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    CHANNING CHASE / Dorothy "Dot" Dykeman Campbell, in the AMC hit series Mad Men. Reel Life - The death of her husband depleted her inherited fortune and left "Dot" unable to cope with oncoming dementia. "Dot" is lost without her sons who have left the nest. Burden is now placed on her advertising executive son Peter, who is overwhelmed with family and business problems. Real Life - Although Channing Chase's film work includes “Evan Almighty,” “You Did What,” “South of the Border,” and “Charlie Wilson's War,” She is perhaps best known to television audiences for her sophisticated, upper class roles in “ER,” “On The Lot.” “Life With Bonnie,” “Time of Your Life,” “Home Improvement,” and “Family Matters,”as well as her guest starring role on “Cold Case,” as the depressed, alcoholic, uncaring mother, thus adding to her range of character roles. Link: http://youtu.be/z_wW394J3fk or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_wW394J3fk

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    Love & Loneliness: 2 Sides of the Same Coin

    in Relationships

    Special Guest Host Nancy Murdock brings Nancy at Noon to the MWHY Radio Network with a twist. Nancy's premier show Love & Loneliness: 2 Sides of the Same Coin, will allow you to expierence the healing art of Loving Yourself. 

    The feeling of being in love and the feeling of loneliness are like two sides of the same coin. We’ve all experienced both, but being in love feels infinitely better than being lonely. Since February is the month of love and a time of great loneliness for many people, Dr. Joanna Carmichael, Susan Lewis and Nancy Murdoch are going to going to tell you how you can keep that ‘being in love’ feeling alive every day regardless of any obstacles that appear to be standing in your way like not having a partner. And we’re going to help you shift your perspective to see the beauty in loneliness.

    More on Nancy: 

    I am the host of Wedding Talk with Nancy at Noon, a radio show about all things wedding, relationship, love, health and happiness. Every episode is inspiring, uplifting, informative, fun and motivating. We talk about how you can make your wedding, your marriage, and the rest of your life, a celebration that will last long after the guests go home and the dancing shoes come off.

    Tune in Wednesdays at 12 noon EST on Wedding Talk with Nancy at Noon

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