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    REELTalk: Gen. Paul Vallely, Jed Babbin and Andrew McCarthy

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    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - Russia has begun airstrikes against Syrian rebels…is Putin challenging Obama’s leadership in the world? And will that further weaken our national security? We'll find out answers with Maj. Gen. PAUL VALLELY! Plus, with Putin again flexing his muscle, this time in the Middle East, is Obama’s lack of response, endangering our security? What’s going on in the small nation of Moldova that matters to our national security? Author & former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, JED BABBIN will share his wisdom on this and more. AND, has Iran already blatantly violated Obama’s Iran deal? And has the President provoked this by his weakness? The 2nd Amendment is under fire once again...as the Left chips away at our gun rights…isn’t it time we understand the mindset and purpose behind that Amendment? We'll get answers to these and more with Author & former Assistant U.S. Attorney, ANDREW McCARTHY! And...In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." Come hang with us...

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    Critical Conversations: From Libya & Syria to Moldova & Greece

    in Politics

    Listen to the singlularly most brilliant hour of headline news as this week's headlines are widely spread across the political and foreign policy spectrum.  

    Dr. Jim Picht and host Lisa Ruth will discussing the  2016 Presidential Race.  Ruth, an expert in terrorism, will be talking with Dr. T.J. O'Hara and Dr. Jim Picht about the White House's recent suggestion that the way to fight ISIS and terrorism is jobs - is there some truth in that statement? 

    Jeb Bush declared himself his own man while making his foreign policy speech - its it a problem. No, it's not.  Listen and find out why. 

    Ukraine, of which Dr. Picht holds expertise, dominates and Jim helps to decipher those questions. Then there is the communication breakdown in Greece.

    Find the show live chat and more at Communities Digital News

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    "Simply Haneef" Special guest: Julieta Kleven and Priscilla K. Deason

    in Lifestyle

    Topic: How Fashion and the Cat walk builds self esteem.

    Special Guest: Born and raised in the former Soviet Union, in a small country called Republic of Moldova, Julieta Kleven has always loved to create her own dreams. Her love for world history and its cultures are the key elements to her inspiration as she sketches away her looks. The most vital element in her fashion is actually a human heart. She says that anyone could dress up pretty good and fancy, but only a human heart could make that outfit outshine everyone. It is the beauty from within that brings the best out of all of us. 

    Speical Guest: Priscilla K. Deason

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    Gratitude Thursday

    in Culture

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we take a journey outside the USA to discover other similar Thanksgiving traditions and cultures in the United Arab Emirates, Moldova, Germany and Mexico. 

    PLUS, we ask our guests  Luis (Mexico), Felicia (Moldova), Annekathrin (Germany), Gaurav (United Arab Emirates) and John (USA)  to share how aging or getting older is perceived in their respective countries as National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month comes to an end. 

    An uplifting conversation, no doubt! 

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    Late Night with Kp 9-3-14...

    in Education

    This show covered the “sense” many seem to be experiencing that something is ready to “pop”. And why that might be.

    At first I thought this show might not be complete, as my internet went off in the middle, but it seems to have played out okay.

    Download this show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2014/09/03/late-night-with-kp-9-3-14.mp3

    Mentioned these articles: Kathryn May post: http://wp.me/p1dHgy-7Ys

    Gaiaportal 9-1-14: http://wp.me/p2sFUY-ss

    Lada Ray post: http://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/2014/09/02/ladaraylive-2-europes-faultline-pridnestrovie-moldova-eurasian-union-vs-eu/

    http://kingdomofhawaii.info (Kingdom main website)
    http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/category/hawaiian-kingdom-2/ (Kingdom of Hawai'i series)
    http://youtu.be/9nqDkCzwXeY (Hawai'i vs. US Imperialism)


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    Breaking Prophecy News; Not Really So Obscure, Part 7 (TPDR #414)

    in Religion

    PROPHECY HEADLINES: Israel’s new president, Reuven Rivlin, opposes formation of Palestinian state | Iran claims U.S. base in Indian Ocean is within range of its missiles | Moldova and Georgia to sign EU pact in defiance of Russia | Pentagon building bunker in Alaska to protect against nuclear blast, EMP attack | 3.0 quake rumbles near Edmond, Oklahoma

    PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: "Not Really So Obscure (Part 7)" from Dr. Tim LaHaye

    As we survey Revelation chapters 4-18, it is vital to observe that we see no mention of the church. In fact, nowhere in the many prophetic passages of Scripture do we see the church in the Tribulation. This is highly significant in view of the passages we have already examined that promise that Christians are saved from wrath.

