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    America's Champions with LT Dan (Ret) Navy SEAL

    in Politics

    Join LT Dan as he provides insights and hope for America, and America's Champion, Dr. David Balt .

    A graduate of A.T. Still University of Health Sciences/ Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1983, Dr. Dave works in Mitchell, SD and specializes in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Balt is affiliated with Avera Queen Of Peace Hospital, Mitchell, SD.

    Dr. Dave recently retired from the Army Reserves as a "Full-bird Colonel" after joining the Reserves in 2004 in response to the 9/11 attacks on America. His early medical career began with service to the Navy, starting at Naval Hospital Charleston, S.C., and then in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as the head of Emergency Medicine, where he and LT Dan met and became close friends. Dr. Dave served the Navy for 11 years before leaving the service and serving the tristate communities in the northern Midwest.

    He jokes about his concern serving in a combat zone by explaining that he’s accustomed to risk: he rides motorcycles. But he quickly turns serious again.

    “I don’t take it lightly, that’s for sure,” he said. “I think it’s a dangerous place. Politically, I don’t want to say whether I’m for or against the war, but I’m definitely for the soldiers. I think that they’re doing a great job in a difficult situation and they deserve our respect and our care. If I can do a little bit to help that for a little bit of time, I’m really willing to do it.”

    Dr. Dave is married to the beautiful Cindy Balt and has 4 children scattered around the country. He is active in both church and community, and continues to save lives!

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    Sofia Smallstorm - Is It Fukushima or The US Navy?

    in Education

    Tonight Sofia Smallstorm returns to the show.

    Sofia will discuss how decades of covert US Navy testing in the oceans and on marine life has resulted in significant damage and disruption to ecosystem which Sofia believes is the real reason behind the beaching and death of so many marine mammals and other life forms… and how Fukushima is being leveraged in order to provide cover for the Navy’s stealth and deadly programs under the guise of National Security and military superiority.

    Our conversation was wide ranging as we delve deeper in the rabbit hole and come up with yet another example of how the puppet masters have very little regard for life when it comes to implementing their agenda of world wide dominance and control.


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    America's Champions with LT Dan (Ret) Navy SEAL

    in Politics

    America's Champions provides insights into the American landscape and issues of the heart. His special Guest this afternoon will be Marilyn Giliispie of York County, PA, candidate for the PA 4th District Delegation.

    Join LT Dan with  your questions at (657) 383-1474

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    Real Talk With Splendora Styhles !!!

    in Family

    Host: Splendora Styhles & Guest Co-Host

    Call In Number: 347-843-4559. 

    Welcome to the Splendora's Real Talk Broadcast (SRT) on the MLT Network for another exciting day in programming.  Come join host, Splendora Styhles, for another program with some dynamic guest, music, talk and so much more. 

    The SRT program is designed to feature, encourage and highlight real talk issues, events and topics that affect the world.  The SRT talks about  God, family, our youth, current events, ministry, the bible and other topics that will give your REAL TALK!!   

    Our call in number during the live broadcast is 347-843-4559 and the web site to log into is http://blogtalkradio.com/menletstalk;  Look for the show titled: Splendora's Real Talk Network.  COME JOIN US!!!   

    Thank you and welcome to the best radio program on the PLANET!!   For more details about this powerful show and programming listen into the program and remember to share and invite others to listen.  Glory to God!!!  

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    Shots Fired #13 | Sports Talk

    in Sports

    Hosted By Bryan Bienemy(@BryanTNR), Shots Fired is a show dedicated to giving you a different brand of sports talk. It's the chance to hear the real, raw & uncut truth about your favorite sports teams; not the watered down version sports talk you get anywhere else. This is the most interactive sports show on radio. You have an opinion,you want it to be heard, & most importantly,you want to hear it from a person not afraid to tell it,like it is! Welcome,you have now found your new home for sports talk. On Shots Fired,you'll get the absolute truth on sports, entertainment,& whatever other topics I take aim at. . To call in during the show, Call 619.393.6479 ~ www.wtxgtalkradio.com Follow Us On Twitter At WTXG_Talk_Radio. You Can Download The TuneIn App To Listen To Replays Of The Show & To Music From Unsigned Artist 24/7

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    Talk Jamaica April 24

    in Current Events

    alk Jamaica comes your way today at 4pm Sunday

    For the first half of the show we discuss Auxiliary Fees and it being removed from schools,  we will get reactions from Mr. Linton Weir - President of Association of Principals and Vice Principals, Mr. Everton Hannam - President of the National Parent Teachers Association

    Then at 5PM:
     PNP President and Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller will join us for an exclusive interview on her service to the country, the recent general election loss and the way forward for the PNP.

