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    Late Night Incorrectness- Comics Corner with Vicki Wagner

    in Entertainment

    Join the Bad boys of blog talk once again as we feature another great comedian on our COMICS CORNER. This week we talk with the very funny Vicki Wagner

    Along with being the host of the Very funny Brash Babble

     She is Hailed as one of the newest up and coming lesbian comics by Curve magazine, Vicki Wagner has been tearing up stages across the USA and Canada.


    Born in Chicago, Il She loves to entertain and does Improv, Sketch Comedy and Acting.

    After getting kicked out of the Air Force for being gay she decided that this was a big joke, so she turned the incident upside down and is now taking jabs at the silly, outdated policies of Don't Ask, Don't Tell; Don't kick a comic out of the military.


    Vicki jokes about growing up with parents who were bikers and then getting sent to a Catholic school, recent events, gay marriage and garage sales.


    Vicki has MC'd several Pride events across the nation, Headlined as far away as Provincetown, MA and Vancouver, BC and has hosted gay events across the country.


    She was the Headlining comic at a benefit that raised $25,000 in one day for SLDN, she brought them to their feet at Bear To Make a Difference (the Matthew Shepherd Foundation), Laugh Out Loud, Pride in Spirit, Laugh to Make a difference and many many more..


    Vicki has been featured on the front page of Outlands Magazine, the West Hollywood Independent, The Santa Barbara News Press, The Westsider, Provincetown Magazine, IN Newsweekly out of Boston, the Mayday Press in Denmark, and in She Magazine. She has been on several radio shows; TV talk shows and written a column for the Advocate.


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    Storytelling Episode- Willowbower, Chapter 13

    in Spirituality

    For a brief synopsis of our story so far:  Luke and Annelise accidentally stumble into an Otherworld landscape and can’t return home.  They encounter many perils while seeking for a magickal being named Anya, who is reputed to be able to send them home.  Through acts of magick and assorted accidents, Luke and Annelise find Anya’s lands and discover a community that bears a striking resemblance to a blend of Celtic tribal cultures.  They start to rest and prepare for the return home just in time to discover a threat in the outlands beyond the border.  After agreeing to go on a scouting mission with the people of this land, the band comes under attack, and the weary group finds themselves trapped in the outlands, wounded and exhausted.  Luke and Annelise wonder if they can use the magick that brought them to anya’s lands to bring their new friends home……..
    In this episode, Luke gets the wounded group of Hunters back into their village with the use of his lunar map and just a tiny bit of help from Annelise.  After tending to the wounded and the dead, the two travelers are surprised to encounter the one being they have been searching for their entire journey..
    To join the discussion on Facebook, look for us under "The In-Between podcast forum."  Find us for free on iTunes and download old episodes of the story and our general content episodes, and do let us know how we're doing along with any suggestions for upcoming topics you'd like to hear more about.
    Winter blessings....stay warm!

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