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    Parenting Coach on Values vs. Parenting

    in Moms and Family

    Soribel Martinez is a loving mamma, passionate about motherhood and life. She is a parenting expert and coach for moms in business.

    Soribel is on a mission to help moms find balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship, allowing them to create the relationship that they DREAM of having with their children NOW.  Through her expertise, Soribel helps moms develop happier and healthier home environments with their kids through active parenting.

    I recently had a mom talk with Soribel about her journey to motherhood, including her experiences with multiple miscarriages, and how motherhood has shaped her to be the woman and entrepreneur she is today. Please take a listen to our conversation as Soribel opens her heart and shares invaluable parenting tips.

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    Twitter: DeniseNLaRosa

    Facebook: Mom Talk with Denise LaRosa

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    2nd Year - A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com - book

    in Parents


    welcome to a theory of parenting on blogtalkradio.com

    today Jan 01,2015 we would like to announce our new publication

    the book is entitled 2nd year - a theory of parenting on blogtalkradio.com

    the book catalogs th second year of service to btr

    the pages are full of pic and captions to inform our audience of efforts towards our show

    it is an archive for atp on btr

    timeline of growth


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    How Do You Balance Recovery from SA with Good Parenting with Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    It is easy to put your family on the back burner when you are working a recovery program in sexual addiction. However it is important that you be present for your kids even as the crisis of discovery and disclosure occur. Thomas Gagliano has written a book on how you can stay more focused and build your child's self esteem.

    His new book, Don't Put Your Crap In Your Kid's Diaper is a frank and honest parenting manual to assist you in providing the best opportunities for your children by being present, being a role model for what is important and encouraging your child even when you are in crisis!

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    Making Inspired Choices with Coach Linda - 12

    in Self Help

    SHOW TOPIC:  WHAT ARE YOU FOCUSED ON? Let’s take a spring break & assess where you’re putting your time & attention.  Do your days make a difference?  What are you waiting for? 

    HOST BIO - LINDA STEPHENS-JONES.  An ICF-certified Life Coach, Linda assists individuals & small groups across the U.S. & globally. Her specialty is helping women to overcome fears & navigate through major challenges such as grief, divorce, careers, self-doubt, or lack of direction.  Step by step, she helps clients discover their strengths & values, then create a plan to begin living with clarity, confidence & fulfillment!  

    GUEST BIO - TONY SMALL:  Selected as one of the White House Millennium Committee’s top Artists, serving as composer & librettist for the Smithsonian’s 1st commissioned Operetta for the Sultanate of Oman, Tony Small has won national music, playwright & lyricist awards in Jazz, Classical, Musical Theatre & Gospel genres.  For over 30 years, he has created & managed multidisciplinary, cultural & “Edutainment” programs in 4 major cities. Tony has also served as a resident artist in South Africa.  As a piano prodigy at 4 years of age, he began playing for the church choir at the tender age of 6, becoming paid music director for adult & youth choirs at age 11!  Tony’s original works include 4 musicals & 100s of compositions, that have been featured at the nation’s most celebrated cultural institutions e.g, Kennedy Center, Smithsonian & National Children's Museum.  Currently, Tony serves as the 1st Regional Artistic & S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, impacting 12,000 youth per year.  He also has 30 year of expertise as Music Minister for churches with 5,000+ members

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    Coach K and Joe Show

    in Sports

    Coach K and Joe Show

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    Making Inspired Choices with Coach Linda - 11

