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    RTU: #182 - A Croque Monsieur for Judge Judy

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    RTU: Podcast #182 - Recorded on 7.3.14

    Sponsored by: No Fuss and Feathers Roadshow: an Evening with Carolann Solebello, Karyn Oliver and The YaYas!

    THE BIG UNLOAD: We had some some tech difficulties, so Sanpete vamped an open about the World Cup, but once we got going we did a lot of Mets, and Cal got to ask Sandy Alderson 5 questions. Not really but hypothetically.
    Is there about to be a shift in the ranking for our pantheon of favorite teams?
    RTU: FUNLOAD: Bishop Big Doughnut remains in Disney, and we are beginning to fear it will be very hard to integrate him back into the land of the unhappy. 

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    CJ Paranormal talks to David Parry

    in Paranormal

    A brief summary about David:

    David William Parry is a poet, critic, dramaturge, lecturer, actor and a priest of the Goddess Nerthus. Born in Portsmouth, England, in 1958, he moved to London in the early eighties. After graduating in Religious Studies from Kings College KQC, London, he continued his theological research at Heythrop College, London. His doctoral thesis is currently being rewritten due to the inspiration of the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.
    By profession, David teaches contemporary English literature, drama, language and semantics. As an established poet and practicing Heathen, he has given poetry readings, delivered lectures, offered sermons and performed public blots across the United Kingdom, as well as Europe, since 1996. Also, he has published a number of reviews, experimental essays, and theological comment pieces, along with two critically acclaimed prose-poetry collections, “Caliban’s Redemption” (Mandrake 2004/ Finatran 2011), and “The Grammar of Witchcraft” (Mandrake 2009). At present, he is in the process of completing two new works, “Deconstructing Mount Athos” (published spring 2015 by Traditions of Moscow) as well as "William Wordsworth and English Wicca".

    The Grammar of Witchcraft (Mandrake Press, 2009) “A haunting conceit” – Iain Sinclair.
    Caliban’s Redemption (Mandrake Press, 2004). Reviewed London Magazine by Richard Rudgley.
    Introductory Essays - The Botanist Monsieur Jordan and The Sorcerer-Dervish Mastali Shsh (Play), The Pyramid Theory of Marriage (Tony Gulvin)
    Articles - Through The Woods (literary journal), Psychic World (periodical newspaper), TEAS Magazine.

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    in Politics Progressive



    Deux rwandais seraient impliqué dans l’assassinat des sœurs italiennes


    Selon l’ambassade du Burundi en Belgique contacté par notre rédaction, les deux sœurs, Lucia et Olga, d’origines italiennes ont été assassinés par des rwandais proches de l’opposition.

    La police burundaise est à la recherche de ces deux criminels. Les recherches sont orientées vers les résidences des membres de l’ADC-IKIBIRI selon toujours l’ambassadeur du Burundi en Belgique, Monsieur NDAYISENGA Felix.

    L’ambassadeur est allé encore plus loin en affirmant qu’une source non autorisée porte à croire que ces criminels rwandais appartiendraient aux services de renseignements rwandais.

    On sent un crash prochain entre les deux pays vu les déclarations engageant la diplomatie burundaise venant de notre ambassade à Bruxelles.

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    La Véritable Liberté Maintenant

    in Education

    Bienvenu sur « Blogue Français »! Ce blogue traite de ce qui est Réel Maintenant et les Véritables Mondes de la Vie. Car la vie sur terre n’est qu’une partie de la Vie et non pas TOUTE la Vie. Par conséquent, nous ne sommes reliés d’aucune façon aux systèmes établis, qu’ils soient d’ordre politique, religieux, spirituel, transcendantal, métaphysique ou toutes autres doctrines traditionnelles. Le contenu de cette émission respecte les croyances et créations de chacun et des organismes existant. Plus que tout, cette Présentation se veut une Nouvelle Opportunité pour les gens qui veulent entreprendre un Voyage Aventureux dans les Véritables Mondes Merveilleux de la Vie, les conduisant vers la Véritable Liberté Maintenant. Vérifiez et Décidez par vous-mêmes et Amusez-vous !

