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    Selling as a Profession presents Candyce Marie Haynes

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    Every Thursday at 6:30pm EST please join me this week when my guest will be Ms. Candyce Marie Haynes of Movi Media Group. As a former active dutry Marine, Candyce is no stranger to the .importance of communication on a global scale. Candyce has served, as a top producer and international media strategist. A recognized authority on hte pronciples of leadership, visual storytelling, increased performance and team building. She has been honored for both her humanitarian efforts and military service.Candyce has worked with some of the most inspiring and powerful voices in the world of motivation and professional development including Emmy Award Winning Speaker and Trainer Les Brown. Eric "ET" Thomas "The Hip Hop Preacher" and the powerhouse Rita Davenport. Join me as Candyce shares her wisdom in these areas anmd more. To listen to the interiew and her this powerful entrepreneur dial 917.889.7881.



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    Filmmaker Misha Zubarev & It Had To Be Us

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    Misha Zubarev returns to Movie Addict HQ for a discussion of his diverse filmmaking experience and to bring listeners up to date on the It Had To Be Us movie project. Denise Cassino, publisher of It Had To Be Us, joins in to introduce new readers to this award-winning romantic memoir by Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence. Film historian James Colt Harrison will co-host. Diana Saenger, founder of Classic Movie Guide, also plans to call in.

    Misha Zubarev has worked in various capacities on such films as Shooter, Loneliness, Annapolis, Four Funny Families and Synedoche, New York. His film 18 and Out was chosen to be included in NBC's The Screening Room. He also directed an award-winning TV series titled "The Wisdom Tree" and was highlighted in MovieMaker Magazine. After reading It Had To Be Us, Zubarev became interested in adapting it for the screen. He completed the screenplay last year and plans to direct the film.

    Denise Cassino heads up the Long Story Short Publishing Company and also offers impressive promotional services through her Wizardly Web Designs site. As the publisher of the Kindle version of It Had To Be Us, she organized a successful launch for the book four years ago, which led to a #1 ranking in an important Amazon category. She has now created an Anniversary Re-Launch, complete with the same bonus items from the original launch.

    James Colt Harrison, a founding member of the San Diego Film Critics Society, has written a history of Hollywood studios and contributed film commentary to Classic Movie Guide, Review Express, The La Jolla Village News, Rage Monthly, No Cover Music Magazine and San Diego Metro Weekly.. 

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    There is a national movement growing to pass an amendment to the constitution that will establish that money spent to influence campaigns is not protected speech. In order to see this happen, we need to build the largest coalition possible. No group understands that more than the Money Out-Voters In coalition that started in California and has spread to New York.

    MOVI supports any efforts to deal with the core problem of government corruption by corporations and the rich, whether legislative or consitutional. It has the potential to provide an umbrella under which all organizations fighting the consequences of corruption of the US government can gather.

    In this episode of Taking Back America, I discuss with MOVI cofounder Holly Mosher where the anti-corruption movement is going and how we can get there. Mosher is the director of Pay 2 Play, due for release in August, just in time for the peak 2014 campaign season. 

    This show was rebroadcast on May 31 at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST on the Star Com Radio network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to educate the American public on true costs of corporate control of the US government.

    Know the truth and the truth will set us free.

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    movie review "Pompeii 2014 "

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    thought it was pretty good , though half seeemed to be the foundation laid by the movie starring Russel Crowe "Gladiator"

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    Nuestros invitados son profesionales en el área de la Respiración Consciente y en el área de la Música para expandir nuestra consciencia e integrar aspectos. Ellos nos estarán compartiendo cómo está cambiando y expandiéndose la música en la Nueva Consciencia. Cómo nuestras ceaciones están moviéndose a nuevos espacios.

    Compartiremos cómo podemos darle un sentido real a las nuevas armónicas y frecuencias que están llegando y cómo reconocer nuestro sonido interior para permitirlo cada vez con mayor claridad.  Los invitamos a vivir esta maravillosa experiencia.

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    10.31.2012 DDP Radio best of: Steve Yu and Inspired the Movi

    in Sports

    DDP Radio best of: Steve Yu and Inspired the Movie!

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    Collaborate to Think and Grow Rich

    in Current Events

    “The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.” -- Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich
    Declan Dunn, Think and Grow Rich: The Movie
    Our guest is Declan Dunn, best known as a pioneer in the internet marketing and new media industries. But now he's helping share a new series of Think and Grow Rich movies, using the power of crowd funding to build an audience and social media to drive viral growth. It's all about collaboration and leverage -- which, synergistically, are core messages of the movie as well as excellent tools to become self-reliant.

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    "You Lost Your Spouse, Not Yourself!"

    in Self Help

    Are you dealing with grief? Join Grief Recovery Specialist Audrey Pellicano R.N., on Giving Grief a Voice for Poor Widow You is ready for some grief relief!  Poor Widow You can use a good laugh!  And that's just what Carol Scibelli gives us.
    Carol Scibelli is an award-winning comedy writer and author who understands how devastating it is to suffer the loss of a husband.  After Jimmy, her high school sweetheart and husband of 33 years died in April 2006 she began a blog to write about her life as a widow.  POOR WIDOW ME became so popular that she was encouraged to write it as a book.
    Here are some reviews of Carol Scibelli's book, Poor WIdow Me.
      "Brilliant concept and terrific writing. Divorces people will relate to Poor Wiodw Me too, and I can already see it as a movi e or TV series".
                                                     --Penny Marshal, Actress, Director, Producer
    "Poor WIdow Me manages to console and encourage with just the right touch of jumor that comes from the hear and tickles the soul"
                                                               ---Sally Jessy Raphael
    "You'll laugh and you'll cry and you'll feel comforted by Carol's words and support. Her messages are inspiring."
             -Dr. Judy Kuriansky, clinical psychologist, TV and radio personality
    Join me and my guest Carol Scibelli for a warm hearted and inspirational, sometimes funny look at widowhood.

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    life of pi

    in Movies

    good movi e!

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    the Business Sense with Katina Show #2

    in Business

    The BUSINESS SENSE with Katina Show, is geared towards 1.entrepreneurs, 2. potential entrepreneurs, 3. individuals who understand that the beginning of wisdom is first the digestion of knowledge.  Experts and entrepreneurs will tell how they began their business; the pros and cons of business ownership; and give us expert advice through interviews, questions and answers.
    Pastor and Mrs. David and Marlys Diggles, THE BUSINESS OF THE CHURCH Dr.and Mrs. Earl and Katina Potts, Entreprenuership as a couple; Ministers; Home based vs movi

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    Pagans Tonight en Español!

    in Education

    6 PM CST-Pagans Tonight en Español! Programa conducido por Sevginyn LaMadduk y Laura Gonzalez. Con entrevistas, noticias, eventos y la participación de varios invitados especiales. Escuchalo todos los Sábados a las 6pm Mx/CR, 7pm PE/PR/PN, 8pm CO/RD/BO, 9pm CL/AR/UY 10pm BR, 00:00UK, 01:00 ES/FR.
      TEMA: Se movió la entrevista a la Rev. Narda Yagai Snape, Sacerdotisa Correlliana del Templo del Dragon de México, al día 16 de febrero de 2013.     Escríbenos: paganstonightes@gmail.com
    Twitter: @lamadduk   Pagans Tonight Talk Show in Spanish. Tune in every Saturday at 6pm CST. Join LaMadduk & Laura every week for exciting new programming...