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    Mitt Romney and the establishment pile on- are they serious ?

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    Mitt Romney and the establishment's pile on-are they serious?
    The Republican establishment is so desperate to maintain the status quo that they have trotted out Mitt Romney to pile on Donald Trump- they(establishment GOP) still don't get it- the voters have rejected them because of broken promises, weakness, and growing distrust of party politics. Mitt Romney, who once asked Trump to endorse him, is trying to throw him under the bus- he is being used as a puppet by the GOP, who refuse to accept that their leadership is failing it's base.I voted for Romney in 2012, but I am disappointed in him right now - I have no doubt that he loves the party, but this speech is wrong- he too is missing the message that the base is sending- strong leadership , leaders who will fight for the party again - not just lay down or get rolled over- get the message GOP!


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    Obama strengthen Democrats

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    Barack Obama rose to prominence as a different kind of Democrat, an outsider who was not part of the establishment and who would chart a separate course. Eight years later, the president finds himself working hard to restore a party from which he was once eager to stand apart.

    Obama has presided over a greater loss of electoral power for his party than any two-term president since World War II. And 2016 represents one last opportunity for him to reverse that trend. Join our conversation

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    Gowdy Drops Bomb on Obama Administration

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    On this April 24, 2016 edition of Team Liberty Radio, we will be looking at the bombshell that Representative Trey Gowdy has dropped on the Obama adminstration.  Will be looking at what impact this may have at the end of Obama's presidency if any.  Also we will be looking at th 2016 Presidential Electon and upcoming primaries.  Join us Live at 6pm For Your Weekly Dose Of Truth.

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    State Of Tennessee Declares War On Obama And His Refugees

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    On this May 1, 2016 edition of Team Liberty Radio, we will be discussing the State of Tennessee and its declaration of war on Obama and his refugee resettlement program.  This is a very important matter that we will be looking at and the impact it will have going forward.  Also we will be looking at the previous weeks primaries results and delegate count and look ahead to the next primaries.  Join us live at 6pm for Your Weekly Dose Of Truth.

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    Obama will break Armenian genocide promise (again)

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    Obama will break Armenian genocide promise (again)

    Cops get slap on the wrist for pleading guilty to slaughtering innocent civilians on a bridge

    In Moscow, Israel Israel Prime Minister pushes Putin on Syria, Iran concerns

    after beating, tazing, and suffocating handcuffed man to death, cops delete only video----lawsuit

    World media watchdog: truthful media in decline, a "new era of propaganda is upon us"

    Cop shoots up his home, shooting cops to show up----gets taken in alive because he's a cop

    California just dealt a fatal blow to its taxpayers

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    Romney correct - Obama wrong - XENOPHOBIC - Dems break with Obama.

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    Hr1  Press laughed off Romney's Mali terror warning in 2012. Wasn't so funny after all, now was it?

    Another Muslim attack, 27 DEAD, 170 taken hostage (MUSLIMS FREED), at Radisson Hotel in Mali. Malian security forces rescued hostages.

    MSNBC liberal idiot says, GIVE IN to terrorist demands and they’ll leave us ALONE!

    Report shows Obama has missed over half his second-term daily intel briefings. Guess he doesn't need to know what's happening? Or maybe this explains why we're in the mess we're in.

    Obama says only 2% of refugees are young men, and only 52% of them are even from Syria. 

    Hr2  Joe takes listener calls.

    Listener calls Joe XENOPHOBIC so suggesting everyone should be checked coming into the country! 

    Transgender girl upset that men wont date her, wait for it - They must all be haters! Really?

    Media personality, Xander Gibb talks haters, phobics, and LibLogic.

    Hr3   Joe takes more listener calls.

    And Senator Diane Feinstein breaks ranks with Democrats. Says ISIS is not contained, but is expanding. Duh!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.

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    Super Dave Show - Romney in a brokered Convention?

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    Mitt Romney gave his rendition of an anti Trump speech.  Whta is it that the establishment is so afraid of?

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    Russian jets, NATO and President Obama in Saudi Arabia

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    Guests:  Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger, joins me for a look at national security issues of the week......Russian jets aggressively approach US warships....Russia and Syria....troops to Iraq to fight ISIS.........President Obama is facing a very skeptical Saudi Arabia over the 9-11 report and the Iran deal....President Obama in London and controversy over his comments over the UK and the EU..........and other stories of the week.....

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    1DimitriRadio: Mitt Romney is a YUUUGE hypocrite to dump on Trump

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    Dimitri’s Opening Monologue (from the LifePedigree.com studio)

    The severely conservative Mitt Romney is biting the hand that feed him in 2012. RINO Romney is trying to launch a counteroffensive against Donald Trump. The Donald and Mittens were gushing over each other in 2012 when Trump endorsed Romney. You will hear the sicken audio clip of that. But now, Mitt claims that Trump is not principled. The pot calling the kettle black?

    First Segment

    The delightful Liz Peek is back! The columnist for FoxNews.com and The Fiscal Times shares an invaluable and telling insight about how The Donald operates. She also shares her thoughts about the Super Tuesday aftermath. And is a kudo really an animal in Africa?

    Second Segment

    Heart-wrenching story about a refugee who, somehow, made it to America, and then made in big in America. Dr. Vinh Chung (author of Where the Wind Leads) was a toddler when he and his large family fled communist Vietnam. They were cast adrift in the ocean and left to die. Do you believe in miracles?

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    Obama in Cuba and "The 3 denials of Obama" with Alain Castillo

    in Politics

    Guest:  Alain Castillo, young Cuban American, joins me for a discussion of President Obama's trip to Cuba........we will discuss Alain's article "Obama's 3 denials on Cuba", a look back at the promises made and not kept regarding US relations with Cuba.................Alain was born in the US and represents a viewpoint from the generation born here..........plus we will discuss the role of Cuba in the 2016 elections..........and the media's obsession with the "historic" nature of the trip..........

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    Has President Obama Purposely Ignored The African American Community?

    in Women

    President Obama has done an outstanding job while in office, addressing the needs of immigrants, the LGBT comunity, the handicaped. But what has been done to address the crisis of violence against black people? Author Michael Eric Dyson, in his book The Black Presidency, makes some critical observations about how America's first black President has seemingly avoided appearing "too black." Many have observed that while President Obama gives praise and encouragement in his speeches to other groups, his tone when speaking to blacks has been one of scolding and reprimands. Is President Obama "talking down" to blacks? Is he purposely ignoring please of black leaders to come to his hoe town Chicago and address the violence? He came to talk to the police at a gathering last year, careful not to sound too disapproving despite the reports showing the racial bias within the police stops and arrests. Shootings continue to happen at epidemic proportions. The President has visited places where whites have been the victims of tragic shootings, but never went to south Carolina where church members were slaughtered by white supremist Dillon Roof, and has yet to come back to his hometown of Chicago, despite the ongoing killings every day. Is President Barack Obama purposely ignoring the African American community?