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    Join The Spices Of Life Thursday May 28, 2015 At 8/7 PM EST! Call 914 803 4507!

    Special Guest: Micheal Weston

    Earning a college degree is quite an accomplishment. Completing such a feat shows great tenacity and persistence but some people have found a love of wisdom that they'd like to spend their life sharing with Others. At the age of 23, Michael Weston joined a financial services firm and was given a copy of Rhonda Byrne's film "The Secret", a movie that prompted His quest for a championship life. He is a People Connoisseur (people expert) who's mission is to use social intelligence to solve social problems through his trademark, Know Problem, Aw Solution. With over countless hours of research and personal experience, He is ready to PEPPER up education and reveal to humanity their inherent worth to the world.

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    Equip 2 Endure Podcast Episode 405: Charcuterie, Bacon, and Internet Rage!

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    Podcast 405 (2/10/15)

    Equip2Endure Podcast is brought to you by:

    Dogwood Custom Knives : http://www.dogwoodcustomknives.com/

    Dealers USA Made Blade, Edge Works, Arizona Custom Knife

    Live Fire Gear LLC: http://www.livefiregearllc.com/

    Gear Picks/Spotlight:

    Robby: The Blackthorn SS water bottle: http://amzn.to/1Dl5qcU

    Special Guest:

    Chef Todd Mussman, Charcuterie and partner of Muss and Turners, Local Three,  Common Quarter, and Eleanor's.  


    Meat Smoking And Smokehouse Design: http://amzn.to/1KNBSaq

    Polish Sausages, Authentic Recipes And Instructions: http://amzn.to/1AflM7Z

    Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages: http://amzn.to/1zaAOpJ

    The Art of Making Fermented Sausages: http://amzn.to/1DJqcn5

    Todd's List of Ingredients for camp and trail:



    Dried Oregano

    Tomato Powder

    Garlic Powder (Granulated)

    Smoked Paprika

    Chilli Powder

    Hot Sauce


    And if you have room Fresh Garlic cloves and Shallots.

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    Philmchology w/Brenda B: Love is All You Need

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    Click Here for the Love is All You Need Trailer  This movie is technically a foreign film, but much of it is in English and the rest is in subtitles. I simply forgot there was another language being spoken it was so well done.

    After the Alien series I thought a funny romantic comdedy would be nice and the characters are rich with psychological possibilities. Try to catch the film while it is on demand or the premium channels.  It is brilliantly done and is sure to touch our heart somehow!

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    Ẩm Thực Hung

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    Hungarians are especially passionate about their meat stews, casseroles, steaks, roasted pork, beef, poultry, lamb or game. The mixing of different varieties of meat is a traditional feature of the Hungarian cuisine. Goulash, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbages or Fatanyeros (Hungarian mixed grill on wooden platter) can combine beef and pork, and sometimes mutton. Goulash is a stew with more gravy or a soup using meat with bones, paprika, caraway, vegetables and potato or different tiny dumplings or pasta simmered along with the meat. Other famous Hungarian meat stews would be paprikas, a paprika stew, meat simmered in thick creamy paprika gravy and porkolt, a Hungarian stew with boneless meat (usually beef or pork), onion, and sweet paprika powder, both served with nokedli (small dumplings). In old fashioned dishes, fruits like plums and apricots are cooked with meat or in piquant sauces/stuffings for game, roasts and other cuts. 
    Photos: 1. Hungarian Gulyás made in Osaka, Japan, 2005, M Louis.2.Cubanelle Peppers. USDA photo by Bill Tarpenning. 3. Hortobagyi palacsinta – Hungarian filled pancake, Hortobagy-style, 2007, Themightyquill 4. Dobos cake at Gerbeaud Confectionery Budapest, Hungary, 2007, Savannah Grandfather. Featured Image:  Magyar kenyer, Hungarian Bread, Takkk.

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    Your True Colours

    in Entertainment

    Fashion Expert, Carolyn Bendall launches Image Radio, Your True Colours featuring fashion, image and style.
     Kim Shaw, President, Kika Paprika Clothing, organic cotton clothing.

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    Personal Fulfillment

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    This week, our topic will be how to achieve personal fulfillment through public leadership.
    As usual, we will also have two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Spaghetti with Beef and Tomato Sauce, and the "adventure" recipe will be Paprika Pork.

