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    Driving downhill...TeaParty gamesmanship with an NRA attitude

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    Your always aware host once again provokes the right by pointing out that John Boehner is stupid (nice color though), Dick Cheney is dangerous (especiallyi f you hunt with him), and the rest of the Koch-suckers in DC are on recess...business as usual.  Faux News goes into a blather when the President sat to watch some of the World Cup and proves once again that it doesn't matter what he does, thinks or tries, the questionable motives behind intransigent morality comes from the Groucho song line from 'Duck Soup',"whatever it is, I'm against it".  The party of NO continues to justify blatant obstructionism behind a veil of christianity, allegations and frivolity with the constitution that borders on comical...if it weren't so damn dangerous.

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    Hair on Fire News Ralk Radio/Obama Weekly Address

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    Saturday June 28,2014 in his weekly address, President Barack Obama continued to threaten lawmakers that he would "act on his own" if they refused to accept his agenda because he claimed republican obstructionism is keeping the system "rigged against the middle class."“This obstruction keeps the system rigged for those at the top, and rigged against the middle class. And as long as they insist on doing it, I’ll keep taking actions on my own – like the actions I’ve taken already to attract new jobs, lift workers’ wages, and help students pay off their loans,”  Obama said. “I’ll do my job, and if it makes Republicans in Congress mad that I’m trying to help people out, they can join me, and we’ll do it together.”Also available in iTunes

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    S05/E15: Bruno Moore for State Senate(FL-32) & Buck Willis (D-Texas-14th)

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    The 2014 Midterms are so important this year as we all know. The GOP & Tea Party are doing everything they can to stop people from voting because they are afraid they will lose! PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS UNITE! Let's show them that we cannot be stopped. We'll get rid of the scum trying to ruin our country. ARE YOU IN?

    Help turn America Blue! Visit his website for more information and contribute however you can to his campaign. Call the number listed below for more information on how you can help.

    It's time to end the madness and give President Barack Obama a majority in both chambers of the U.S. Congress in 2014.

    Bruno Moore: http://www.facebook.com/brunoforsenate TEL: (561) 255-3668

    The second hour we will speak with Buck Willis starting at 9pm. He was a candidate in Congressional District 14 in Texas.

    Thanks for sharing across social media, liking us, calling in. We are grateful for your support.

    Often imitated but never duplicated, this is KITCHEN POLITICS 123 RADIO SHOW with DAVE & LORI: "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid---LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

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    "Fox News a Political Mechine that hires Journalist!"

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    WALLS CLOSE IN ON CHRISTIE Sandy Funds Scrutinized... DOCS: Gov. Shut Out A Mayor After He Didn't Endorse... New Bridge Theory...

    Obama's Overhaul Of Major Obstacle Finally Complete

    GOP Makes Offer.. Right Defense Doomed.. Hateful GOPer.. Cruz vs. House GOP.. O's 'Neoliberal Assault'

    200 Dead After Boat Fleeing War In South Sudan Sinks

    Syria's Refugees Dying.. Week In Pics.. Shipwreck Uncovered.. Kalashnikov Doubts.. 

    Man KILLED For Texting At Movie Theater


    Court Conservatives 'Sound Eager To Return To View Not Held Since Horse And Buggy Days'.. Scalia Rips Obama

    New Mexico Court Ruling Will Allow Doctors To Aid Patients In Dying

    Senate Republicans Make New Offer On Jobless Benefits

    Egyptians Begin Voting In Constitutional Referendum

    Russia Expels U.S. Journalist For The First Time Since Cold War

    Water Ban Lifted for Part Of West Virginia After Chemical Spill

    House Requests Probe Of Target Hack

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    Fiery All Star panel debate on Obamacare, NSA Spying & more

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    For todays show we have an excellent panel of guests to discuss the top three issues this week. We have Alexandra Ackers Lyons, she is Director of the Youth Engagement Fund and she is a political consultant and Democratic Strategist.    Christian Dorsey works at the Economic Policy Institute. His areas of expertise are community development, housing, race and the economy.   And we have Brad Blakeman who was an advisor to President George W. Bush and President of Freedom’s Watch.    The panel first discusses the Affordable Care Act and the Website HealthCare.gov then discusses Republicans holding up several of President Obama's appointments and then discusses the latest revelations of NSA Spying.   As always, we also have our Hall of Fame and Shame for those politicians and pundits who made great sense, or shameful nonsense, respectively.