    In the book of Revelation, the church is mentioned 13 times in the first three chapters. Then, after John is called up into heaven and the world enters the Tribulation, the church is not mentioned even once until chapter 19, when she is seen coming with Christ to rule and reign with Him. This silence from chapters 6 to 18 puts the burden of proof on those interpreters who insist that the church does go through all or part of the Tribulation. They should be able to clearly identify the church in Tribulation passages, but they cannot do so.

    OCCUPY TILL I COME: Gaining Hope from Bible Prophecy (Part 11) by Dr. David Reagan.

    MUSICAL SELECTION: "The King is Coming" by Newsboys

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Eric Cantor is done defeated by a little known professor named Dave Brat and the "Brat Pack" in the Republican primary. Also Israel has been attacked by a rocket hitting the road in southern Israel. The Hamas fired the rocket from Gaza Strip and it is the first time since the unity governemnt was formed by Palestine President Abbas and his meeting in the Vatican with Pope Francis and Israeli President Peres. Also for the first time in history the American Embassy in Israel has raised the "Gay Pride Flag" over the Embasy. Also Russian President Putin warns Moldova, and Georgia not to sign economic deals with the European Union or else. Also Niniveh has been attacked the city of Mosul has been taken by radical Al-Qaeda group as thousands of Iraqi's leave the area and the govenment of Iraq may fall to radical Islam. Also a "Ugly" storm cloud formed just before a massive thurderstorm hit the Netherlands as the "Pinkpop" Festival was going on and the rock group Metallica was to preform on Pentacostal Feast Weekend. Islamic Terrorist forces storm the Turkish consulate in Iraq and take 24 hostages in Mosul. This and other big news events and bible prophecy along with the Word of God. Your host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

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    Episode 226: Quo vadis Putin's Novorossiya, with Dr. Dmitry Gorenburg

    in Military

    So far in 2014, the big lesson is what people have known for centuries; in Eurasia you cannot ignore Russia. The cliché is accurate, Russia is never as weak or as strong as she seems.

    What do the developments so far mean not just for Ukraine, but for all the former Soviet Republics, slumbering Western Europe and Russia's near abroad?

    To discuss this and more, for the full hour we will have returning guest Dr. Dmitry Gorenburg, Senior Analyst, CNA Strategic Studies, an Associate at Harvard’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, an author, and host of the Russian Military Reform blog.

    Dr. Gorenburg focuses his research on security issues in the former Soviet Union, Russian military reform, Russian foreign policy, ethnic politics and identity, and Russian regional politics. He is also the editor of the journals Problems of Post-Communism and Russian Politics and Law and a Fellow of the Truman National Security Project. From 2005 through 2010, he was the Executive Director of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies.

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    The Benghazi Farce, Russia-Ukraine update, Boko Haram, Charlie Crist and Racism

    in Politics

    This week I discuss the Republicans insistence on having an eighth Benghazi investigation. I'll also have an update on the situation with Russia and Ukraine and I will talk about the Boko Haram kidnapping of the 200 girls in Nigeria. If we have time I will discuss some of the other news of the week.

    At the end we will have our trademark weekly hall of fame and shame for those politicians and prominent individuals who made great sense or shameful nonsense, respectively. The special theme for our Hall of Fame and Shame this week is Charlie Crist and issues of Racism in the Republican Party.

    If you want to write to me and give me your opinion of any topic I cover, write to makingsenseletters@yahoo.com and I may just read your opinion on the air. Again that’s makingsenseletters@yahoo.com

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    Second Coming Watch Sunday Roundup #18

    in Religion

    This is the Second Coming Watch Sunday Roundup for May 18, 2014. On the Roundup we feature the top 10 prophecy-related news stories that happened this past week which point towards the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the end of the world as we know it. 

    1. Vowing to defend ethnic Russians wherever they live, President Vladimir Putin has embarked on an aggressive campaign to rebuild the pride and assertiveness of the Russian people, which he says was lost in the breakup of the Soviet Union. From annexing Crimea to collecting separatist petitions in Moldova to handing out passports to compatriots in the Baltics, Putin has spent recent weeks focused on neighboring countries, many of which have substantial ethnic Russian minorities. The strategy puts Russia on a collision course with the NATO defense alliance, because two of its members — Estonia and Latvia — have significant Russian-speaking minorities that have long complained of discrimination. 

    2. A senior U.S. official said on Thursday that China's "provocative" actions in maritime disputes with its neighbors are straining ties with the United States, raising questions over how the world's two biggest economies can continue to work together. 

    3. A confidential U.N. report says that despite apparently reducing illicit purchases that breach U.N. sanctions, Iran is pursuing development of ballistic missiles, posing an acute challenge to six powers negotiating with Tehran to rein in its nuclear program. 

    4. A strong and shallow undersea earthquake hit parts of Indonesia's Sumatra island on Sunday, causing panic but there were no immediate reports of casualties. 

    You can read these stories in more detail and get more prophecy-related news at SecondComingHerald.com.