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    Alien Contact Org -Cosmology to Metaphysics

    in Spirituality

    Attitude polarization-Now What? Belief, Belief networks, Christian worldview, Cognitive bias, Contemplation

    Cultural identity, Eschatology, Extrospection, Ideology, Life stance, Mental model

    Metaknowledge, Metanarrative. Metaphysics, Mindset, Ontology, Organizing principle, Paradigm

    Perspective, Philosophy, Psycholinguistics, Reality, Reality tunnel, Received view, Religion. Scientific modeling, Scientism, Social justice, Social reality, Socially constructed reality, Subjective logic, Time, Truth, Umwelt, Attitude, polarization.

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    Alien Contact Org - George Green

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Bruce Maccabee, PhD. is our Planning Committee Chairperson and on our Board of Advisers. We will be investigating that which others suspect for communication of education and look for truth. Tonight Janet Kira Lessin introduces George Green to our Alien Contact Organization. Thomas A Sinisi aka Tommy Hawksblood, Author, Speaker and Thomas Becker, Author, artist, producer to share the ACO Alien Contact with founder Theresa J Morris.

    Assured Confidential Investigative Reports of Allied Council Intergalactic Relations. American Culture International Relations, Alien Contact Investigative Reporters. ACIR-ACO – Alien Contact Organization.

    Alien ET UFO Social Paranormal Guide is written for anyone who desires to know more about the Alien ET UFO Social paranormal community. TJ is a Social Entrepreneur, author, and syndicated journalist. This guide is to allow for others to easily find how to connect to others who are writers of the paranormal as authors, photographers, ufologists, videographers, artists, scriptwriters, and all website hosts, and publishers. This information can assist anyone who is truly interested in the fact that "Alien Civilizations Exist!" This has information, stories, links, and can further one's own interest in the various topics of interest in our Alien ET UFO Social Paranormal Community. Will be updated annually. TJ w/

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    Alien Contact Org w/TJMorris & Friends

    in Spirituality

    A Roundtable Discussion with Participants: Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Lessin, Alfred Webre, Laura Eisenhower,  Ray Kosulandich, Tolec, Theresa J. Morris & Elizabeth (Diamond)  Mulligan - See more at: http://www.aquarianradio.com/2014/10/02/roundtable-discussion-expanded-mock-citizens-disclosure-panel-i/#sthash.aqC10wx5.dpuf. NOVEMBER 1, 2014 - Held Saturday Disclosure Associate Colleagues- Exopolitics-Ascension Center Org - ACE Andromeda Metaphysical Group. TJ Morris ET Radio & Aquarian Radio -SPONSORS & PRODUCERS

    ACO is proud to present the Alien Contact Org with TJ Morris & Friends. ACO is acronym for Ascension Center Org, Associate Consultant Organizers who work along side Theresa J Morris. Theresa J Morris is host to friends in this universe and others. TJ Thurmond Morris is the name of TJ born to share this Ascension Age with those beings of kindred spriits. Theresa aka TJ has a way of being fun and entertaining as well as loving and trusting with others who cross her path in cyberspace., UFO Sightings and ET Contact. TJ is an ET Contactee and her stories are happening from past life memories in the Ancient Wisdoms to the present with New Thought Teachings. TJ is searching for others who desire to join an annual gathering and want to support a spiritual community based on the fact that we are all humanoid sentient intelligent benigs sharing the birth-life-death process as body-mind-spirits. TJ shares the esoteric side of life as the paranormal and spiritual science now under the caregory of spirituality. TJ has formed the Ascension Center org, ACE Metaphysical Institute and the ACE Nonprofit Inc as three (3) names to work together inside the ACO-ACIR for various genres in cyberspace.