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    Show of the Week of Liberty Never Sleeps

    in Politics Conservative

    News talk radio show, with open talk discussion about the topic of the day.
    Topics Today: Rough Weather at Hummingbird Ranch * Fast Food Worker Walk Out * Social Entitlements Discourage Employment * Want Utopia? Work. * Working at McDonalds * Obama Grants Amnesty * Obstructionism or Standard Practice? * Let's Buy Mexico * Buy not Bomb * Debbie Wasserman Schultz * Why Do We Listen to Democrats? * IRS Still Going After the Tea Party * AZ Taxes * Jan Brewer * Government Revenues & The Labor Pool * GOP "UNinvitations" * "Private" Townhall Meetings * Krysten Sinema and Principles * 

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    S03/E08: What If America Got A Democratic Majority?

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    The GOP ran on job in 2010. They have done nothing but block ever since.
    Where are the jobs Boehner and McConnell?
    The GOP have: assaulted Women's Rights, fought against Gay Equality and Same Sex Marriage, indifferent to Comprehensive Immigration Reform, wasted tax payer money on trying to repeal Obama Care 37 times (Cost $55 million), practiced gerrymandering to "win at all costs", cut taxes for the 1% while cutting social benefits for the elderly and poor, mostly made up or overblown "scandals" threatening to impeach the POTUS and demanding the Attorney General be fired.
    That's not even the tip of the iceburg when it comes on to the whacky far right wing lunatics. Former Republican Senator Bob Dole(Kansas) said that "the GOP needs to be closed for repair". They have already lost a generation with their crazy extremist views. The Tea Party curse has come to bite them in the butt as they are in danger of becoming a Minority party like the Whigs did in 1850.
    Some "Blue Dog" Democrats in Red States always side with Republicans no matter what. Can the Democrats retake the US Senate and gain a majority in the US House of Representatives? What about Gubernatoral and Mayoral Races across America? Tell us what you think friends? 
    Join us, Dave Franklin and Lori Picarella, as we discuss options and possibilities for Democrats in 2014 Elections. Is President Obama destined for greatness or in danger of being a lame duck?
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    What's on America's Mind With Emerson Drake

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    Topics include are developers taking over the City Council, RUL and what it means to you, the Salida MAC meeting Supervisor Monteith's obstructionism Ad Mitigation, the General Plan Amendment process, these and more so tune in at 6:30 PM Wednesday and find out the things you really  need to know.
    104.9 FM Modesto our Flag Ship station

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    S03/E01: Saving America's Democracy-Election 2014 And Beyond

    in Politics Progressive

    Gun Control, Immigration Reform, Sequester, Fiscal Debt, Republican Obstructionism, Tea Party shinannigans, etc. The debate on these topics and more rages on as we move forward towards the 2014 Midterm Elections and beyond. Look at key races that will shape the next Congress. Can Democrats outclass Republicans next time around?
    Join social commentators and political pundits, Dave Franklin and Lori Picarella, as they take your calls on these topics and anything else you want to discuss. 30 minutes of progressive talk on issues affecting the everyday political body politic of America. We'd love to hear from you folks!
    Thanks for spreading the word about our humble little radio show and blog. We will be expanding to the 90 minute format for our radio show soon. I hope everyone continues to spread the word and listen/call in and participate? We'd love to hear from you no matter your political leanings.
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    The Filibuster

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    Our country has basically stagnated for the last four years under two of the most unproductive Congresses in the nation’s history.  Why does it seem that so little is getting done in Congress?  Why does it seem that so few of the bills that get introduced in Congress actually make it to becoming law?

    In this episode we examine the role the filibuster has played in bringing regular business in Congress to a halt.  We discuss the filibuster’s role in the larger Republican strategy of obstructionism and examine why Republicans came to use it as a governing strategy.  We also discuss the dangers that may lie in using it as a governing strategy for the country going forward.

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    Is Karl Rove Right? - The Middle Ground

    in Politics

    by Eric Byler
    Karl Rove has a new Super-PAC designed to give wealthy donors more say in GOP primary races. The Tea Party and others in the Republican party are angry about it. But is Rove right, at least in a sense?
    Would you like to see more moderate candidates emerge from the GOP primaries? A Super-PAC could tip the scale. With a more moderate GOP, perhaps the partisanship and obstructionism in Washington would be less debilitating.
    But, doesn't it go against Coffee Party principles, and the principles of self-governance, to have oil barons, Wall St. bankers, and casino moguls decide the outcomes of primary races? Clearly, Rove and his super-wealthy friends are discouraged: they don't seem to be able to pick the winners in general elections to the degree that they'd like to. How do you feel about them protecting their investment in running our government by muscling in on the GOP primaries? Call (6