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    The Gaycation Travel Show's premiere show on Key West

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    Join us for The Gaycation Travel Show's premiere on May 1st at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern.

    Our Guest is Steve Smith, Key West local resident & expert.

    If you ever wanted to go to Key West then you need to hear this show.  You'll be getting advice directly from an expert resident.

    Call in and speak live with us during the show to be part of the conversation. Dial 323-642-1197.

    If you've already vacationed in Key West then call in and share your experience with us.  We'd love to hear from you!

    Also joining us are Eric Waldron, Co-Host, and special guest D.J. Doran, founder of the KWIR Radio Network.

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    Benefits of Booking with a Travel Agent

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    The internet is full of self-service travel booking engines like Travelocity, Expedia and Kayak that allows those of us with a wanderlust spirit to book our next vacation with a few clicks of a mouse. 

    On today's show we want to explore the benefits of booking a vacation through a trained and certified travel agent. 

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    Today's show: Wellness Travel - Travel is good for your mind, body, and spirit.

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    Wellness Travel - Travel is good for your mind, body, and spirit. When you need to relax, release, or renew, consider taking a vacation. Get away to recharge,

    What's on your bucket list?  Take life by storm and try something different today.  Ever thought you'd go zip-lining, parasailing, mountain climbing, hang-gliding, etc.?  Maybe it's time to break through your fears and do something different today. Learn about adventure travel today


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    Why to become a Travel Agent ? And how ?

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    L Liberty -Liberty from J.O.B

    O Objective -Everyone has his own objectives

    V Victory - Victory is to work smart not hard.

    E E-Ticket, E-Document , E-training and all the electronic fetures


    Maya Abdo began her career at the Travel Academy in Palm Springs, CA. It was there that she had the distinct privilege to work with the top leaders in the travel business including Anderson Travel Agency and Gadabout Vacations. 

    Shortly after that, in September 1993, Maya opened her own full-service travel agency in Palm Springs, CA, serving the desert area. She has since moved to the metropolitan Los Angeles area; working as one of their top consecutive salesperson for the Travel Department at Southern California Auto Club. She is the recipient of multiple service awards. The three years at the Auto Club further contributed to her knowledge and expertise.




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    Travel Today with Peter Greenberg--World Travel & Tourism Global Summit

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    This week, Travel Today with Peter Greenberg comes from the 25th annual World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit in Dallas, Texas. This is the travel industry’s equivalent of the G-20. There are heads of state, foreign ministers, U.S. cabinet secretaries and CEOs from airlines, hotels, and cruise lines all in one room.

    On the show this week: James Hogan—CEO of Etihad Airways, Sean Donohue—CEO of DFW. Akel Biltaji, the mayor of Amman, Jordan, Manfrede Lefebvre, Chairman of Silversea Cruises, and legendary hotelier Raymond Bickson will also be in attendance. These guests will discuss everything from Open Skies and terrorism to hotel mergers and cruises to the Antarctic. But that’s just the beginning, as Travel Today with Peter Greenberg comes from Dallas, Texas and the WTTC Global Summit.

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    Adventures into the strange 1 suicide, out of body , astral travel, death

    in Spirituality

    It is the biggest holiday of the year. Now what? Are you alone? Please call in to the show 516-3871840

    after the show 818-570 6200 

       I have been in a place where nothing mattered. Noting was important and there was no one there for me. Well that is what one thinks. There is always someone even if it is the suicide hotline. Just like stopping drinking one day at a time. There is alwasy a place to go to find people to talk with. Sometimes that is even better then being in a bad relationship. 

       Where is spirit and where is God?  To many people arer looking for aliens for the help now which is even worse. 

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    The Q-Spot with Big Body & CATO

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    Cato is an author at Lock Down Publications. Cato attended college and pursued a paralegal degree after doing a short stint in federal prison on a gun charge. He plans to pursue a law degree in the future. While incarcerated, Cato rediscovered his childhood love for writing stories. He is a blog talk radio show host, blogger, social activist, and poet who loves the outdoors, working out, cooking, baking, and spending time with family and loved ones. He is the author of Gangsta Shyt: Ride, Kill or Die Trying and Gangsta Shyt 2: No More Lies.

    # # #

    Michelle Cuttino is the “Queen of Plus-Size Fiction,” and serves as a body positive advocate, talk radio host, and motivational speaker. She is President of Big Body Publishing and Big Body Broadcasting. She is a columnist for four publications, and a plus-size lifestyle and publishing industry blogger. Cuttino is the author of Love & Happiness, Love Is Blind, and Me & Mrs. Jones, an eBook series adaptation of her screenplay once optioned with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Films. Cuttino is also co-author of the erotica anthology, Zane Presents… Cougar Cocktales, under Zane’s Strebor/Simon & Schuster imprint. Read more at MichelleCuttino.com.

    Let’s Connect!




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    Passport Information: What you need to know before you travel

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    Summer vacation bookings have begun! 

    As travel agents, we have noticed an increase in questions around passports. Some of the common questions we have been asked are:

    What is the difference between the booklet and card?
    Do small children need a passport?
    If we are driving from the United States into Canada or Mexico, what documentation will we need to provide?
    Do we need a passport if we are going on a cruise?

    Today's Travel Talk we hope to answer these questions and more.

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    #16006 Plan, Book, Travel - We Got THIS!

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    We are thrilled to present and share with you, our listeners and Travel Club Tribe, our Free "5 Day Trip Planner!"  After months of tweeking and research and development, we believe we have the initial 5 Day Trip Planner ready for you to download, print and use on every trip you go on.

    To get it, merely go to BucketListRetreats.com, sign-up for Travel Club and we will send you our Free 5 Day Trip Planner.


    Then you will receive our monthly Travel Talk newsletters keeping you in touch with all of our travel tips, expert advise and information on places to go.


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    After Life and Out of Body

    in Paranormal

    Join me as i talk about the after life and out of body exp. as we travel beyond the grave  through life and death.      please call in open lines for all

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    Travel with Stephanie Abrams: 04/10/2016, Hour 1

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    Travel with Stephanie Abrams: 04/10/2016, Hour 1