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  • 01:26

    Martin Zarzar - 'You're The One'

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    Born in Lima, Peru, and raised in South America, Europe, and the USA, Martin Zarzar is a multi-instrumentalist, song writer, and producer who lives in Portland, Oregon. His work includes over 10 years with Pink Martini, and appearances with Simon Shahin, Jamey Haddad, Leo Blanco, Essiet Essiet, John Butler, Al Andalus, Jorge Pardo, Michael Feinstein, Rufus Wainwright, and Dave Eggar, among others.
    This evening, he spends the evening with me talking about the success of his solo debut album “Two Dollars To Ride The Train”, his recent addition to a 3-CD compilation of 'lounge music' in Turkey, his NEW CD and his upcoming tour in the United States and Canada.
    SO many exciting things have happened with Martin's solo career in the last two months that have defined him as a 'solo artist' of incredible stature the most exciting of which, being nominated for 2 songs in the Independent Music Awards!
    Be sure to join Martin Zarzar and Kenneth Hieber on 'One Voice from Africa ... to the World' for an incredible evening.

  • 01:47

    "I follow my own path. And it’s me" - Sasha Lazard

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    Sasha’s eclectic education in acoustics began as a child growing up in the City of Light. On the cobblestoned streets of Paris, she absorbed the vibrato of clinking café cups and lovers’ farewell kisses against the backdrop of a lone, lilting accordion. Though young, she could already sense a captivating Je ne sais quoi about it all. By age eleven, now living in her native New York, the dramatic soprano-within was ready to emerge. Attending her first opera, Verdi’s La Traviata, “I was overwhelmed, I couldn’t breathe,” she recalls, “I needed to know it.” After a school choir director recognized the young girl’s precocious talent, Sasha spent her teen years performing arias atop church pulpits and giving recitals in Park Avenue living rooms.
    Tonight, Sasha Lazard joins Kenneth Hieber LIVE on 'One Voice from Africa ... to the World'  for what can only be described as an evening into a 'Musical Journey of Fantasy'.

  • 01:52

    "The Voice from Oz" - ALFIO

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    ALFIO is called "The Voice from Oz" because he has such a powerful voice. In addition to his original songs, his live performances consist of singing English and Italian classics, classical favorites, contemporary songs, pop standards, Spanish songs, Italian folk songs and love songs.
    Tonight, he joins me for what I anticipate to be a fun filled evening of tales from 'down under', great music, and endless humor!
    A man with a great heart ALFIO shares his time generously - so be prepared for a great night out with 'One Voice from Africa ... to the World'.

  • 01:45

    'And I Love You So' Giada Valenti

    in Music

    Fresh off of a highly successful concert series, the amazing Giada Valenti joins me LIVE on 'One Voice from Africa ... to the World' to talk about her recent successes - upcoming projects - and so much more, accompanied of course with beautiful music.
    Singer and songwriter Giada Valenti is recognized for her special voice and great stage presence. With her latest CD, And I Love You So, and live show, entitled Tribute To Love, Giada is bringing her romantic music and her elegant style to music fans worldwide. She currently selling out in Performing Arts Centers all over the United States, with a show where she takes her audience on a romantic musical journey performing love songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s, combined with several of her own penned songs.
    Join Giada Valenti and Kenneth Hieber on Thursday, April 18 at 7:00PM EST for a delightful evening's entertainment

  • 01:36

    Jennifer Thomas ILLUMINATES

    in Music

    She says, "What I have learned is that life is there for the taking. We are the makers of our future (through hard work and dedication). I truly believe that any person can accomplish their life’s dream. You simply decide, and then you do. For me, my life’s dream was to become a concert pianist. Never did I imagine this dream would come about through performing my own composed works. And then to see and hear the response I get from people about my music – brings a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction. I am one of the lucky few who can honestly say that I LOVE what I do, and hope to be doing this for years and years to come." Tonight, I spend the evening with Jennifer Thomas learning more about her life, her music, and her ethos. A ramarkable composer and musician, Jennifer joins me from Washington (state) to chat and to share more about the inspiration that is the person, and the music.

