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    A Moratorium on Islamic Immigration?

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    Kel and Tim discuss this issue today. There is a lot of public opinion out there on who would like to see one, especially in light of home-grown jihadists, Christians being used as pawns in a murderous global-driven caliphate, and increasing political influence.
    Welcome to the Red Fox Blogger with Kel Fritzi, heard here @ 3PM ET Mondays and 7PM ET Fridays.
    “I am the Infidel your Imam warned about.”
    I’m also the Infidel Fox in the Moslem chicken coop.
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    Kel's archived shows:
    "Mass Islamity ~ Stop the Insanity!”

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    Zambia's Moratorium On Big Cat Trophy Hunting

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    As the world’s lion population continues to rapidly decline, LionAid.org estimates that there are 645-795 wild lions remaining in western and central Africa.  In eastern and southern Africa, 14,450 wild lions remain - for a continental total of 15,244 wild lions! However, LionAid is making progress!  Recently, LionAid received the news about a big decision made by the government in Zambia regarding a moratorium on big cat trophy hunting. From 2000 to 2010, Zambia exported 651 lion trophies, virtually all adult males. LionAid estimates the total lion population to be about 850 animals of both sexes and all ages. LionAid has cautioned for many years that this very high level of offtake was unsustainable. From 2000-2010 Zambia exported 645 adult male leopard hunting trophies from an unknown number of animals in the source population. A recent scientific publication noted that trophy hunting of lions was significantly affecting populations in national parks as well. LionAid.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of lions.  Their mission is to create awareness about the huge decline of the lion population and work with government officials and other organizations to cease the legal hunting of these animals. Lions are a major trophy for hunters. Despite their well-documented decline, there is still a considerable trophy hunting effort. Since the last-published decline in lion numbers on the continent were made public in 2002-2004, over 4,400 lions have been exported as trophies. As such, trophies are largely male lions. The effect of this commercial activity has greatly impacted both overall lion numbers and the ability for remaining lions to reproduce. Trophy hunting must cease. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, tune in as host, June Stoyer talks to the founders of LionAid.org, Dr. Pieter Kat and Christine Macsween.

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    Climate Global Frack Down

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    People Demanding Action on Climate with Russell Greene: Get Down with the Global Frackdown 10.11.14

    Russell Greene will welcome Dr. Sandra Steingraber, and ban fracking movement leaders David Braun, Mark Schlosberg and Karen Feridun as we prepare THE GLOBAL FRACKDOWN on Oct 11th.


    What is fracking? the current science

    State fights: New York, California, Maryland

    The National fight: the Global Frackdown, and how you can get involved!


    Sandra Steingraber, PhD. Biology, Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Ithaca College, Co-Founder, New Yorkers Against Fracking and Concerned Health Professionals of NY, Science Advisor to Americans Against Fracking (AAF).

    Mark Schlosberg is Food & Water Watch's National Organizing Director, responsible for developing strategies for F&WW’s national campaigns. Mark has spearheaded F&WW’s organizing on fracking and played a lead role in forming AAF.

    Karen Feridun founded Berks Gas Truth, a grassroots organization in Pennsylvania fighting to ban fracking. BGT coordinated the successful campaign that led to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party to support a moratorium on fracking in the state. Karen represents her organization on the Steering Committees of both AAF and the Stop the Frack.

    David Braun is a co-founder of AAF and New Yorkers Against Fracking. He relocated back to his home state California to fight fracking. He’s working with Californians Against Fracking, a coalition of over 150 organizations fighting for a ban.

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    NBA Live Talk

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    Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose returned to practice for Team USA on Thursday after missing Wednesday night's exhibition game against the Dominican Republic due to "knee soreness".  The former NBA MVP is expected to suit up for tonight's exhibition contest against Puerto Rico at Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

    MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment) has begun the search for a new president and chief executive officer. Tim Leiweke, who arrived in Toronto in April of 2013, informed MLSE's Board of Governors on Thursday that he will indeed be leaving the organization by June 30, 2015. 

