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    March Neurosis: It’s A Revolution- Dallas Buyers Club

    in Film

    In 1985 Dallas, Ron Woodroof who works as an electrician, beats the system to help people get the medication they need who have contacted AIDS. This happens, after he is himself diagnosed with the disease. I have to tell you this is neurosis of helping others and you will find out why. This a great movie with awesome talented actors.  if you really are neurosis to helping people, then, tune in to watch and listen to the show Sunday at 6 pm. 

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    March Neurosis: It’s A Revolution- Blind mountain

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    Mang shan: China in the 1990’s, women are forced to marry men, babies that are female to drown. This movie will have you guessing and not guessing what’s next. It is pure madness. What is so fascinating? It’s the Color Purple and Cold Mountain wrapped up in one. Now, watching this movie really hits home to how much abuse can one take in life and everything that could happen. This film will draw you in. Tune in at a new day- Sunday at 6pm for Movies to Love. Now find your neurosis. Think mine are bad?

    To watch the film go to this link:


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    March Neurosis: It’s A Revolution: The Legend of Rita

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    It’s all the madness of radical West German terrorist Rita who abandons the revolution and settles in East Germany, trying to hide her identity. Always in fear of her cover being blown. This is a great movie to watch has subtitles, why do we love movies with so much neurosis? Most of us don't think twice of how much can we take....Tune in Sunday (new day same time) at 6pm. I’ll show you madness!

    You can find the movie by clicking on this link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0234805/?ref_=ttpl_pl_tt


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    Conscious Mind Sub Conscious Mind

    in Spirituality

    Where does the real power of the mind sit? Which aspect of mind really influences our lives? Do we actually operate more by sub conscious that than conscious thinking? Can we know what is buried in the sub conscious as pect of mind? The sub conscious mind is where our life programming actually resides. The conscious mind is what we live by and with day in and day out. But we ignore our sub conscious programming that is in the dark side of mind so to speak. The sub conscious is where most of our neurosis sit as we operate daily. Any routines that one has is more based on  thought that is beneath the conscious self. Here is where our automatic pilot sits as we move through things and experiences of life. We also have the ability to reprogram the subconscious if we were to so choose. It is not all that difficult to do this. By reprogramming it we move more freely in life. We are no longer bound by the programs that we have been taught. Our programming begins the day that we are born and will stay with us until the day that we leave this world. Yet in truth it does not have to be this way as we give way to m,uch power to the unknown side of mind and thoought as we move through our lives. This and so much more join Liara and Steven for a conversation on the mind. 718-664-9735

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    March Neurosis: It’s A Revolution- Son of Babylon

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    Son of Babylon: This is truly one of my favorite and close to my heart. This one is about a willful young boy who follows his grandmother on a journey across Iraq. This movie will put you in the thick of things. Both are trying to discover the fate of the missing son and father. This movie is after post-saddam in Iraq. This movie will cause you to have a heart, it's real to what happen. Well done movie and camera actions, the acting is like no other. Tune in at a new day Sunday at 6 pm for Movies to Love.


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    The Author's Talk Show with Staci Layne Wilson and Darren Gordon Smith

    in Books

    Staci Layne Wilson is known for writing and directing movies (Fetish Factory, Good Family Times), as well as authoring several books (Dark Lullaby, 50 Years of Ghost Movies). Darren Gordon Smith is a filmmaker (Repo! The Genetic Opera), wordsmith (Blurt: Curses & Verses, Seward’s Fall), and musician (The Livermores).

    The two longtime friends and sometime collaborators (short film: The Night Plays Tricks, inspired by the music of Bob Dylan) have combined their talents to present a one-of-a-kind, amplifiers-to-11 anthology of short stories that’s as unsettling as it is hilarious.

