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    Episode 28 Top 5 Outfielders of Our Era

    in Entertainment

    This week we are going to be talking about our Top 5 Outfielders of Our Era. Left, Center, and Right. Will Barry Bonds top the chart? Andre Dawson? Jose Canseco? Kevin Mitchell? Who is on your Top 5?  Call us and tell us yours at (646) 929-0636. Listen in to us Saturday Match 15th at 3:30pm pst.

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    Episode 319 - "Preview of OF"

    in Sports

    Topics - 

    Preview of outfielders

    Final prospect Top 10 segment - The AL West

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    Ranking Outfielders

    in Sports

    We are talking Outfielders tonight. We will rank the Top 25 outfielders in Fantasy Baseball going into the 2011 Major League Baseball season.

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    Ep 123: To Cespedes or not to Cespedes, and how about the bullpen?

    in Sports


    It's the middle of January, and Yoenis Cespedes does not have a contract. The Mets are reportedly interested in bringing back their previously rented star, but only on a short-term deal. The question is whether or not Cespedes may be willing to accept such a deal. Since no team seems to be knocking down his door to offer a six year deal, will the market come back to Mets' standards? Did Yoenis enjoy his time in New York, and respect the pitching staff to a point where he prefers to play in Queens?

    Then there's Justin Upton. He could also be the big bat the Mets need, but where would he play in the field? Would the Mets move the pieces around to make room for Upton? Will Upton accept a (very) short-term deal? 

    Gerrardo Parra has signed with the Rockies. The Rockies now have an abundance to outfielders, Charlie Blackmon and Carlos Gonzalez to name a couple. Should the Mets be trying to engineer a deal with Colorado?

    Then there's the yearly question of the bullpen. Antonio Bastardo is out there, but guess what? The Mets want him on a short-term deal. Does this make sense? What are the options?

    Join Rising Apple's Danny Abriano, Mike Lecolant, and me, Rich Sparago at 9 pm, January 14th to discuss these and other Mets matters. Give us a call to join the conversation at 646-929-0337.

    Looking forward to talking some Mets baseball!


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    "A Podcast To Be Named Later" w/ Chris Mitchell

    in Baseball

    "A Podcast To Be Named Later" w/ Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 & Guest Lenny Melnick @LennyMelnick

    Tuesday January 12th, 11am EST

    Host Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Guest Lenny Melnick @LennyMelnick do the first i a series of Podcasts previewing the 2016 Major League Baseball season. We will preview review every MLB teams 2015 season, analyze their offseason moves and discuss what to expect in 2016.

    Today we begin our MLB series of Podcasts with the Baltimore Orioles. You will also be able to find the link at MinorLeagueBall . com

        Topics on the Agenda:

    --> 11am EST:  The Baltimore Orioles

    * 2015 Review

    - Can they replace Wei-Yin Chen?

    - Can Machado repeat 2015?

    * 2015-2016 offseason:

    - Will they re-sign Chris Davis?

    - Are they in on the other big name outfielders if Davis leaves? Upton/Cespedes

    * 2016 Predictions and Projections


    To follow our Network and be alerted to our Podcasts --> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bosconation

    If you would like to follow me on Podcasts, social media or for Sports content here is where I hide out:


    Chris Mitchell

    Staff Writer www.RotoExperts.com  

    Contributor to:


    SBNation's MinorLeagueBall.com

    Twitter : @CJMitch73

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    I hope there are some free agent signings to talk about

    in Sports

    The Big Jack and Dan the Man are gere to host the Friday edition of Sports Time Radio. Since Dan the Man's favorite sport it would be nice if there where some free agent signings to discuss. At the beginning of the week there were 3 top outfielders still looking for contracts. Can you believe the Los Angeles Dodgers gave a starting pitcher an 8 year contact. NFL wildcard weekend kicks off tomorrow. Can one of these teams go all the way through the playoffs to the Super Bowl.