    As of tomorrow, Andrew Wiggins' moratorium period will officialy expire and it is expected that the 2014 first overall pick will be traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for all-star forward Kevin Love. 

    Join the boys from NBA Live Talk every Friday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. EST on Blog Talk Radio!

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    First Things 1st America! Where are the Jobs? Medicaid Expansion Prevents Deaths

    in Politics Progressive

    Every Congress has a job to do for citizens of America. What does congress do? Nothing! What does 113th congress need to do for Americans? Pass veterans bills. Pass President's jobs bills. Expand medicaid. pass universal back ground checks. Renew unemployment benefits. raise minimum wages. Moratorium on H1B Visas. Do not increase immigration numbers. Pass immigration reform. Pass infrastructure bill. It this seems like a lot, it is. Because GOP has been a do nothing congress!

    Congress' job is to pass bills into laws to improve America for the greater good. What does the leader in 112th and 113th congress do? Nothing!

    111th Congress passed the Affordable Care Act bill into law. What did 112th Congress do? Voted 50 times to repeal Affordable Care Act law!

    113th congress resides over Border crisis. The resolve is not to neglect children of American citizens  while  exhibiting  charity, compassion under the guise of humanitarian act to children of world citizens.

    113th Congress job is to resolve homeland crisis before adding to homeland crisis. The bills many bills blocked by this 113th congress, once passed will put America on footage to the greatest society ever. And here is where we have a problem. The GOP met Jan 20, 2009 with a plan to sabotage the presidency of Barack Obama. The only way to create even an image of failure on the part of President Obama is to destroy Americans. The destruction of America's economy is the result of GOP 1) blocking bills; 2) outsouring US jobs; 3)continuing the importing of H1B visas when qualified Americans need those jobs; 4) locking our American workers.

    There are bills to be passed that will fix our economy, but we cannot fall prey as a society to increase immigration numbers over the next decade. We have to 1) penalize employers who are hiring illegal immigrants 2)  

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    Say It LOUD: New Songs For Peace (Actually Old)

    in Politics

    Pacifica Radio Archives and The Polemic Consortium presents "Say It LOUD: New Songs For Peace."

    The Polemic Consortium is Mark Torres, Gomez, Bulldog
    Music composed by Gomez and Bulldog
    Mixed and produced by Mark Torres

    01. Ed Asner
    02. I Want All of My Daughters to be Like Maxine Waters (D-CA), Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)
    03. Damn Some Money - Muhammad Ali
    04. Bin Bush - Michael Moore
    05. Father Knows Best - Gore Vidal
    06. The Problems Have A History - Tariq Ali
    07. Afrodiva - Angela Davis
    08. Living in America - Fannie Lou Hamer
    09. The Gift - Thich Nhat Hanh
    10. Silence of the Media Lambs - Greg Palast
    11. Lily Tomlin
    12. Stephen Rhode / Maxine Waters

    13. Huey Newton
    14. Dr. Helen Caldicott
    15. Che Guevara, John Coltrane, Wounded Knee, George Jackson, Mumia Abu-Jamal
    16. Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Adriene Rich, Langston Hughes, Alice Walker, Angela Davis
    17. H. Rap Brown, Fannie Lou Hamer, Elijah Muhammad, Bayard Rustin, Rosa Parks, Paul Robeson, Jean-Bertrand Aristide
    18. Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, United Farm Workers, Voice from the Chicano Moratorium
    19. Lily Tomlin

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    Hoops Talk

    in Basketball

    On this edition of Hoops Talk, presented by Tha Sports Junkies 101, we will be discussing all current events regarding the NBA off-season.  First and foremost, we recap the Orlando NBA Summer League action.  With ten teams and an abundance of young talent, this year's summer league has been quite impressive.  Next, we will delve into the rumors, signings, and agreements that have transpired thus far in NBA Free Agency.  Although it is still the July Moratorium Period, many teams are extremely active in hopes of landing a big star for market value.  As usual, we will hash the various activities of the Indiana Pacers.  And lastly, as we approach the Fiba Basketball World Cup, we willl predict who makes the team and which foreign competition will give the United States the most trouble. 

