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    The Donkeys Nutz PREMIERE EPISODE

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    Late Night this Wednesday (Thursday Morning) Donkey Dodgers Poker will be hosting our first edition of THE DONKEY'S NUTZ, hosted by Donkey Dodgers President of Operations Jay Messier and a revolving door of co-hosts! We will also bring in the biggest names in pub poker to discuss, just that, pub poker! (Tell me you all won't tune in to listen on Gary Poker Night?!) We will also discuss anything an...d everything poker. From strategy to rules to a special segment where we'll allow you to give us your own "Bad Beat Sob Stories"! It won't be just pub poker we'll discuss though! And it certainly won't exclusively be boring rules and regualtion talk, this I can assure you! We'll talk about anything related to the game of poker & I'm sure we'll veer off the beaten path from time to time! So get ready, prepare yourself to feel THE DONKEY'S NUTZ...

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    Donkey's Nutz Radio (More WSOP Main Event Talk...)

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    Our friend John Murray is inside 1,000  outta 6,598 that entered and we will all channel our good mojo on tonight's show!!! Call in and send a message to John or just call in tp talk poker, WSOP or otherwise!

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    Donkey's Nutz (WWE Infused Edition)

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    A special WWE infused edition of The Donkey's Nutz Radio is coming your way Thursday Night @ 11:30pm! We'll definitely discuss poker but we'll also discuss how WWE and wrestling in general has influenced Donkey Dodgers Poker! Our main topic will be assembling a "Dream Fantasy Poker Survivor Series Team"! If such a thing existed who would you want to have your back on the poker felt? In wrestling sometimes you're forced to put differences aside for the better of the team, for survival @ Survivor Series! Could you do the same in poker? I will announce my "Dream Fantasy Survivor Series Team" and I encourage calls with who you'd add to your team! The requirments are, you are the captain, add one professional player & 3 local pub poker players! For our out of state listeners we'll welcome all pro's if you'd like! Or leave your team here and we'll discuss it on the show! Also we'll discuss Donkey Dodgers "Tag Team Championship Poker" and it's wrestling origins, including several interviews I recorded this past Sunday at our most recent Tag Team Event! Last but certainly not least we'll give you all the details of our Foxwoods $$1000$$ Guarantee Event this Sunday, 12 Noon @ The Rock House in Coventry, RI! First Place gets a $1000 WPT Foxwoods Seat!

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    The Donkey's Nutz (Columbus Day MIDNIGHT Disaster)

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    As the clock strikes midnight and we celebrate one of the most pointless American holiday's; Columbus Day, Jay Messier hosts the newest edition of The Donkey's Nutz!

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    The Donkey's Nutz (Former WEEI Host Pete Sheppard is on!)

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    As everyone gets ready for a huge weekend @ Donkey Dodgers Poker, The Donkey's Nutz gives you all the details about what's planned! (Tag Team Poker Championship = Saturday, 7pm @ Bo's Billiard's-33 Lambert Lind Highway Warwick, RI & GOLDEN TICKET EVENT where the Winner FREE ROLLS FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH! = Sunday 3pm  @ LA Bailey's (1046 Charles Street North Providence, RI)
      But as always there will be much more on the most MUST LISTEN to radio program on Blog Talk Radio!   

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    Totally Nutz Franchise Meets with Franchise Interviews.

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    We are meeting with with Matt Barker, the cofounder of the Totally Nutz franchise.

    Founded in 1992 and franchising since May 2014, Totally Nutz’ has attracted thousands of customers with its delectable flavors and varieties of cinnamon glazed nuts, including almonds, pecans and cashews

    Both Yvette and her husband, Matt, were marketing executives who drew tired of the rat race and started looking for their “next big thing.” That light bulb moment came as they recalled all the conventions they used to attend and the thousands of people walking around each show with some kind of handout.

