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    Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Morning Worship

    in Religion

    Come on lets have Church!!! All roads leads to Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, 241-45 Gates Avenue in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn, this morning @ 11am for Divine Morning Worship. Come celebrate with us in worship with great fellowship, anointed preaching, and dynamic singing. Come expecting a mighty move of God! There is a word tailored made from the Lord just for you by The Reverend Dr. Curtis L. Whitney. Bring your neighbors, co-workers, family and friends, to the church in the middle of the block. Where we equip and empower Gods people for Gods standards. We want to see your face in the place... Come as you are! All Are Welcome!!!

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    Joanna Cherry, The Best of Mt Shasta

    in Spirituality

    Joanna Cherry, DD (Doctor of Divinity) has been inspired to teach about ascension since 1983. Her passion is the unlimited possibilities that we as humans share, including physical immortality, rejuvenation, and ascension.

    She is the author of two books, Living Mastery and Self Initiations, which are rich with people's personal accounts, and processes to do on one's own. Joanna is head of Ascension Mastery International.

    Joanna will be a Presenter at The Best of Mt Shasta Conference in August. She will take people into a meditation for ascension, quickening the frequencies of body, emotion and mind to the highest optimum level for the time. After that, you will travel together by group merkaba into the ascended master retreat inside Mt. Shasta, where each person will receive spiritual gifts through the assistance of one's own divine self or an ascended master(s).


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    Ana Holub, The Best of Mt Shasta

    in Spirituality

    Ana Holub, MA, teaches the joy of forgiveness, showing you how to forgive and guiding you into a direct experience of peace. She is a forgiveness counselor, mediator and peace educator.

    Ana will be a Presenter at The Best of Mt Shasta Conference this summer on The Healing Power of Forgiveness, The Freedom to Forgive. Her session will include: How to bring forgiveness into our lives with honesty, openness and willingness. Traditional and Radical Forgiveness models. Wisdom and guidance from A Course in Miracles. Meditations and exercises for healing with forgiveness and
    Forgiveness as a key to personal and planetary peace


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    Meg Benedicte / Mt. Shasta Equinox

    in Spirituality

    One of our most popular and dynamic guests, Meg Benedicte joins us this week to talk about her upcoming Equinox Retreat at Mt. Shasta, Sept. 21-24, and as the founder of the Mt. Shasta Healing Center, Quantum Vortex Therapy, New Earth Central Radio Host, and Zero Point Energy master teacher, it will surely be a life changing event for those who participate.  In Meg's words, "Every quarter the Equinox/Solstice Stargate opens to the Great Central Sun and blesses us with transformative Crystal Light Codes that activate our inherent Soul Blueprint.  You are invited to activate your Divine Destiny at Gaia's Sacred Site, Mount Shasta, California...the Root Chakra of the 5D New Earth. Meg is also starting a 6 week Teleseminar on 5D Quantum Living on Sept. 18 that she'll be discussing.   Her websites are http://newearthcentral.com and http://www.mtshastaquantumhealingcenter.com For more info, email support@newearthcentral.com

    At the top of the show, it's the Starseed News segment with Anastasia, bringing news that you won't hear on the mainstream media.

    Only 1 spot left for the Crystal Quest...is it yours?
    Soul Family Reunion and Starseed Crystal Quest to Arkansas Sept. 21-27!  Email crystals@starseedhotline.com for info.

    Thanks for tuning in!

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    La Salle Lancers vs Mt Healthy Owls Football Part 2

    in Sports

    The Lancers meet the Owls at Mason High School for the regional football final.  Originally broadcast on ClassX Radio.  JC MCCoy, Martin Eisele, Erika Miller, Barrett Cohen and Mike Nie.  La Salle wins the regional championship.  Part 2 includes the half-time show second half action and the post-game show.  The Cincinati Enquirer's Mike Dyer and Mt. St. Joseph University Head Football Coach Rod Huber visit for half-time.

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    Sara Safari joins Transformed Traveler show to discuss climbing Mt. Everest

    in Lifestyle

    Sara Safari joins Transformed Traveler show to discuss climbing Mt. Everest. This show is presented by AAA and their best selling travel journals. Visit www.shop.transformedtraveler.com for discounts

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    Events at Mt. Shasta with Cindy Vandruff & Tony Paszek

    in Spirituality

    June 29 2013 Dale Benadum in Mt. Shasta


    Events in Mt. Shasta with Cindy Vandruff & Tony Paszek

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    Mt. Zion and Chuck Elkins

    in Religion

    We are thanful to have Mt. Zion and Chuck Elkins sharing their service with us.

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    Min. Carlton Glover's message at the Mt. Carmel Association Youth Program

    in Christianity

    Minister Glover brings the message at the Mt. Carmel Baptist Association (Upper Division) youth program.

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    MERSie Duds & Useless MT Supreme Court Justice

    in Politics

    This next episode of TVFMontana will have two of our regular listeners and guests, Kandi and John Jenkins. To refresh your memory both have filed law suits in MT regarding the MERS and Bank mortgage debacle and fraud. August 19 2014 they have gotten the MT Supreme Court Decision regarding their Appeal of the District Court Decision, Honorable(?) John W. Larson. You have to read this to believe it. Click on the Document Type to view the specific document

    4 documents are on file for - Jenkins v. U.S. Bank

    Document TypeSup. Ct. Case No.MT CitationDate FiledMeets CriteriaOpinion/Order  DA 13-0838 2014 MT 229N 8/19/2014 Yes Reply Brief  DA 13-0838 2014 MT 229N 6/2/2014 Yes Appellee Brief  DA 13-0838 2014 MT 229N 5/19/2014 Yes Appellant Brief  DA 13-0838 2014 MT 229N 4/11/2014 Yes 

    Enough said! The Jenkins will be TVFMontana's guests to update us all on how "justice" is doled out here in Montana.

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    Mt. Zion and Chuck Elkins

    in Religion

    Mt. Zion a wonderful church, from near Hannon High School in Mason County.  Part of our outreach is to send out a message on Jesus as we broadcast our games, thankful Mt. Zion is a contributor!

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