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    What's Next? Real Time Gold Raid Taking Place! July 15, 2014

    in Finance

    Just as Charles Nenner predicted, gold hit a high of 1342 and whamo! a raid is well under way. Turd Ferguson thinks that they're going to take it down between to $1260 to $1280. How long will it stay there? Probably not too long. The demand-supply dynamics favor higher prices. Some external force has been keeping the price lower. Wonder what it could be. Also, Steve Forbes believes a return to the gold standard is the only thing that can save the dollar. And the fracking boom is remaking North Dakota and other states, except New York--which has a moratorium on it. 

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    A Moratorium on Testing: Courageous Executive Leadership

    in Education

    The January guest was scheduled to be Dr. Joshua Starr, Superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools-Maryland. Dr. Starr began his tenure as Montgomery County Public Schools’ superintendent of schools on July 1, 2011, after having been the superintendent in Stamford, Connecticut.  In the middle of major curriculum revision, Dr. Starr has called for a 3-year moratorium on standardized testing in the state's largest public school system.  At the time of broadcast, Dr. Starr was required unexpectedly to travel to Annapolis (MD) to meet with the governor.  His deputy superintendent, Dr. Beth Schiavino-Narvaez adeptly served as a replacement. Dr. Beth Schiavino-Narvaez is the Deputy Superintendent for School Support and Improvement for the Montgomery County Public Schools, where she is leading an effort to strengthen central office service and support to principals and schools. Prior to joining MCPS, Beth Schiavino-Narvaez was the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning in the Springfield (MA) Public Schools. Beth began her career as a Fulbright Scholar in South Korea, where she taught English at a Korean public high school. 

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    More on possibility of LeBron James to Cleveland

    in Basketball

    The Cleveland Cavaliers have cleared the cap space to make a max offer to LeBron James by trading Jarrett Jack, Tyler Zeller and Sergei Karasev (along with a first-round draft pick) in a three-way deal with Boston and Brooklyn.

    So one major impediment is out of the way.

    But as we head into the final 12 hours of the NBA's signing moratorium, there remains a lot of skepticism that James will return to his original NBA team.

    I covered that topic at length in this post on SheridanHoops.com, with a source telling me there is a 90 percent chance James returns to Cleveland.

    And I spoke today on WFAN in New York with Sid Rosenberg and Marc Malusis, taking on their skepticism.

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    We Need Jobs, You Need a Job Now, Ask Every Politician, Where are the Jobs

    in Politics Progressive

    We need jobs. You need a job now. Get the ball rolling. Ask every politician, "Where are the Jobs". They make laws. They are paid to make laws. Politicians have to job to keep US with jobs. Politicians need to be forced to  defend why they made laws to outsource American jobs, yet they can't make laws to bring back those American jobs. Politicians need to be forced to put a moratorium on bringing in foreigners to do American jobs. Once Americans are back to work, then proceed with giving job opportunities to foreigners. And less you be deceived, the US job problem has nothing to do with persons from Mexico who have been welcomed by employers to come and work in America without documentation. It's time for Politicians, CEOs, and Employers to pay up.

    Everyone need to be more giving.

    We all need to be receptive of others.

    Job seekers need to be willing to seek out the help need to get hired.

    The pride needs to go job seekers.

    Practice makes perfect. Eliminate the negative and Accentuate the positive

    As American some of us need to do a little bending, while others need to stand a little taller. We need to collectively pull ourselves up out of this rut

    This country is in a political, politician made, CEO paid for rut

    And only the masses can fix this jobless situation.

    We might not ever get rich, but we've come a long ways from digging a ditch

    I can say to you today from experience, you'll get what you want when you want it bad enough

    Are you ready to get a job? Are you ready to admit you need help?

    Get up, Go out, Knock on doors, Don't stop til you get a job

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