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    GBBLive: "Super Mario" & Grizzly Resiliency with Jonathan May & Holly Whitfield

    in Basketball

    After a downtrodden 3-6 start to the 2015-2016 season, the Memphis Grizzlies are on their first 3-game winning streak of the young campaign! Host Joe Mullinax breaks that down and much more on the latest episode of GBBLive Thursday night, November 19th at 6:30 PM CT on BlogTalkRadio!

    The first segment, as always, will feature Chris Faulkner, the Managing Editor of Grizzly Bear Blues. He will talk with Joe and Producer Matt Bishop (in his final GBBLive due to a new job) about the amazing Mario Chalmers, the confusing Jeff Green, and the reasons that the Grizzlies are perhaps starting to turn their season around.

    Jonathan May of Three Shades of Blue and 3SOBRadio on Sports56 WHBQ Memphis joins Joe and Matt in the second segment to remind everyone that Dave Joerger is still a good basketball coach and will help the guys look ahead to the next couple of games on the schedule for the Grizzlies.

    Finally, Holly Whitfield of the ILoveMemphis Blog stops by to talk fresh Memphis Sounds gear and the mood of the city/how dependent it is on Memphis' sports teams performing well.

    All that and a heck of a lot more on our next episode of GBBLive! Be sure to subscribe to the show here & on ITunes, and follow us on Twitter @GBBLive! "See" you Thursday night!

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    Strategies to Overcome Adversity - Guest: Rosanna Ferrari, P.A.

    in Motivation

    In today’s episode learn how to overcome the adversity you are currently facing. We all are blindsided by life’s struggles and may experience feelings of self-pity and defeat. On whatever you think becomes your reality. If you internalize your current situation with feelings that you are inferior then you will live a life always second-guessing yourself and you may not reach your highest potential. The life events you experience are simply events. They do not define you. For a more in-depth study of overcoming adversity, enroll in the Lifeology Academy at JamesMillerLifeology.com and take the class, “When all hell breaks loose.” I created it specifically for individuals who feel like they have no control in their lives and are overwhelmed at every turn. Learn key strategies and techniques to overcome whatever you are facing.

    My guest today is Rosanna Ferrari, PA who is a prominent divorce attorney who practices family law. She shares her incredible story of how she overcame adversity in her own life and the strategies and techniques she used to achieve her goals.

    For more information please visit: www.JamesMillerLifeology.com. Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast and to my YouTube channel: JamesMillerLifeology where you will receive 3 minute daily life lessons. Also, at JamesMillerLifeology.com you may enroll in the Lifeology Academy courses I created specifically for successful people like you. You will simplify and transform your life.

    I’ll see you next week.

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    "The Urban Wire" Ep. 76 EXCLUSIVE France Attack Coverage, News, Entertainment

    in Current Events

    Join us as we discuss the latest developments in the terrorist attacks in France and how it relates to the US as well. We will also have open dialogue about religion as it relates to terrorism and extremism. Starring Senica Harris, Michael Snyder, Cie Johnson, Deandra Burrange, and JR Vasquez.  Call in number 646-915-8200. We will also discuss:

    Indianapolis Pastor's pregnant wife shot and killed after home invasion

    Young 9 yr old boy Tyshawn Lee shot and killed in Chicago

    Supreme Court Discusses Affirmative Action in 2015

    "Pattie Pies"....have you tried them?

    Reality TV/Entertaiment News

    IU Bloomington student sexually assaulted

    Facebook Pages:



    Youtube channel:


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    Football Garbage Time: NFL Week 9 Edition

    in Football

    Join Ryan Whitfield and Ha Kung Wong as they discuss all the big news from Week 9 of the NFL, including:

    The Denver Broncos first loss of the season and the state of the once mighty defense
    The mounting injuries for the Pittsburgh Steelers and how that will impact their season
    How Dion Lewis' torn ACL will impact the undefeated New England Patriots
    The Philadelphia Eagles reaction to Greg Hardy and what that's all about
    The decline of the Green Bay Packers
    The suprising Atlanta Falcons loss to a Blaine Gabbert led San Francisco 49ers
    and MUCH MORE!!!

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    Gospel Recording Artist, SHEREE WHITFIELD joins MGW 5 Fold

    in Lifestyle

    Gospel Recording Artist, SHEREE WHITFIELD releases her New CD on Ministering God's Way 5 Fold "Monique Nobody but JESUS" She shares her testimony of God's Miraculous Healing Power and instant deliverance.




  • 00:16

    Bruce Weinberg: Chamber Chairman of the Board | New programs for your business

    in Business News

    On this show we interview our very own Coral Springs Chamber, Chairman of the Board


    Bruce Weinberg is the President and Stockholder with Weinberg & Company, P.A. a regional accounting firm with offices in Boca Raton, Fl. West Palm Beach, Fl., Los Angeles, Ca, and China. He has over 29 years of experience in the field of accounting and tax through his work with Weinberg & Company and prior to that with Weinberg, Tubbs & Company.