    1. Invité spécial, Monsieur Rosario Ciancanelli, qui nous parlera des serres hydroponiques
    2. Yvan va nous parler de la notion de changement dans le cadre du discernement
    3. Louise va nous parler d’une expérience personnelle en plus d’analyser 4 rêves
    4. Daniel nous entretient d’une expérience de mort et une facette de l’hindouisme

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    Favre Dollar Footlong - Playoff Crap

    in Sports

    Justin and yours truly ramble on about who's in, who's out, and what type of deep v sweater goes best with a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.  Apparently I have about 1800 more characters left in this description so enjoy this:

    Jean Girard: [has Ricky in an arm lock] I will let you go, Ricky. But first, I want you to say..."I... love... crepes."
    Cal Naughton, Jr.: Don't you say it, Ricky. These colors don't run.
    Ricky Bobby: I'm not gonna say it.
    Cal Naughton, Jr.: Good.
    Ricky Bobby: Hey, look, Frenchy, I thought about it. So why don't you go ahead and break my arm?
    Jean Girard: I do not want to break your arm, Monsieur Bobby, but I am a man of my word.
    Ricky Bobby: Here's the deal. He's not gonna break it because I'm gonna slip out of it right now. Houdini!
    [he tries unsuccessfully to get free]
    Jean Girard: Whoa! Get down, you little pancake.
    Ricky Bobby: Someone might as well get me a beer while I'm down here.
    Jean Girard: But you have forced me to do this. You are now mocking me and making me look ridiculous. Just say, "I love crepes."
    Cal Naughton, Jr.: You know, just to put this in there, I had a whole mess of crepes this morning. They're just like pancakes, maybe even better.
    Ricky Bobby: Wait, are they the really thin pancakes?
    Cal Naughton, Jr.: Yeah.
    Jean Girard: Yes they are. They are the really thin pancakes. It's just a French word for them.
    Ricky Bobby: Oh, my god, I love those.
    Cal Naughton, Jr.: Put any syrups you want on them. I'm just saying, think about it.
    Ricky Bobby: They come with cheese sometimes?
    Jean Girard: Yes, of course, a fromage-crepe.
    Ricky Bobby: Well, why didn't someone yell that right-right away?
    Jean Girard: Do you know what's in the crepe suzette?
    Ricky Bobby: Oh, I love the crepe suzette!

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    Dianne de las Casas is My Guest, Monday, Nov. 18

    in Books

    About the book  The Little Read Hen

    Let your story-writing skills take you out of the henhouse! When the Little "Read" Hen's friends won't help her write an "eggcellent" story, she doesn't let it ruffle her feathers! This literary spin on a beloved folk tale is perfect for aspiring young writers interested in learning how their own fledgling ideas can hatch into a polished story. Holly Stone-Barker's vibrant cut-paper illustrations add riotous fun to each page.

    About the author

    Dianne de Las Casas is an award-winning author, storyteller, and founder of Picture Book Month, an international literacy initiative celebrating the print picture book during the month of November. Her work has earned rave reviews from School Library Journal, Booklist, and Kirkus. She performs worldwide at schools, conferences, and special events. She hunts and pecks a good story everywhere she goes! The author of Pelican's Beware, Beware of the Big Bad Bear!; The Cajun Cornbread Boy; Dinosaur Mardi Gras; The Gigantic Sweet Potato; Madame Poulet and Monsieur Roach; and There's a Dragon in the Library, de Las Casas lives with her husband and daughter, the egg-cellent Kid Chef Eliana, in the New Orleans area. 

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    Bruxelles. l'opposition rwandaise manifeste pour V. Ingabire

    in Politics Progressive

    Vendredi 1er novembre 2013 de 14h00 à 16h00, le FDU/Inkingi, parti politique rwandais d'opposition a organisé un sit-in devant l'ambassade rwandaise à Bruxelles.
    C'était par soutien et solidarité avec madame Victoire Ingabire, présidente du parti, incarcérée depuis trois ans au Rwanda.
    La cour suprême rwandaise devait lire ce jour, le prononcé du jugement en appel de madame Victoire Ingabire.
    Cette lecture a été reportée au 13 décembre 2013.
    Madame Victoire Ingabire avait été emprisonnée en 2010 alors qu'elle était rentrée au Rwanda pour se présenter à la présidentielle contre monsieur Kagame. Pour l'arrêter, le pouvoir de Kigali avait avancé des raisons que l'opposition considère jusqu'aujourd'hui comme étant tr&e

