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    Rick Mondragon

    in Knitting

    For our next show, my guest will be Rick Mondragon, editor of Knitter's Magazine. He'll be talking about K110, the Spring 2013 issue, in local yarn stores and on newsstands now, as well as teasing you with what you'll see in the upcoming Summer issue. 
    We invite you to listen as he takes you into the pages and between the lines of Knitter's Magazine. Gain insight on how it all comes together—stitch, color, and silhouette—along with logical approaches to what appears on the page and why. You'll want to have your hard  copy or digital edition (on your iPad, or computer) of Knitter's 110 at hand for the full experience of Rick's visit with us. (Note: If you don't have a copy of K110, you can follow along with the projects on the K110 patterns pages on Ravelry.)
    Besides being our editor, he is a creative designer with lots to share. And I know you'll love his insights as much as I do. 

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    CoffeeTalk JAZZ Chat's with DW3's Eric & William Mondragon & Damon Reel 5.12.15

    in Music


    DW3 “Vintage Truth”
    With the release of their highly-anticipated Woodward Avenue Records debut, Southern California’s premiere R&B, funk and contemporary urban jazz powerhouse DW3 lets the world in on a cool “Vintage Truth.” Driven by the ever-evolving musical vision of core members - brothers Eric and Billy Mondragon and Damon Reel - their deepening artistry continues to transcend a well-earned reputation as a high energy, fun and freewheeling party band. While they continue to anchor Thursday nights and the 94.7 The Wave Sunday Brunch at Spaghettini in Seal Beach and electrify festival and cruise-goers as they have for more than a decade, the versatile ensemble is rapidly emerging as a multi-faceted recording outfit in their own right.

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    Can Capitalism be Saved?

    in Politics Progressive

    There is little doubt that capitalism, as we know it, is in big trouble. In the next two hours, Bob Kirkconnell, author of American Heart of Darkness, http://www.amazon.com/American-Heart-Darkness-Transformation-Pathocracy/dp/1479793213/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1447010399&sr=1-1, will discuss -- what is the problem, what caused the problem, and what to do about  it!

    What is the history of Capitalism?

    What is the nature of capitalism

    Why it is bound to fail?

    Is capitalism the best we can do?

    What alternatives or modifications are available?

    Workers' Self Directed Enterprises

    The answers to the above questions will surprise you! They are right in front of us but we have been trained not to see them! If fact, there are already answers that are working and not on a small scale. Google the huge corporation, Mondragon, and see what comes up!

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    Georgia Kelly: Mondragon Coops Prosper, Capitalism Crashes

    in Politics Progressive

    This is the 4th installment in our ShiftShapers series exploring the New Economy.

    All the previous speakers in our New Economy series have mentioned the example of the thriving, worker-owned Mondragon cooperatives.

    In this 32-minute interview with co-host Daniel Kerbein, Georgia Kelly, founder of Praxis Peace Institute,  describes the experience of having visited Mondragon, Spain and even having led several tours there in recent years.

    She says the lessons to be learned from studying the Mondragon model of cooperative industry are many, and even more impressive than that is to see how people live in a large community with no poverty or unemployment, no rapacious corporate CEOs to skim their fortune from the profits or send the business offshore.

    Far from it. In the more than 100 businesses in Mondragon, over 100,000 workers own the businesses where they work, and own their jobs. And they are prospering. At a time when the only mainstream news out of spain is about debt, an economic crash, and cruel austerity measures put into place to protect bank profits.

    Americans have to see it to believe it. No, you won't see it on TV, you have to turn that thing off and talk to someone who's been there, or go see it yourself.

    That opportunity is coming up. The next study tour will go from Sept. 9-12, 2012. (Go to www.praxispeace.org for details.) People who take this tour, come back and start new worker co-ops, or continue spreading the word.

    "I don't see a bright future for capitalism," Georgia Kelly observes. "I think what's going to be important here is to have models and alternatives up and running so there are enough to take its place. Otherwise what could happen at that point is a totalitarian state."

    Spoken like a true Shift Sha

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    Carl Davidson- Mondragon, Solidarity and End of Capitalism

    in Politics Progressive

    This is the 3rd interview in our ShiftShapers series about the New Economy.

    Anyone who says single-payer medical care or the Social Security system are examples of socialism, "doesn't know what they're talking about," asserts Carl Davidson.

    The real thing happens when workers take ownership of their jobs and the companies where they work.