    On Twitter @SportsTimeRadio

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    1/8/2016: Episode 9 - "The Hobo Code"

    in Baseball

    Episode 9 of the McCovey Chroncast drops with a discussion of the newest Giant, Denard Span, but also a frank and explicit examination of Angel Pagan and his dreaminess effectiveness. Will two injury-plagued outfielders add up to one stellar outfield? Or will the Giants going all in on high risk/high reward free agents betray them like a hanging breaking ball?

    Also, with the Hall of Fame in the news, we decline to discuss the obvious, well-trodden subjects and instead focus on the zero-vote guys who are still worthy of a conversation. We answer some Twitter questions, too. If you don't want to sign up for Twitter to ask us questions for the next Chroncast, *leave them in the comments below*!

    And since 2016 is still fresh, we take a look at possible New Year's Resolutions for certain Giants. As always, your feedback is encouraged in the comments below.

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    Post Winter Meetings recap and previewing the rest of the winter

    in Baseball

    Hello baseball fans. The Rosterbatorical is back, with Chris Schubert and Mike Bates once again at the microphones to discuss the latest baseball news and rumors. This week, the guys recap what happened last week at the Winter Meetings and they preview what is still left to come this winter.

    Key timestamps:

    1:00- Mike recaps his thoughts on the Winter Meetings

    6:45- The guys talk about opt-outs and the growing trend of big contracts in baseball

    14:40- Previewing the rest of the winter

    15:16- Did Cueto set his price too high?

    18:30- Chris Davis is still a free agent

    24:13- Outfielders still left on the board

    As always, you can follow the hosts @MikeBatesSBN and @ChrisRSchubert, along with following the site @MLBDailyDish, where you can tweet us questions and topics you want us to tackle next week. 

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    YGY Radio Show: 2015 Winter Meetings Day 4 Recap

    in Baseball

    On tonight's episode of the Yanks Go Yard Radio Show, host and senior staff writer Ricky Keeler recaps the final day of the Winter Meetings, including which players the Yankees lost and gained in today's Rule V Draft. Plus, what is the latest on the Jason Heyward and Chris Davis, who are both still free agents as everyone leaves Nashville. 

    At 9:05 PM ET, Kristen Bentley, the co-editor of Motor City Bengals, joins Ricky to look back at last night's trade involving Justin Wilson. What impact will Wilson have on the Tigers' bullpen, which now has Francisco Rodriguez as the closer. Kristen also tells us about the two pitching prospects the Yankees got back for Wilson. Plus, Kristen and Ricky talk about the Jordan Zimmermann signing for the starting rotation and whether Al Avila will add one of the free agent outfielders this winter? 

    Then, at 9:35 PM ET, former YGY Co-editor and now editor at Baseball Magazine, Billy Brost, joins Ricky to recap the Winter Meetings. What are his thoughts on the Starlin Castro signing and are the Yankees a better team now than they were last week? Plus, what other moves could be on the horizon for New York the rest of the winter? Finally, we go around the league and talk about some of the winners/losers from Nashville and the Heyward/Davis sweepstakes. 

    You can interact with the show at anytime by calling us at (347)-324-5455 or tweet us: @YGYRadioShow

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    The Cowboys, Stars, Mavericks, Rangers and other DFW sports stories

    in Sports

    Guests:  Carlos Torres and David Busby join me for a look at DFW sports teams..........the Stars are off to a great start in the NHL......how will they do later on?   is this really the best team in the NHL Western Conference?   The Mavericks are playing well too.........the Cowboys lost QB Tony Romo again and have to look at a trade or draft for a replacement........and the Rangers are looking at off season issues, such as who will play first base.......do they need a catcher?.......will they add more bullpen depth....and what about those young outfielders in the system?   when will they play in Arlington?   and a few other thoughts....

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    Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep - The Outfielders Part 2

    in Baseball

    This show was originally broadcasted on 2/16/15. The "Living Legend" Joe Gallina continues his analysis of the fantasy baseball outfield position focusing on "the sleepers", last years breakout stars and those players who are on the comeback trail. Listen in as Joe uses his lighthearted but informative style to help you prepare for your upcoming draft. Don't miss his weekly fantasy baseball draft tip of the week.

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