    He shares a few of the newest programs and initiatives the Coral Springs Chamber has rolled out. One of the initiatives is Coral Springs Chamber Business Academy: www.cschamber.com/pages/cscba  allowing an incredible opportunity for our members to take advantage of business expertise in the areas of: social media, leadership development, improving web presence, and so much more.

    So much to share about our chamber- join us!


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    Football Garbage Time: NFL Week 8 Speed Edition!

    in Football

    Ryan Whitfield and Ha Kung Wong of FootballGarbageTime.com discuss all the Week 8 NFL news in rapid fire in the "Jump the Snap" segment, including:

    What did we learn from the Giants v. Saints shoot out?
    Are the 49ers right in benching Kaepernick for Gabbert? And should they run with Kendall Gaskins at RB, or look outside the organization to make a trade?
    Can the Steelers be successful without Le'Veon Bell?
    What's wrong with the Colts?  After getting beat by Carolina in OT, are they just done?
    Should Steve Smith Sr. return in 2016 after the torn Achilles?
    Who's going to win the terrible NFC East?
    Who's going to win the terrible AFC South?

  • 01:52

    All Hallow's Eve with Augustus Invictus

    in Spirituality

    Augustus Invictus is a 32 year old man who is best known as a radical philosopher and infamous social critic. He is Managing Partner of Imperium, P.A., the law firm he founded in 2013, in Orlando, Florida. He is also running for the vacated seat of Marco Rubio and hopes to be Florida's next Senator. As some of you may remember, Augustus gained the attention of the nation after his opponents began a smear campaign by bringing his Thelemic religion to the forefront, and focusing on a ritual sacrifice involving a goat and the consumption of it's blood. Many were outraged and the opponents of Augustus Invictus didn't miss one opportunity to add insult to injury as they took to Face Book to deepen the wounds by expounding, erroneously, on the stories they had already given the media. Augustus was accused of being many dark things, and through many interviews answering the same questions over and over again, has managed to allay those fears. Last week, once again Alan Grayson brought up the Pagan religion of Augustus Invictus as if that's a bad thing. Augustus is addressing the War on Drugs and the War on Terror among other things, but all his opponents want to do is talk about his religion. Why?

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    Football Garbage Time - NFL Week 6 Edition

    in Football

    Check out all the Week 6 craziness on the Football Garbage Time podcast!

    This week, Joey Alibro, Ryan Whitfield and Ha Kung Wong discuss:

    Who will win the NFC South, the Carolina Panthers or the Atlanta Falcons?
    Is the Seattle Seahawks "Dynasty" over?
    Predictions, breakdowns, analysis, why the Colts tried a crazy fake punt and MUCH MORE!


  • 00:48

    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Hard Rock Band Separations

    in Rock Music

    Standing out from the pack isn’t always easy. However, it’s essential for some, and from the beginning, Separations' desire has been to blaze their own trail. The Atlanta quintet strikes a delicate balance between energetic heaviness and melodic hypnosis on its full-length debut album for Imagen Records, 'Dream Eater,' set to be released October 2, 2015, and produced by James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Hands Like Houses, Dashboard Confessional). Comprised of Will Crafton - vocals, Myles Priest - guitar, Tyler Whitfield - guitar, Brenden Worthington - bass, and Thomas Pinson - drums, it turns out that the band's name has a special meaning to its members. "The name was something we all agreed on instinctually, at the same time, admits Will. "In the literal sense, sometimes you need to separate yourself from the things that keep you grounded and are comfortable in order to succeed. Each Separations performance remains unpredictable, making for an unforgettable experience every time these five musicians hit the stage - which will be on display when the band hits the road this September and October alongside Nothing More, Marmozets, and Turbowolf, as part of the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. “As long as we form a connection with anyone listening to the music, then we’re accomplishing what we set out to do,” concludes Will. The time is coming to unite with Separations. For more information, visit www.twitter.com/separationsband

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    Football Garbage Time: NFL Week 5 Edition!

    in Football

    Ha Kung Wong, Ryan Whitfield and Joey Alibro of FootballGarbageTime.com discuss the hottest news from Week 5 of the NFL including:

    - How will Kansas City Chiefs cope without Jamaal Charles?

    - Is Drew Brees or Peyton Manning the worse "good" quarterback in the NFL?

    - And much more in our new speed round called "Jump the Snap!" including who we think will make it to and win Super Bowl 50!

    Got 30 minutes to kill?  We got some mediocre NFL info for you!  :-)

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