    Mr. Davidson has some credibility in the area of socialist thinking. He started the Online University of the Left , a curriculum-rich resource for the study of socialism and the ideas of Karl Marx. During the 60's, while attending an ivy-covered university, he was a co-founder of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

    We can see examples of worker ownership in the Arizmendi Bakeries in California (listen to our ShiftShapers interview with Alvarado Street Bakery); the Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleveland, OH; and the grand-daddy of them all, Mondragon Spain  - an entire region, with over 100 co-ops employing more than 100,000 worker-owners.

    In this 34-minute interview with co-host Daniel Kerbein, Mr. Davidson points out that while hundreds more Mondragons would be a huge benefit to the workers involved, true socialism is the liberation of the working class and the achievement of a classless society.

    Meanwhile, the existing co-ops are a school for their workers: If we can run our factory, why not our town? If we can run our town, how about our whole country?



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    DW3 pays “Tribute” to their late drummer-mentor Ricky Lawson

    in Entertainment

    GRAMMY®-nominated vocalists DW3 are brothers Billy & Eric Mondragon and Damon Reel.  With the release of their highly-anticipated Woodward Avenue Records debut, Southern California’s premiere R&B, funk and contemporary urban jazz powerhouse DW3 lets the world in on a cool “Vintage Truth” paying tribute to their late drummer Ricky Lawson.

     “Vintage Truth” features contributions from a handful of the genre’s superstar performers. Brian Culbertson plays piano on the opening track, the rousing, vocal harmony laden R&B tune “Let The Music.” Paul Brown produced, mixed and contributes his inimitable guitar to “I Can’t Tell You Why,” while Greg Adams lends trumpet and horns to Eric’s original tune “Hold Me,” and Dave Koz infuses his lush sax emotion on “When You Cry.”  Before he passed away, legendary GRAMMY®-winning drummer Ricky Lawson, who performed with DW3 in the final two years of his life, co-produced four of the core tracks on “Vintage Truth” with keyboardist Sean Dancy – including “Dance With Me,” “Overjoyed,” “California Dreamin’” and “When You Cry.”

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    Entrevista con Joshua Rand y Oscar Mondragon

    in Technology

    Juan Havens entrevista a Joshua Rand, CEO, y Oscar Mondragon, Director General Y De Technologia.

    (This interview was conducted in Spanish)

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    MEN IN ECE: Exploring the Myths and Realities

    in Education

    Why are there so few men in early childhood education? There are many theories and reasons behind the answers to this question. This radio show will engage the audience in a discussion of the challenges of recruiting and retaining male teachers, explore some of the myths and realities of being a male in early childhood education and offer some practical strategies for involving males in the lives of young children.  James Scott, the University of Colorado Denver, Co-Director of the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program will serve as the host of a panel of current Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program Fellows. The panelist will include current Buell Fellows Brett Dabb, Assistant Director, Warren Village Learning Center, Soren Gall, Mentor Coach, Clayton Early Learning, Matthew Hebard, Coordinator for Head Start & CPP, Assistant Education Coordinator, Cherry Creek School District, and Ray Mondragon, Principal, Escalante-Biggs Academy, Denver Public Schools.         

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    FoXXXy Forum Talk Show Hot Sexy Topics

    in Entertainment

    Angye Foxx is the host of the FoXXXy Forum Lifestyle Talk Show.  Tonight's show includes a special guest, Professor Eunuch, from California who will discuss the art of falatio as well as a comedy bit on being in the lifestyle.  Also, Andrea Mondragon, the founder of Survival of the Strippest will discuss her latest business ventures and the lauching of her new website.  

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    Ford presention to media at State Fair of Texas

    in Automotive

    Alan Gell is present for the special press/media day presentation prior to the opening of the State Fair of Texas.  The press conference was held inside the Automobile Building.
    Mike Moran of FORD opens the session, introducing those guests in attendance, followed by Dave Mondragon.  Mike Moran is the Regional Communications Director for Ford Motor Company.  Dave Mondragon is the General Marketing Manager for the United States.
    This recording was made on September 27, 2012.

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    in Politics

    On August 18 we discussed  a model of business owned by the worker, where profits are used to provide a fair wage, build the business and provide benefits guaranteed by the Worker's Bill of Rights based on the Mondragon model and authored by our guest Abin Griffen . We will discuss how the model has been put into place from the Basque region of Spain to Cleveland, Ohio.

    We will discuss the role that cooperative models of business would play in a society no longer dominated by large corporations, the political ramifications of such a system and its part in the peaceful democratic revolution we are fighting for were discussed in detail.

    This model of capitalism is one in which its best features cannot be perverted by corporations or the management of the co-ops because of the Bill of Rights which ensures worker control in perpetuity.

    SFPI Radio is the international talk show designed to allow those struggling for social justice around the world to talk to each other about how we can support efforts to promote justice, democracy and peace in every nation.