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    Episode 2010 - The Soul Bait Prophets - Open Lines to Inquire of the LORD

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    Episode 2010 - The Soul Bait Prophets - Open Lines to Inquire of the LORD
    Recorded LIVE Wed 12-10-2014 on Omega Man Radio

    Prophet Scott Lathrop
    Prophetess Jen Lathrop
    Prophets Al Moore
    Prophetess Chris Moore
    Prophetess Marina
    Prophetess Olga Shevchenko
    Prophetess Veronica Shevchenko

    Official Website: www.soulbait.org
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/scott.lathrop.1

    Soul Bait Ministries, Inc.
    4320 Deerwood Lake Pkwy Suite 101-320
    Jacksonville, FL 32216
    tel. (904) 333-9255

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    Decision in Ferguson Missouri - No indictment

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    Getting the Facts Right About the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision...  

    The grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown has ignited a firestorm of commentary and disagreement. Debate is to be expected in a large and diverse society such as ours. But as an attorney and a law professor, I am particularly troubled to see so many people relying on incorrect facts to support their position.

    Outside the City Hall, crowds flip a police cruiser on its side briefly, break out its windows, then set it on fire. Police move in quickly to put it out. They use pepper gas and tell the crowd over loudspeakers to disperse.National Guardsmen in full riot gear stand in a line at the Ferguson Police Department. In front of them, a row of police officers, also in riot gear. Just one lane of road separates them from hundreds of protesters. Gunshots, looting after grand jury in Ferguson case does not indict officer in Michael Brown shooting. 

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    Persecution of Christians with Olga Gladky Verro

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    Some of you will remember Olga from two weeks ago. She was such an interesting and passionate lady to interview that Maxine and Jeannie felt it important to invite this guest back. There is so much more to hear about the persecution of Christians that really does matter for today. Events taking place around the world make this a message that is pertinent today and should not be ignored. We invite you to listen in, mind wide open, ready to absorb truths from this remarkable woman, whose history and the preserved writings of Orest M. Gladky, “Voices From The Past …Russia-Soviet Union: 1917-1971” are told. Unless the past is taken seriously, we could be caught unaware as history repeats itself.

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    Jeffrey Isbell of New Mexicans for a Better Tomorrow is on demanding rectitude in government, and the recall of Las Cruces City Counsellors Gil Sorg, Olga Pedroza and Nathan "Please Don't Call Me Tiny" Small -- not necessarily in that order! Also, Moose Gomez speaking on Bail Bonds and the new rules from NM AOC.

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    The Druth about...

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    Gun Rights.  This week, Dru and Loki will be joined by Olga Jones of the Oregon Council on Firearms Rights and Marcel Fontaine from the activist group LGBT for Gun Rights.  Discussions will include a specific strategy for those states, such as Oregon, whose laws are determined by one or more large cities within the state.  This is problematic for states like Oregon whose population is bullied by those who live in the Portland area.  Oregon has 36 counties all of which are controlled by seven of those counties.  With the Liberal Democrats taking control of Oregon's Statehouse in January, the Senate Pro Tempore, Ginny Burdick, has made it clear that she intends to introduce draconian gun control legislation aimed at making life difficult for gun owners and making it almost impossible for law abiding citizens to purchase guns.

    Also, discussion will be had on members of the LGBT community owning and using firearms for personal protection.  With over 1600 hate crimes committed last year, Dur and Loki are investigating how responsible gun ownership could lead to a decrease in these crimes not just in the LGBT community but in all minority communities.

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    Host David Clarke discusses spiritual journey and how you can heal yourself

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    Author and Different Strokes for Different Folks radio show host David Clarke is a retired social worker, a recovered alcoholic, and recovered sex addict. He has poured his years of intense experiences into Ockham's Razor Revisited. He has also done so with his third novel, Shades of Gay. The first two novels were written under the pen name of Davis Aujourd'hui. They are The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude and Babes in Bucksnort. All of his novels have enjoyed rave reviews on Amazon.com.

    David has found spirituality as a way to help fill the needs that could not be satisfied through his seeming addictions. He is committed to spreading a message of hope and faith to others which is what his radio show and books are all about. He is socially-minded and he wrote Ockham's Razor Revisited and Shades of Gay as a way to share the pain of addiction and hope and belief for recovery. David's website is authordavidclarke.com. His radio show can be found at differentstrokes.freespiritbroadcasting.com. 

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    Voices from the Past: Preserving Facts and Thoughts for Posterity

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    Olga Gladky Verro, is an author-editor-memoirist. Her family lived during the turbulent times of the bloody Revolution when the Old Russia was destroyed by the Reds. 

    Under Stalin’s dictatorship her father was relentlessly persecuted by the state police as the “enemy of the people” while Bolsheviks were building socialist “paradise,” called Soviet Union.

    After many years of waiting as refugees in Europe, they were able to immigrate to the United States,   my parents in 1958 and Olga, with her Italian husband and two children, in 1959. We finally found peace and freedom in the “Land of the Free.”


    As a writer Olga’s father, Orest M. Gladky, left part of himself behind. His writings are a time capsule preserving snapshots of ordinary people’s lives and their struggle to survive during the 1917 Russian Revolution and Civil War and during Stalin’s dictatorship and Communist Party rule in the Soviet Union.


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    Olga with Sound Impact Music

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    Put together the live music with the instruments YOU want for your special day or event with Olga and Sound Impact Music

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    Mudrost Almine

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    Olga & Svetlana



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    Human Rights Violations In Maramures County, Romania - Marincas Viorica is Xena

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    While The Ukraine is preparing for a Russian invasion, and the EU is sending in its military to protect them, lots of human rights violations are going on in Baia Mare, Maramures County, Romania, a country on the Western border with the Ukraine. A Police Commandant, first woman to be nominated so in this mining city, is abusing people because she thinks thay have something on her, evidence of her proverbial incompetence, and is putting innocent people in jail here is the story of Dan Hotico, a victim of her abusive and vengeful behaviour. Here are the facts of the Maramures Police injustices.

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    Deux rwandais seraient impliqué dans l’assassinat des sœurs italiennes


    Selon l’ambassade du Burundi en Belgique contacté par notre rédaction, les deux sœurs, Lucia et Olga, d’origines italiennes ont été assassinés par des rwandais proches de l’opposition.

    La police burundaise est à la recherche de ces deux criminels. Les recherches sont orientées vers les résidences des membres de l’ADC-IKIBIRI selon toujours l’ambassadeur du Burundi en Belgique, Monsieur NDAYISENGA Felix.

    L’ambassadeur est allé encore plus loin en affirmant qu’une source non autorisée porte à croire que ces criminels rwandais appartiendraient aux services de renseignements rwandais.

    On sent un crash prochain entre les deux pays vu les déclarations engageant la diplomatie burundaise venant de notre ambassade à Bruxelles.

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