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    Alien Contact Org Dr. Bruce Maccabee Ph.D. UFOlogist, Internationally Famous

    in Science

    Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., UFOlogist, Internationally famous radio & TV personality shares FBI CIA UFO CONNECTION with TJ Morris, Tommy Hawksblood, and Thomas Becker for Alien Contact Organization (ACO)Dr. Maccabee, Ufologist, Author. gave a UFO Report at the CIA building in Langley, Virginia. He married Jan Maccabee, Agent, Consultant, Organizer. He went to Rutland, Vt. High School studied physics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass (B.S. in physics) then The American University, Washington, DC (M.S./Ph. D. in Physics). 1972 commenced a career at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, VA.Worked on optical data processing, generation of underwater sound lasers and various aspects of Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) high power lasers. UFO researcher late 1960s joined the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in research investigations for NICAP until its demise in 1980. Member of MUFON  1975, appointed State Director Maryland. Dr. Maccabee was part of establishing the Fund for UFO Research as chairman 13 years on National Board of the Fund. A UFO researcher investigator which was completely unrelated to his Navy work include the Kenneth Arnold sighting (Jun 24, 1947), McMinnville, Oregon (Trent) photos of 1950. The Gemini 11 Astronaut photos of September, 1966, the New Zealand sightings of December, 1978, the Japan Airlines (JAL1628) sighting of November 1986. Numerous sightings of Ed Walters and others in Gulf Breeze, Florida, 1987- 1989. "Red Bubba" sightings,1990-1992 including his own switnes ighting in September, 1991. the Mexico City video of August, 1997, the Phoenix lights sightings of March 13, 1997 at 10 PM, the Mexican Air Force case of March, 2004, the Iran Jet Case of Sept. 1976 and others.TJMorrisMedia(270)274-6707 TJMorrisMedia.com

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    in News

    As a people today we are damaged goods and that is exactly where government wants and needs us to be.

    We must rise above the diseases of oppression in which we have been gravely infected by which has destroyed our prosperity as a nation of powerful people in every aspect of LIFE.

    We, Black American's, have been the driving force of America's ability to be considered a rich country. We "were" the innovators of this country and the reason American can even say its name with pride.  SO, why have we as a people lost our way and ended up at the bottom of the pyramid as if we are stepping stones for others (cultures) to reach great heights?

    We will be Revealing the Truth and Broadcasting Cures and Remedies that will help our black communities rise about the disparities, smoke screen racism and prejudice system we live in. 

    We will be connecting good people with good people and exposing the greats to the unknown. 

    We are great and the treatment from government and our people towards each other is not a reflection of HOW GREAT WE ARE!   

    LISTEN IN THE TRUTH SHALL BE BROADCASTED...with Brother MikeX and I on how to find our way back by Healing Ourselves and Our Neighborhood's!!!


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    Alien Contact Org Presents Donald Schmitt, w/Janet, Richard & TJ

    in Entertainment

    Guest Donald Schmitt Author-Speaker-Ufologist joins Theresa J Morris, Janet Lessin, of US and Richard Lennie of UK. Don Schmitt explains how he went from a “complete skeptic” to dedicated investigator and bestselling author. This interview shocked us with witness reports of the strange events associated with the crash, as well as hairy details of military threats toward witnesses. –


    See more at: http://www.aquarianradio.com/2014/10/16/alien-contact-org-101814-don-schmitt-janet-lessin-tj-morris-richard-lennie/#sthash.G8NPAGMK.dpuf

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    The Truth...BruthaMikeX

    in News

    The Wake Up Project!   Developing concious minds of the color people current position. Teach the necessary knowledge required to raise our people socially and economically.

    This Group has been created to give people of Black/African descent a Venue where they can come ...to Learn; and to Teach Our People The Importance Of Gaining and Maintaining A Strong Cultural, Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Political, Economic and Social Consciousness/Awareness/Practice as Individuals and AS A PEOPLE!


    The Wake Up Project WILL NOT Play A Part In Promoting Favoritism Or Blind Allegiance to ANY Narrow - Minded Dogmatic Ideological/Philosophical and/or Religious Points Of View.... We Are Open TO BUILD With Any And ALL Who DESIRE TO CONTRIBUTE TO A MUCH - NEEDED WAKE UP CALL TO OUR PEOPLE IN THE VARIOUS BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS/GHETTOES OF AMERICA!