    In our feature segment TALK VAULT at 5:35:
     We speak with the proprietors of Elite Club Limited, a charitable organization which has been making a positive difference in Jamaica through various initiatives.

    We'll be joined by Dave Kerr (Chairman)
     Jerome Burke (Director of Outreach)

     Talk Jamaica comes your way http://talkjamaicaradio.com/listen at 4PM.

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    Navy Seal & Author Carl Higbie - The State Of The Union

    in Politics Conservative

    Southern Sense is a show of conservative talk on news and events, with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis as host and Curtis "CS" Bennett, co-host.  Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey!

    Visit our website at http://www.Southern-Sense.com, become a member and follow us here and on Facebook.

    Guest: Former Navy Seal & author Carl Higbie

    "As a U.S. Navy SEAL during two deployments in Iraq , I saw dozens of combat missions and was decorated with valor in leadership positions. Today, I am a man who has an ardent passion for this country, which takes me on a new mission.

    My heartfelt calling is to wake this nation to the stark reality of new enemies of bureaucracy, ineffective government, erosion of values and principles, and loss of “the American dream”. I have protected our country in some of the most dangerous areas of the world, and I foresee a new battle on the homefront that every American must fight."  http://www.CarlHigbie.com

    Dedication: To the 31 Americans killed in the downing of Extortion 17 by the Taliban in Afghanistan, August 6, 2011

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    Pot Talk ~ Weekly News 4/27/2016

    in Higher Education

    In this episode of Pot Talk Radio ~ Let's Talk Pot Wednesday means it is  Pot Talk ~ Weekly News 4/27/2016. Team Green gets together and talks about what is new in this week about marijuana...basically a cannabis round-up. Join the conversation and call in at 347-324-5311. Remember, No-one belongs in jail for a plant. Pot Talk Radio is a platform for YOU to share you stories, experiences, and opinions with everyone. Let's Talk Pot is brought to you by POW420.com.

    Information: POW420 does podcast called Pot Talk Radio. We focus every episode on one pot prisoner allowing for us to share their stories.


    Host - Adela Falk

    Co-Host - Armando Espinoza

    Producer -  Dennis Boisvert

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    Open Conversation Straight Talk No Pseudo, Nigga Logic NOT ALLOWED!

    in News

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    I just Beat a Special Ops US Navy Seal !!!!!!!!! 138-0 ! Rematch Tommorow

    in Sports

    i schooled a Navy Seal sorry haters but you delusional pricks fail again and he wants a rematch he was gracious in defeat beating a navy seal it doesnt get any bigger or better then that I already beat him and itll look even better on my resume when I beat his ass again tommorow on video the fight is on my Youtube Channel he was clinching alot but I outboxed him tommorow im a put em out or tko him

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    in Entertainment

    Byrgundy Mallory (Host) and A'kniyai Seivwright will get the opportunity to interview Jr. Miss MGN Role Model 2015 on the premier of Crown Talk with Byrgundy Radio Talk Show: KIDOZ EDITION!


    Adriana Rafanelli Biography:

    Adriana Rafanelli is the daughter of Chris and Renee Rafanelli.  She is an active fifth grader at Dacula Elementary where she is a Spark Leader, Chorus member and participates in the Art Club and Impact Bible Club.  She has been involved in dance since she was two and was recently appointed her pointe shoes and accepted into the Joffrey NYC summer dance intensive.  She is most proud of her community service involvement and has served over 1300 hours of service earning 12 Presidential medals for her volunteer efforts.  She is also a huge Disney fan and loves to visit Disney parks whenever she can!   

    When she was crowned the 2015 MGN Junior Miss Role Model she could hardly believe it.  She was beyond amazed to hold such a prestigious title and to represent the MGN Pageant System as their Role Model ambassador.  She has grown to love the Phillips family and is proud to have Mrs. Lisa Phillips as her director.  This year, she has had the opportunity to be in the Buford Christmas parade, serve at local food banks and many other events! She loves spending time with her MGN friends and is excited to see the pageant expand and grow in 2016.