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    Jack Barnes v Musky Allen

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    For years Jack Barnes of Facebook Find Bigfoot has been analyzing and validating images of alleged Bigfoot type creatures.  His Facebook page has over 32,000 followers fo believers and skeptics.
    Musky Allen was a believer in the Bigfoot phenomenon beginning with his association with noted Bigfoot researcher Rene Dahinden.  Over time he is now a non-believer and has often imposed his skepticism with Jack.

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    Musky Allen and Rick Dyer Get Busted by Alex MW

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    We'll welcome Musky Allen to the show to discuss various aspects of his witness to the purported sasquatch body that lies somewhere near Las Vegas.   I will tell everyone (just as I told Dyer) that this occurrence or act is not something I condone.  Nonetheless, I'd like to discuss the matter with Musky and address various topics with him.  I attempt to be objective in all aspects of this field and it won't be any different with this interview.  

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    SC EP:21 Sykesville Monster

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    My Bigfoot Encounter - Lon Strickler
     I was fly-fishing for redeye and smallmouth bass on the south branch of the Patapsco River approximately 1 mile downstream from Rt.32 near Sykesville, Maryland. After a few minutes or so, I heard the dog barking and growling. I figured that he stirred up a deer, but when I looked at the direction of the ruckus I noticed a dark hairy creature bobbing up and down in the thickets. I stopped fishing and moved closer to the riffles to get a better look and noticed that the dog stopped barking. Suddenly, I heard a loud yelp from the dog and the creature stood up. The best I could tell is that this “thing” was about 7-8 ft. tall and had dark matted hair. I could only see the body from the chest up because the rest of the body was obscured by the weeds and thickets. I stood completely still and could hear a series of “tick” sounds while observing this creature walk slowly through the thickets towards the woods. I started to follow it and in the meantime I noticed a strong musky scent that reminded me of fox urine.I had waders on so I could only move so fast in an attempt to get a better look at this creature. It simply moved too fast for me. I decided to go back to my car, drive into Sykesville and make an immediate report to the authorities.The local police told me to go back to the area and they would meet me there. The State Police officer told to get back in my car and leave immediately because they didn’t know how dangerous the situation was.



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    Those Little Joys in Life-Music of Henry Priestman & Fisherman George Bernstein

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    After three years in the making Henry Priestman’s ‘The Last Mad Surge of Youth’ will be unleashed on UK listeners February 17 2014 through Proper Records.  Eclectic, introspective and compelling, it is well worth the wait.
    More than 35 years in the music industry have helped bring some seasoned guests to the album. ‘The Last Mad Surge of Youth’ features the talents of Radio 2 Folk Award nominee Katriona Gilmore (Gilmore & Roberts), Graham Gouldman of 10cc, Paul Simpson (The Wild Swans) & Probyn Gregory (Brian Wilson/Beach Boys). 
    Henry’s varied career has seen him open for the Sex Pistols, tour with The Who write every song on a triple platinum selling album with The Christians as well as music for ads, BBC TV Wildlife, X-box, & production work.  
    ‘The Last Mad Surge of Youth’ is a timely and well-constructed album, a voice for those “of a certain age” that have grown up, yet full of life and maybe even a little bit angry.

    George Bernstein is the retired owner/operator of Outdoor Safaris, one of the earliest fishing and hunting travel services. Fishing all over the world, he has acquired eight fly-rod International Game Fish Association World records, including 2 for pike, 2 for Arctic grayling and 1 for smallmouth bass.
    Toothy Critters Love Flies, is the result of the author’s over 20+ years fly-fishing for pike, musky and smallmouth bass, plus other “bonus” species available in the same waters. He spent years developing and refining techniques and flies that work for “toothy critters" and has a different slant on the subject from many other “experts,” 

    In addition to fly-fishing, George has also authored two riveting suspense novels, Trapped & A 3rd Time to Die, both of which have garnered loads of 5 & 4-Star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.


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    SC EP:11 The 'Siege' at Honobia

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    We will be discussing The 'Siege' at Honobia!

    Bigfoots had been harassing a family who lived deep in the sticks in Honobia, Oklahoma for some time. The family had planted a lot of Austrian snow peas, a crop that deer loved to eat, so deer congregated on their property. The family then hunted the deer for food, mostly by spotlighting at night. They stored deer meet in a freezer in a shed outdoors.

    The Bigfoots were coming around the house mostly at night, attacking the house with rocks, banging on windows and doors, screaming and yelling, stealing deer meat from the freezer, damaging property, and just in general raising Hell.

    These incidents took place at a rural homestead outside the town of Honobia, Oklahoma in January of 2000. Some BFRO contacts went to visit the family. They stayed overnight and were impressed. Weeks later television stations and newspapers in Oklahoma mentioned the incidents but never told the whole story.

    Mid January, 2000

    The first message received by the BFRO, from the uncle of the Honobia family:
    "Too many incidents to mention here, please have someone contact us. This is no hoax and my brother is afraid for his family. This creature is getting bolder every time it returns. This thing is huge, walks upright, smells like a musky urine, burned hair type odor. He repeatedly comes back in the early morning hours after midnight and harasses them until just before dawn. It has on more than one occasion tried to enter their home. We don't know where to turn. Everyone thinks we are crazy when we mention it. Please, we don't know what to do but I do know that something needs to be done! There are stories we could tell that would make the hair stand on your neck..."

    Join us on 1/19/2014




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    KY Outdoor Adventures on Fish Bait Radio

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    Join us "LIVE" via the internet with Matt Durst of KY Outdoor Adventures as we talk fishing the Kentucky waters, Tips, Hotspots and even some great tournament talk and some tips to help during your pre-fish..
    Visit KY Outdoors Adventures on the Web
    They offer guided fishing tours of Kentucky’s lakes, rivers, and streams.  If you  want to catch Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow and Brown Trout, Musky and much more,

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    JD Outdoors Radio

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    Talkin' fishing

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    Episode # 14 : Special guest Tim Cook

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    The man behind the facebook page " Bigfoot Pilots My UFO" Tim Cook will be joining us to talk about his encounter with the giant hairy beast we know as Bigfoot. We chat about his encounter and chat a bit about  thoughts on all of the rumblings inside and outside the Bigfoot community. Such as the  Rick Dyer , Musky Allen fiasco and what we think about it... 

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    Real men don't eat quiche!!

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    It's time again for Death by DVD to journey to the sweat soaked jock strap that is Actionploitation. Actionploitation, where men can hug, high five and it's only slightly homoerotic. We'll be all over the map this week with such films as a one man army taking on a viscous axe cult (as well as an ex-wife). Chuck Bronson battling a buck ass naked Richard Speck wanna be. We'll discuss an Asian hitman that set a tome with his dual pistol welding style (that has since become the norm). We'll get down and...well rather wholesome with a group of gold vinyl jumpsuit wearing rebels fighting quasi-foreign terrorists with a less than clear objective. And finally we'll talk about a film that is so strange, you'll learn to love the fact that Indonesia has no respect for America's copyright laws. That's right, this week's Death by DVD is gonna smell rather musky while we point guns at anything that looks cross eyed in our general direction.

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