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    THE TRUTH...

    in News

    Host Nichole Singleton has a serious problem with the people of color and their response to the NYC Police brutality and harrasment.  The "we shall over come anthem" is DONE, they have heard, watch, seen and even felt BLACK marching and singing for equality and human rights. But all the while forgetting HOW we got here - AMERICA.  It is so annoying to see a bunch of hopeless fools, it is so discouraging when you witness the fear, programming and complet control of a people in a FREE country build on Demogracy.  All humans "inalienable rights" rights not governed by government but belonging to individuals by virtue of their natural humancondition.



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    Alien Contact Org ~ 12/20/14 ~ Suzanne Chancellor, TJ, Janet & Guests

    in Education

    Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J.Morris host Alien Contact Organization, Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 3PM HST, 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern with guest Suzanne Chancellor.

    Suzanne Chancellor is a lifelong abductee and experiencer. Upon reading Whitley Strieber’s “Communion” in 1987, she began to recover memories of visitations from otherworldly beings that began in 1966 at her childhood home in Pasadena, California. The mother of two grown children, she was forced to keep her experiences to herself for fear of ridicule, and to potentially lose custodial care of her children. But as her experiences continued and started involving other family members she realized that she was not alone, she started blogging about them in hopes that others would connect with her to try and put together the pieces of this cosmic puzzle.

    Taking her story to the airwaves, she began hosting her podcast “Random Alien Brain Droppings”, also the title of her blog, where she interviews other experiencers, authors and researchers on the subject of UFOs, abductions and all other high strangeness that seems to surround the phenomenon. Suzanne spoke publicly for the first time in 2012 at “Experiencers Speak” in Portland, Maine, and was asked to present again in 2013 alongside Stanton Friedman, Travis Walton, Peter Robbins and Kathleen Marden, among others.

    She is in the process of writing two books, one about her personal journey, and the other about synchronicity and how it has affected her life and meeting her “cosmic twin”.

    More at http://wp.me/p2OzDR-35K

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    SB Barber Morning Show - Teen Protest Org, Michael Mcdowell, Nekima Levy-Pounds

    in Business

    SB Barber Morning Show - Business of Tuesday New. Our Guests are Teen Protest/Organizers from Hopkins HS; Michael McDowell of Mall of America #ShutitDown; Law Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds, & The Crew Elder 'D', Neva, VJ, Prophet CAS.

    "We know that economics is a critical foundation of community and without the capacity to create jobs for ourselves, feed ourselves, build a viable business sector and support our independent institutions; we can not have the quality of life we desire for ourselves, our families and future generations."--HeKima, Us Lifting Us Economic Development

    Website to visit:
    Pan-African Black History 

    Apostle/Prophet SB Barber & The Crew take the gloves off and discuss current issues, headlines on local & global community fronts to give you a voice. We'll give you facts to discuss around the corporate water cooler, on the street corner & in your house.

    Send us your questions/comments before, during, after the broadcast. SB Barber Morning Show isproduced by ShenaBarber.com and presented by GRACE Media Network.


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    350.org, the XL Keystone Pipeline & Dealing with Climate Change

    in Culture

    Wednesday, Feb 26, 6pm EST: Continuing with the series on environment and Climate Change on A Better World Radio, addressing the activity of one of the leaders in the eco-activist field is www.350.org.

    To learn of 350.org's current focus, Mitchell's guest this evening is one of the national spokespeople is Sara Shor.

    Sara is  the U.S. National Organizer for 350.org, which, as the A Better World audience thoroughly knows, is an international climate change non-profit founded with the goal of building a global grassroots movement to increase awareness about climate change and effect policy and corporate behavior to reduce the human carbon footprint.

    Sara co-coordinates the major issue of the Keystone XL campaign and works to support 350's grassroots groups across the U.S.

    These will be subjects of tonight's interview and dialogue.

    You can Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv
    Or listen by phone! 602 753-1860

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