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    The Master Key to the Game and Players Controlling Society and Our Lives

    in Spirituality

    After many years working in the financial industry, in the early 1990’s, John Berling Hardy was chosen by a major financial institution to come to the aid of a struggling food processing company, Szeged Paprika and Meat Processing Plant, based in Hungary. When John arrived, he was assured that the problems were directly related to the liberalization of Hungary’s centrally controlled economy to a market based economy. Although these challenges were real enough, the company concealed another, much darker, reality. John felt that something just wasn’t quite right, and he was correct. The true catalyst of the company’s difficulties was completely concealed from the workers, from the community and even from John. What had caused the company’s difficulties was not the economic shift in Hungary as presented, but rather fraud which enlisted the participation of the senior management of the plant, including the local bank’s management (John’s employer).
    This was when John began formulating the elements of The Game. Upon returning to Toronto and to his business in carriage trade custom construction, John began to notice the same patterns he experienced in Hungary repeating themselves again and again. This wasn’t an isolated incident – this was a worldwide phenomena. The same inconsistencies, the same shifts in power, the same manipulations.
    Gradually he began to see this pattern in all aspects of his life – business and personal. He spent much time thinking about what it was that he sensed but could not put his finger on.
    Finally he figured it out! He developed the algorithm behind the seemingly chaotic array of events which he had experienced over the years. John found the master key to the players and the hidden game, a key that he wants to share with the world in order to help people from all nations to take control of their lives and to no longer be manipulated by “the players” of the world. http://www.snapoutofitshow.com

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    PRIME presents: A Tribute to Satoshi Kon

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    The guys discuss the body of work of Satoshi Kon who recently lost his battle with cancer. Mr.Kon was had been the director behind such projects as Paprika, Perfect Blue, and Millennium Actress.

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    Music Spotlight: Susumu Hirasawa

    in Television

    On tonight's music spotlight, Susumu Hirasawa. The BGM artist usually works with Satoshi Kon in such works as Paprika, Paranoia Agent, and Millenium Actress. He also did some background music for the anime Berserk.

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    Jade Elektra - Female Impersonator and Recording Artist

    in Health

    As a recording artist, Jade began her recording
    career in 1997 with the release of her first 12"
    Dance single "Why Are You Gaggin’?”. In 2000,
    she signed a record deal with Triple XXX Records
    in London. “Bitch, You Look Fierce” and “Proud
    Mary” have become underground favorites from New
    York to London. Unfortunately, Triple XXX Records
    folded. “How Do I Look?” was released in 2004
    and has been remixed by DJs such as DJ Paulo
    and Midnight Society. Keep your ears open for the
    upcoming remixes of “Trade” by Midnight Society,
    soon to hit iPods and dance floors everywhere.
    From the Fall of 2001 to the Summer of 2002,
    Jade made a transition from night club acts to
    the Off-Broadway stage. First, with a small part in
    Beverly Bonner’s hit play, “Manhattan Towers” as a
    character that Jade wrote herself (Paprika Jones).
    Then came “Happy Birthday, Madame Alberta,” a
    play written by Robert Jason Jackson for 2002’s
    Black Pride NYC Generations celebration. Time Out
    New York magazine featured Jade in July, 2002.
    Then came a one-woman show written specifically
    for her by Francisco Kali called “Daddy’s Lil’ Girl,”which was part of the Blatino Playwrights Festivalat the Bronx Academy of Art & Dance.

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    Herbs and Kids, a Healthy Match!

    in Food

    Herbalist Karen Gladstone,is going to open your eyes to the reality that your collection of herbs and spices is in fact a collection of potent nutrient-filled food. For some reason we think of herbs and spices as simply taste add-ons, and they are. But, they are so much more.
    You will learn that cinnamon, oregano, parsley and paprika are filled with nutrients for healthy bones, eyes, skin and more. They offer easy ways to get minerals and vitamins into your kids' mouths and bodies.

    Karen, who is also a mom, will share her herbal chef secrets with you - recipes kids like! So, have your pen and paper ready to take notes.
    ... for the health of yourself and your family! ALERT: Show are now Free on itunes

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