be doing. Nfl preseason has begun to much fanfare. We have the weekly "Bang Bang Call" and "Did I Do That" segments and much much more!!

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    Beauty Talk with PBA-Part 2: Deregulation

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    PBA joins us again tonight for the second half of a 2-part series with the Professional Beauty Association. Tonight's dicsussion is on a very important toptic to our industry, DEREGULATION!!! We need you all to tune in and speak up about this issue. unday at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

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    Station Test- PBA

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    The Pit Bull Advocate: Station test

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    The April 26, 2015 Edition of The Sports Officials

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    Come jump on the field with us as we discuss the past week in sports! We're finishing our annual NFL mock draft with picks number 16 - 32. We'll have all of your NBA heroes and zeroes throughout the first round of the playoffs thus far. The HOF Game makes an appearance this week, yay or nay? Does the Brittney Grimer incident compare to her male counterparts when it comes to domestic violence? In less than six days we'll be getting served with the NFL Draft and the Pacquiao versus Mayweather fight! There's the "Bang Bang Call", the weekly update by The Scorekeeper and the good ol "Did I Do That?" segments. Just remember we're always official and never artificial, so when you call in you better blow your whistle! 

    WWDO Radio - It's What We Do!!

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    May 19, 2015 Edition of The Sports Officials

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    Jump on the court with us as we discuss the past week in sports as well as the upcoming NFL draft and NBA Playoffs. Not to mention the Manny Mayweather fight!

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    Total Education Hour 01-28-15 Presidential State of The Union

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley, Jarrett, and Jason The Public School Guy will discuss the following education topics:


    Tom Brady


    Common Core

    State of The Union

    Students in North America are more stressed

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Producer & Host ~ GiGi Adams-Evans

    in Music

    Gwendolyn D Adams-Evans, Affectionately known as "GIGI"

     Talk Show host for The Artist's Loft (Giwiz Productions LLC) and Dreams Can Become Realities (Arlene Brown TV Network) Is an Independent business owner and Entrepeuner,  Gwendolyn D Adams-Evans, affectionately known as "GIGI" is a freelance writer, screenwriter and playwright for her own company, Giwiz Productions LLC and is also a movie extra actress. Her latest movie she had fun doing, was as a jazz scene dancer and an older woman in another scene, who sneered and made gestures of boredom at the guest speaker in the film "The Legend Of Hip Hop", (Origin Niles Films) Valdamir, Producer and Jbril (Director), release date  TBD.

    Her skills include, but are not limited to, being a trained computer software and hardware tech, producer, playwright, and acting coach for her production company, Giwiz Productions LLC.  She is a member of the Writers Guild, supporter of The Majestic Rose Travel Agency (Arlene Brown Owner), The Cancer Society, The Heart Association, Screenwriter's Guild of the Americas, PBA Television Network,  Poetry.com poet, Black Writers Guild, and many more.  For relaxation away from her busy schedule, she paints abstract oil paintings and indulges in her favorite exercise Tai-Chi  and other Chakra cleansing and meditation tapes. 

    Join us as GiGi dscusses the new project from Playwright, Michelle Moore. Her first play of 9, titled "Strawberries, Chocolate And You", directed by Gwen (Gigi) Evans of Giwiz Productions LLC., set to open03/14/2015.

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    Anti-Semitism in America/ NYPD Officer Dovid Attila and Shifra Hoffman

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    Police officer Dovid Attila, a decorated Israeli war hero, and dual national who is experienced in Counter Terrorism Operations and trained to protect the site, lives and property was assigned to the World Trade Center Command Base at the rebuilt world trade center in New York City. Dovid is his Hebrew name and was the target of constant harassment, jokes, antisemitism and had swastikas placed on his locker room, text message on the phone were sent along with threats of physical violence and occasion threats of death made against him. We will have him with his attorneys on to discuss the litigation and issues in the NYPD. In addition, we have invited NYC councilman David Greenfield, along with Brooklyn Boro President Eric Adams from 100 Blacks in law enforcement on to discuss the major issues of faith and race that the PBA obviously has helped to cover up. Also invited will be Pat Lynch if he choses to show. I doubt he will because of the active litigation. It has always been the position of our show, Israel is the home of the Jewish People, and Dovid needs to be there. Shifra Hoffman from ISRAEL NATIONAL RADIO, will be appearing the last half hour of the broadcast to say hello to David and discuss the importance of returning home.

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    Benny And The Skiff

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    Skiffer is the latest victim on Midget's Survivor. Skiff went down with a mediocre 682. What went pathetically wrong? Skiffer expalins his case. HE JUST SUCKS.




    PBA Pro's Jason Belmonte and Bill O'Neill made a bet in the WSOB this year. Each tournament, the man with the lower score gets slapped across the FACE! The Cheetah tournament, Belmo was victorious, and slapped O'Neill across the face. While making a painfully hilarious video in the process.



    Benny And Skiffer is going to, once again, try to squeak in their bold predictions, Whose gonig to crush the pins tonight, and who is going to leave with their tails between their legs.

    Along predictions on who is going out in Midget's Survivor tonight. DON'T MISS IT! 


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