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    Hair Forever!

    in Women

    We boomers have always had a thing with our hair. We grew it long, we put flowers in it, and we let it flourish “au naturel” on our legs and underarms. We even took starring roles in a long-running Broadway musical named after this much loved part of our bodies.
    Well, thanks to Pat Wynn Brown, hair is still our thing! Pat is the creator of HAIR THEATER and performs her “hair-larious” shows across the country. She’s also the author of two books, Hair-A-Baloo: The Revealing Comedy and Tragedy On Top Of Your Head and Momma Culpa: One Mother Comes Clean and Makes Her Maternal Confession.
    But Pat is now focusing her multi-talents on two very special projects. She’s created and is producing “The Hairdo Monologues: When Monsieur Chemo Styles Her Hair” and is busily spearheading “The Hair Theater Wig Fund.” Plus, she has a two-minute video to tell you about these two very important ventures.
    For sure, you won’t want to miss this lively discussion with a one-of-a-kind hair-raising gal. So plan to tune in a meet the hairy one herself: Pat Wynn Brown! 

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    Débarrassé ENFIN de ses maux de dos; M. Desgagné

    in Health

    Depuis l'âge de 18 ans, monsieur Richard Desgagné souffrait de maux de dos. Avec le temps ses douleurs deviennent de plus en plus fréquentes et intenses. 
    Après 40 années de souffrances, il trouve en enfin la solution qu'il recherchait aux Cliniques du dos Zéro Gravité. 
    Son histoire est touchante et surtout inspirante pour tous ceux qui pensent qu'il n'y a plus d'espoir. 
    À travers l'histoire de monsieur Desgagné, vous vous reconnaitrez surement si vous (ou un proche) souffrez de maux de dos chroniques.
    Si, comme pour monsieur Desgagné, votre problème est lié à une affection discale (bombement discal, dégénérescence ou hernie discale), le traitement Novodos pourrait représenter votre "planche de salut"

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    Live with Cathi-Seniors, Realizing Your Dream!

    in Self Help

    Seniors moving higher on the path of life WHICH HAS NO END, ONLY NEW BEGINNINGS!  Plu-ezze PROMISE ME you won't go to the very end with your DREAM STILL DANCING IN YOUR HEART!
    Do you know you're here TODAY for a SPECIFIC REASON!  You madame, monsieur  are the only ones who can fulfill the purpose and mission for which YOU WERE BORN.  What is your purpose/mission?  You have within you the ability to create anything you can image.  Think out-of-the-box, Walt Disney did.  He saw his theme parks in his mind's eye.  If you can think it, you can create it.  Napoleon Hill said, "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can ACHIEVE.  Edison said, "Ideas are waiting to be discovered."  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR...YOUR MILLION DOLLAR IDEA IS WAITING FOR YOU TO REACH OUT AND GRAB HOLD OF IT!
    Are you prepared for...etc.
    Your brain is programmed to...etc.
    Mental progrmming prevents you...etc.
    Determine to see your...etc.
    Do you possess the creative...etc.

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    Casper Zafer Interview

    in Entertainment

    Since 2001, Casper Zafer has been present in the film industry.  From
    1994-1997 he studied performing arts at the University College of
    Ripon and York St John, UK.  He first starred in Dream Team, a TV
    series about an English Premiership club as Andrei Belanov.  Shortly
    after he appeared in the BBC movie, The Hound of the Baskervilles.  In
    2004 Casper was very busy; he appeared in three different films, The
    Lady Musketeer as Gaston, Peperoni ripieni e pesci in faccia (Too Much
    Romance...It's Time for Stuffed Peppers) as Francesco and in Nature
    Unleashed: Tornado as Daniel.  The last film that he starred in was
    Monsieur Francois as Michael Scott who is a small time film producer.
    Most recently Casper has starred in the CW’s hit TV show, The Vampire
    Diaries as Finn, one of the original vampires who Klaus had daggered
    and moved around the country in a coffin with the rest of his family.
    Unfortunately, his role of Finn was short lived as he became another
    causality in the war against the Original family.