    Here’s some advance word on the book, Sex, Death, Rock N Roll:

    “Fiery and fevered scribes Staci Layne Wilson and Darren Smith have delivered an anthology book devoted to rock n roll fuelled short stories which read as lyrical as the songs and music they pay tribute to. With an authentic and uncompromising dedication to musicians from decades past, Wilson and Smith deliver a highly energetic and equally nuanced set of stylish tales of obsession, cynicism, neurosis and rage – all driven by a street sensibility and catapulting from the varied voices of the angry outsider. Not to be missed!” – Lee Gambin, Author ‘We Can Be Who We Are: Movie Musicals From the 70s’

    “This book shreds!” Lisa S. Johnson, Photographer/Author ‘108 Rock Star Guitars’

    “Tales of the fantastic blended with the razor kiss of rock n roll.” – Tristan Risk, Burlesque Icon ‘Little Miss Risk’

    “With back stories like these – Wilson’s dad is a rockstar (The Ventures), Smith is a musician (Repo! The Genetic Opera) - their stories have to be great. And they are!” Bobby Smith, Author ‘Bowie Bible’

    Sex, Drug, Rock N Roll is now for sale in paperback and via Amazon Kindle.

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    Conexión con 2015, Cocinando con Lupita,Nuestras Metas, hablando de neurosis.

    in Cooking

    Gracias por su preferencia,

    Bienvenidos a Conexión Contigo el primer programa de radio completamente por Internet y en español en el Estado de Washington, este programa es Unico, Diferente, Educativo, Informativo,Divertido y Dinámico.

    Hoy comenzamos una nueva programación por que usted lo pide...

    Lunes,Martes y Miercoles  a partir de las 8:00 de la noche.

    - Efemérides

    - Cocinando con Lupita- deliciosa nutrición y la economía a la mano-hoy  "Tortitas de Avena".

    -Entrevista con Maria Elena de Neuróticos Anónimos, un grupo local en Seattle, Washington.

    - Nuestras metas a corto y mediano tiempo.

    -Comentarios y mas.

    Gracias por su sintonia.


    Lupita Zamora

    Productora y Conductora


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    The Neurotic Procrastinator Assassination

    in Family

    II have been called neuortic this week, by a book.  I've also been called out on my procrastinating ways.  I've known about the procrastinating for a long time.  I've just not done much about it. Hah!  Being called neurotic is new.  I don't like it, but the more I read, the more I knew the book made sense.  The good news is that the book also gives solutions to overcome it's diagnosis of my issues, and that's what we will be talking about today.  Come find out if you are a bit neurotic or maybe you have a character disorder.  Maybe you'll decide to do something about it and we can go on this journey together.  In any case, we would love to have you join us today as we look at how to create a better life.

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    Conectando con las noticias, sabes que causa la Neurosis?-comentarios y mas

    in News

    Una voz que te conecta sin limites"

    Bienvenidos a Conexio Contigo, el primer programa de radio en español completamente por internet en el Estado de Washington,un programa de radio Diferente,Dinamico, Divertido, Informativo y Educativo.

    - Resumen de noticias con Actitud en voz de Karina Gasperin 

    -Maria Elena de Neuroticos Anonimos de Seattle,

    Que causa??


    recuerda que si estas interesado en compartir tu historia de Migrante escribe a info@migranteporamor.com

    Muchas gracias por su sintonia

    Lupita Zamora

    Productora y Conductora



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    in Lifestyle


    CALL # (347) 308 - 8131  Press #1 to speak

    Religion restricts this play of choice and adaptation, since it imposes equally on everyone its own path to the acquisition of happiness and protection from suffering.  Its technique consists in depressing the value of life and distorting the picture of the real world in a delusional manner — which presupposes an intimidation of the intelligence.  At this price, by forcibly fixing them in a state of psychical infantilism and by drawing them into a mass-delusion, religion succeeds in sparing many people an individual neurosis.  But hardly anything more.  There are, as we have said, many paths which may lead to such happiness as is attainable by men, but there is none which does so for certain.  Even religion cannot keep its promise.  If the believer finally sees himself obliged to speak of God’s ‘inscrutable decrees’, he is admitting that all that is left to him as a last possible consolation and source of pleasure in his suffering is an unconditional submission.  And if he is prepared for that, he could probably have spared himself the détour he has made. /

    -Sigmund Freud /

    SEEKING  CO - HOSTS  contact: ( ngonea@yahoo.com ) Please pur CO-HOST on subject line /

    or https://www.facebook.com/ngonea

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    C.G. Jung In His Own Words: Father Complex

    in Education

    As we continue to examine Jung's notion of the psyche, we hear two brief discussions about the father complex in relation to neurosis and regression vs health and moving toward wholeness.