  • 02:55

    Backstage with Mario Frangoulis

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    On June 21, 2012, music history was made as Mario Frangoulis walked on stage at Boston Symphony Hall, and performed under the baton of Maestro Keith Lockhart and The Boston Pops. Together with guests Hayley Westenra, Alkistis Protopsalti, George Perris and composer Stephan Moccio, Frangoulis delivered the performance of a lifetime which was filmed for public television and a new DVD. 
    As we enter 2013, and some say, the 'Age of Aquarius'  -- associated with humanitarianism, democracy, idealism and perseverance -- Mario Frangoulis joins Kenneth Hieber LIVE on ONE VOICE RADIO ‘backstage’ to reflect on resolutions past, present, and future. With friends and fans, they will talk about hope, inspiration, and Beautiful Things.
    During this LIVE broadcast, our studio lines will open and callers from around the world are invited to share their message of inspiration on the air. Each caller that gets through will receive a personally autographed ‘Mario Frangoulis LIVE with the Boston Pops’ DVD. So tune in to this LIVE broadcast during which time we will announce other 'Beautiful Things' that you will NOT WANT TO MISS!

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    Castaldo at Christmas

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    With the smell of the ancient dust of Africa still fresh in his memory Micheal Castaldo spends the afternoon with me celebrating the spirit of Christmas.
    We’ll enjoy performances off of his album Extravergine: A Mediterranean Christmas, and chat about his African experience.

    Micheal and I will be LIVE on the air and during our show, you are invited to call in with your messages of inspiration for the Holiday Season, to say hello to Micheal directly, and the first 5 callers will receive a Special Thank You Christmas Gift from him.
    So spend this Saturday afternoon with Kenneth Hieber and The Man with the Hat whom we all know and love – Micheal Castaldo – for a delightful pre-Christmas get together on ONE VOICE RADIO.

  • 01:25

    Micheal Castaldo pops in to talk about his NYC concert

    in Music

    Our show is LIVE this evening which means that you can call in when we open the studio lines and talk with Micheal Castaldo directly.
    Tonight, Micheal Castaldo and Kenneth Hieber take time to catch up, share memories, talk about future upcoming projects and most importantly, to share information on his September concert in New York City.
    So join us for a night of entertainment - good humor - beautiful music and a whole lot more ... we start at 8:00PM EST and the evening as always with Micheal, promises to be perfectly delightful.
    LIKE One Voice Radio on face book and always be informed. And also the Micheal Castaldo musician/band page .. that way you will always keep up to date with all the news you need to know.
    Tonight's episode airs in memory of a dear friend, Lorena Pallisco Abballe.

  • 01:31

    Martin Zarzar 'rides the train' to success!

    in Music

    After working for over a decade in Portland’s internationally acclaimed ‘little orchestra’ Pink Martini, Martin Zarzar has released his first brilliant solo album – Two Dollars to Ride the Train.
    With sights set already on the next album, Martin Zarzar joins Kenneth Hieber on ONE VOICE RADIO for an evening of great music, interesting stories, humor, but above all, the passion for ‘music’. Our studio lines will be open this evening for you to have a chat with Martin who is always ever gracious and giving.
    Unquestionably a star on the rise as a soloist, Martin Zarzar is happy to share stories of past, present, and to give us a peek into the future – so Join Kenneth Hieber on ONE VOICE RADIO and on Face Book to stay informed. Click Kenneth Hieber, Martin Zarzar, and ONE VOICE RADIO, and become friends.

  • 01:43

    George Perris LIVE, LIVE on ONE VOICE RADIO

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    One of the most talented performers of our time George Perris, has joined me several times on ONE VOICE RADIO. And he’s coming back LIVE on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 to share in the spirit of Christmas and to debut his brand new album GEORGE PERRIS LIVE!
    Throughout 2012, George has enjoyed enormous success on and off the stage and together, he and I will chat about his constantly rising career.
    Most importantly though, George and I will be LIVE on the air and during our show, you are invited to call in with your messages of inspiration for the Holiday Season, and to say hello to George directly, and the first 10 callers will receive with his love, a personally autographed copy of his brand new album GEORGE PERRIS LIVE
    We look forward to sharing time with you. Please note that this show will air earlier than our usual time to enable our global audience to join in the festivities.
    If you cannot wait to get a copy simply click  GEORGE PERRIS LIVE and you can order your own copy online NOW!

    Earlier this year, he launched Un Souhait - BUY IT!

  • 01:02

    George Perris is ready to take Canada by storm

    in Music

    You know him, and like me, you love him. International sensation George Perris is set to take Canada by storm.
    Tonight, I sit down with George to talk more about his five city Canadian tour set for this November. We’ll tell you how to get tickets which are currently on sale. Always warm and charming, George will share information on his concert series and of course, we will talk more about ‘new projects’ and his recently released French album Un Souhait.
    Unquestionably a concert that must be on your MUST SEE list this year – get ready for a great night with George Perris and stay tuned to learn how you too can enjoy this incredibly talented performer on stage! So Join Kenneth Hieber on ONE VOICE RADIO and on Face Book to stay informed. Click Kenneth Hieber, George Perris, and ONE VOICE RADIO, and become friends.