    Under the name Barker’s Olde Fashioned Almonds, Matt and Yvette started roasting Cinnamon Glazed Almonds in 1990 and began selling their product at various festivals and fairs. Over the years, their customers would tell how much they enjoyed the product and wished more variety would be offered. Matt and Yvette started experimenting and came up with several delectable flavors and varieties.

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    The Donkey's Nutz (Morality in Poker/New Tourney Concept)

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       On Sunday Night's Edition of The Donkey's Nutz (9-11pm) we will announce the newest tournament concept that Donkey Dodgers Poker will bring your way this November! We will discuss in detail the new tournament and get feedback from YOU the Southern New England Pub Poker players!
       Also we will delve into morality at the poker table, talking about the underhanded things some players do or attempt to get away with! We'll of course get into illegal moves like "dumping chips" : losing chips to a player on purpose, "going south" : playing chips from your pocket in a cash game rather than from your stack, "underpaying the pot" : obviously speaks for itself, but we'll also touch on some legal but still shady moves, like deceiving players by calling that you have a hand you don't ie: "Oh, I have a straight!" when in reality you have nothing in hopes to induce the other player into folding or "Slow Rolling": delaying showing the winning hand when there is no more betting action to take place! We'll discuss the differences in both sets of actions, and if some of the legal maneuvers are actually worse! We'll welcome your calls to share your stories of "legal" & "illegal" moves you've seen that test the morality of poker!
    And of course, much more...

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    The Donkey's Nutz (Foxwoods WPT Finals Preview Edition)

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    Tonight on The Donkey's Nutz we have an action packed show! We rebound from the disaster that was Sunday Night's program by giving you a full preview of the just started Foxwoods WPT Finals! Donkey Dodgers Poker (DonkeysDodgers.com) is giving away a $300 SEAT to an event at the WPT Finals Wednesday, 7pm @ Blackie's Bulldog Tavern (181 George Washington Highway Smithfield, RI)! We'll discuss the upcming WPT Events, speak to some local players that are gonna be playing in the WPT Finals, some that already have and we welcome you calls if you're gonna be playing too!
       Rules have come up a lot recently in my conversations with people and we'll open up the forum to discuss some "stupid rules" in pub poker, some good ones and possibly some you think need changing. Of course mainly we'll discuss Donkey Dodgers rules but we're willing discuss rules across the board at Foxwoods, Mohegan, or your favorite pub poker tour!
      We also have the results of the not so epic heads up showdown between host Jay Messier & "Jumpsuit" Jimmy Higgins! 
    As always, who knows where else the show will go...

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    The Donkey's Nutz (Grrrinders.com Poker Site Founder is on!)

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    Tonight we take your calls to discuss the shocking news we heard last episode that The Donkey's Nutz Host Jay Messier will compete later this month in the Foxwoods "Ladies Only" World Poker Tour Event in a stand for Men's Rights!
    Last Night @ Shanghai Gardens we caught upwith Donkey Dodgers resident Donkey Eric Malouin and he gave us an update on his trip to Las Vegas!
    Who knows what else?! It's The Donkey's Nutz, where anything can happen!

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    The Donkey's Nutz (BONUS Sunday Night Edition)

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    The Donkey's Nutz Radio is bringing you a very special BONUS Show between 9-11pm TONIGHT! Jay is preparing for two days @ Foxwoods where he'll be hangin' out with Mike Sexton, Vince Van Patten & The rest of The WPT Crew as he covers the Final Table of The WPT $10,000 Event! Call in with your questions that you want him to ask!  

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    Donkey's Nutz Radio (WSOP Main Event Talk & More...)

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    The Donkey's Nutz Radio show returns on Saturday Night and here's a few highlights of what you can expect...
    *The World Series of Poker Main Event is now underway and we will give you complete coverage! We will also try and get our friend John Murray who will be competing for the second year in a row!
    *Fallout from Thursday's episode discussing the "Grrrinders Scandal". We look to talk to players from both sides of the debate and let the "Pro Grrrinders" voices and opinions be heard!
    *In non poker news I have been surfing Criagslist today and I have an important question for all the listners tonight!