    in Self Help

    SHOW TOPIC: Taking Off Your Mask.  Do you find yourself acting like everything is fine while on the inside you feel as if you’re barely surviving?  Do you smile & act happy when you’re crying, lonely or angry on the inside?  What would happen if you removed your mask?  Join Coach Linda & Author & Certified Christian Coach, Bethany Boring for a riveting discussion on this topic.  HOST BIO:    Linda Stephens-Jones, ACC, is a Certified Christian Life Coach, assisting individuals & small groups live or via teleconference & Skype across the U.S. & globally.  She specializes in helping women to overcome fears & navigate through major challenges such as relationship issues, grief, divorce, careers, self-doubt, or lack of purpose.  After she helps clients to discover their strengths, gifts & values, they create a vision & begin living a new chapter with more clarity & confidence & fulfillment.  GUEST’S BIO: Bethany Boring is a Certified Christian Life Coach, award winning Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, & author of UnMasked: The Journey from Surviving to Thriving. She is the Executive Administrative Assistant at Christian Coach Institute. Bethany defines herself as a child of God who loves to use her passion for change to inspire others. She is a double brain cancer survivor and has overcome numerous other disabilities.  Bethany enjoys being a wife to Steve for over 10 years & mother to three boys (aged 8, 5 & 3).  She is a published poet and is currently working on a 15-week UnMasked Challenge that will be released this fall for women’s Bible study groups & churches nationwide. 











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    Coach K and Joe Show

    in Sports

    Coach K and Joe Show

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    Coach K and Joe Show

    in Sports

    Coach K and Joe Show

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    The Audacity to Shine with Coach Philonda Show

    in Self Help

    Join Melanie Foote-Davis and I as we discuss the power of radical self-love and strategies to build a wholehearted life. Our episode is called "Radical Self-Love". Melanie is a Self-Love Coach and Author of Radical Love: Your Path to Freedom and Bliss.  Our conversation will be fabulous as we unpack the steps that anyone can take to love themselves fully without apology.

    The mission of The Audacity to Shine Radio Show with Coach Philonda is to provide a bi-weekly space where, people, who desire to live more creatively, playfully and wholeheartedly, can be inspired to be audacious in the pursuit of their life's purpose.

    To learn more about Philonda, follow her on Twitter at @AudacitytoShine and visit her website at www.philondajohnson.com.   To learn more about Melanie, visit her website www.melaniefootedavis.com.

    Philonda Johnson's Biography

    Philonda Johnson is an MasterPurpose Coach and Audacity Advocate who focuses on leadership development, motivational speaking and one-on-onecoaching. She is the CEO of The Leadership Playground, a development company that focuses on kick-starting the growth of a leader by focusing on the power of play, creativity and whole-hearted living. Philonda has a unique appreciation of emotional intelligence and the power it has to change patterns of behavior. Philonda works with women of color, health care professionals, entrepreneurs, and PS-12 school administrators and teacher leaders. Philonda is currently pursuing her ACC credentials from the ICF at Coach University.  She is currently pursuing her ACC credentials from the International Coaching Federation at Coach University. Coaching is her life’s purpose as she loves empowering others to live audaciously.




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    Making Inspired Choices with Coach Linda - 10

    in Self Help

    SHOW TOPIC:  "A Lifetime Together."  Are you new to marriage, or married many years, but facing significant challenges?  Listen in as guests share trials, triumphs & lessons over a 49 year marriage!  Hear their secrets for staying tuned into each other.  What works & what doesn't work?   HOST BIO: Linda Stephens-Jones, ACC is a Certified Christian Life Coach, assisting individuals & small groups live or via teleconference & Skype across the U.S. & globally.  She specializes in helping women to overcome fears & manage major challenges such as relationship issues, grief, divorce, careers, self-doubt, or lack of purpose.  Her clients discover their strengths, gifts & values; then build a vision and begin living with more clarity and confidence.  GUESTS’ BIOS:  James & Jean Jones truly exemplify A Lifetime Together.  Knowing each other since childhood, they married 49 years ago and are still going strong!  They’ve walked closely together through every phase of life; both obtained undergraduate degrees at Morgan State University, in Baltimore, MD.  They were courageous pioneers during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, both receiving the Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Morgan State University in recognition of that work.  They raised three children.  James served 33 years in the US Army to include two tours in Vietnam.  Jean has been a counselor with the Army and she is retired from Fairfax County Public Schools and today is a Guidance Director at Job Gibbs Youth for Tomorrow.  Jim and Jean have even supported each other through bouts of cancer.  Today they are enjoying five grandchildren and sharing their love, wisdom & commitment to service through church & community endeavors.

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    Coach K and Joe Show

    in Sports

    Coach K Schultheis and Joe Milligan