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    Teach Your Children Well: Technology in Education

    in Technology

    Everyone agrees that education in the U.S. is in dire need of improvement and that technology can play an important role. But that seems to be where the agreement ends. For students and teachers alike, to what degree can technology help us provide the education our children need to compete in the 21st century. Is technology one aspect of education in which we can ensure a level playing field?

    On this episode of MashUp Radio, Peter Biddle and education technology consultant and reporter Chris Dawson will discuss how technology and education come together. Peter and Chris will talk about topics that include the benefits of adopting open source software in educational environments, and whether the netbook or the iPad is better suited for today’s classrooms.

    Christopher Dawson grew up in Seattle, back in the days of pre-antitrust Microsoft, pre-Starbucks coffeeshops, and flannel-accompanied music. He escaped to the right coast in the early 90's and received an Information Systems degree from Johns Hopkins University. While there, he began a career in health and education IT that ultimately led him to become Technology Director for his local school district and finally to freelance writing and consulting in educational technology.

    ZDNet Education Blog

    ZDNet Googling Google Blog

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    Live from CES 2011!

    in Technology

    Join Peter Biddle as he takes on CES 2011. Peter will be on the hunt for the stories and activities that have fallen through the cracks…as well as those that are dominating the headlines. From Apps to Cars to “Convertibles” (No, not more cars, but devices that are both netbook and tablet) and more, we’ll shed some light and fresh perspective on the news du jour.

    For the first time, Peter will be flying solo with no planned guests, so expect some lively unfiltered thought provoking ideas…with a hint of CES background noise.

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    ep 133: Atrix, is it 4 u?

    in Comedy

    A look at smartphone newcomer the At&T Atrix.

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    Constant Connectivity

    in Technology

    Join the discussion of when and why you join the constant connectivity crowd. In the good old days of computing, we sat at our desktop PC and connected to the Internet, now times have changed. The PC isn’t necessarily the portal used for connectivity. It may be your Smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry or Palm) or your netbook. This connectivity extends to our network attached home appliances from digital cameras to TV’s to security systems.

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    BizTalkRadio Tuesday 12th October 2010

    in Business

    Ever thought about the power of the spoken word? The internet is crammed with text and YouTube type videos. but what about podcasts and radio shows? A perfect way to inform and entertain. And now its easy and downloadable as mp3 so listeners can tune in anytime on their versatile phone, dedicated mp3 player, pc, laptop or netbook. And with a recording you can multi-task. Yes! Even us men.
    Listen in to today's programme dedicated to the spoken word.

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    WSJ Tech Briefing Late Edition, May 6, 2010

    in News

    The FCC pushes for new broadband rules. Sprint Nextel moves deeper into pre-paid cellphone plans. The iPad's cutting into netbook sales.

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    Technology & Healthcare Collide! What is needed to make it a harmonious marriage?

    in Technology

    Dr. Alexander Strathan Jr, MD MBA, joins Odee O & Kellep Charles of www.securityorb.com for a in depth discussion of the current status of new technology implementation within the complex health care market, identify the true customers of Health IT & keys to successful technology is truly going to become a value-add new component in Health. Plus...have the mouse 7 keyboard seen its last days? Apple iPad vs. Netbook? Who is faster? NOTE:(A LITTLE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY IN THE FIRST 5 MINS OF THIS EPISODE, PLEASE SKIP TO 5 MINUTE MARK.)

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    Computer buying guide for your child.

    in Computers

    So your child wants a computer - What do you look for? Should it be a netbook, notebook or desktop? Can't they just use yours? Are they into gaming - how do you make sure that the computer can keep up with the latest and greatest in gaming? Sandra will help you figure it out. Don't forget to call in with specific questions

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    The Is It An Apple Tablet or Is It Not An Apple Tablet Show?

    in Technology

    Another tech show where we'll be looking at what was announced in San Francisco today. Rumors are running rampant about this announcement being the long awaited Apple Tablet, dubbed iTablet. We'll also touch on the Nexus One phone from Google, as well as what will become of Google's Chrome OS. Also, we'll make predictions as to when the new incarnations of Playstation and Xbox might be coming out, and what features they might entail. Will they follow the path that Wii has blazed, or will they become even more intertwined with the online world. Finally, we'll take a look at the rise of the netbook, and if the new netbooks and laptops spell the end of the desktop as we know it!

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    Be a Mind Blower with Zyxio

    in Business

    Zyxio is a Human Media Interaction company that recently debuted their patented technology SensaWaft. SensaWaft is a breath-powered microchip that allows users to control digital platforms simply through breathing. The chip can be inserted into several products and used in a variety of ways. Zyxio recently hosted their “Be A Mind Blower” crowdsourcing competition, which allowed the public to submit ideas on how to use this technology. This week they announced their top 25 contestants, who now have the ability to promote their ideas to the public to generate votes online. Consumers from around the world are invited to login to BeAMindBlower.com and rank the ideas on a 1-5 scale. The top 5 winners will receive $6,000, a paid vacation to Las Vegas and will sit on Zyxio’s “Mind Blowing” Advisory Board for six months, helping the company develop and implement ideas using the Sensawaft technology. The public can vote for their favorite idea online at BeAMindBlower.com through December 18th, 2009 and can win a netbook or an Android phone with each and everyone of their ratings.

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    The New Adeventures of SOS

    in Podcasting

    We talk about films and what's wrong with America's youth when it comes to great films of the past. Also Apple is being investigated by the FCC? Plus the final update on my netbook decision.

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