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    NFL Mocks Week Three Fantasy Football Preview

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    NFL Mocks Week Three Fantasy Football Preview with George Stockburger and Jonah Tuls

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    NFL Mocks Week Four Fantasy Football Preview and Podcast

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    NFL Mocks Week Four Fantasy Football Preview and Podcast

  • NFL Mocks Rapid Fire Recap - Week 4

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    Joe Wedra and Erik Lambert of NFLMocks.com recap every game in the NFL's Week 4 in 30 minutes. They manage to hit every hot topic, including the Saints win, the Dolphins firing of Joe Philbin, and of course, the 4-0 teams that have surprised thus far! Join them, and follow them on Twitter @JoeWedra and @ErikLambert1. 

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    NFL Mocks Rapid Fire Recap - Week 2 Rewind

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    NFLMocks.com presents Joe Wedra and Erik Lambert, recapping every bit of NFL Week 2 action. They'll discuss potential MVP candidates, the teams who have began the season so dreadfully 0-2, and will comb over all 32 teams to discuss their most recent performance. 


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    NFL Mocks Rapid Fire Recap - Week 1 Wrap Up

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    Join Joe Wedra and Erik Lambert, two members of NFLMocks.com, to chat NFL Week 1 recap talk following the first weekend of the 2015 NFL season. Full coverage from all 32 teams to come!

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    NFL Mocks Rapid Fire Roundtable: Episode 1

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    Join the staff of NFLMocks.com for NFL offseason talk with the staff. Host Joe Wedra fires pressing NFL questions to the crew, including the all-important DeflateGate issues. Step on in and join for a fast-paced roundtable discussion for 30 minutes of your day!

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    NFL Mocks: NFL Draft Discussion 11/19/14

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    The staff at NFLMocks.com brings you a roundtable that all NFL/NFL Draft fans can enjoy. The staff spends hours breaking down film to get to know these prospects, and they'll be sharing their knowledge with you in this podcast. Host Joe Wedra will be joined by the website's staff that includes Erik Lambert, Sayre Bedinger, and potentially a few other guests. We hope you tune in for all of the latest happenings and NFL Draft prospect breakdowns!

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    What are the tools to use?  Or is it a particular way of thinking that ensures us a clear, accurate recounting of history?  Are we simply witless  pawns in a contest,subject to a strategy unknown to winner or loser?   If that is the case, if we a guileless generation of hand shakers, is it possible for us to reexamine our manuscripts with a view to better understanding the bias present?  A retelling of events captures the perspective of the story teller.  What ever this word perspective means, is beyond my ken. Is it a special blend of personality, prejudice, timing and ability? Is that the way we see the world?   Is it opinion or truth?

    Freemasonry I contend, does in a sense, bend time to reduce the impression we cannot answer some pertinent questions- better to steer away as if they do not exist, that to show we are incomplete.  We bend time because we have neglected our studies. It is not our philosophy that is weak. It is our acceptance of metaphysics in a materialistic world that mocks the imagination. 

    Does it matter?   Myth allows us to preserve the essence of allegory, taking it out of materialistic measure, taking it into metaphysics.  

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    Where does Jeremiah get the moxie to say this to God: "O Lord, Thou hast deceived me and I was deceived; Thou hast overcome me and prevailed. I have become a laughingstock all day long; everyone mocks me." (Jeremiah 20:7) Wow! Within some Christian circles those words would be considered treasonous.

    For me those words afford an allowance for honesty that I appreciate very much. If a great prophet like Jeremiah could rail before God in his deep distress, can't I? He let it all hang out when he spoke to his Lord. Because of it I can take permission to do the same. You may want to give yourself permission also.

    There are those who feel we must only speak in faith put a positive spin on every word we utter. We often call this keeping a "positive confession." It is true that words are powerful and it is wisdom to guard our mouths. Yet Jeremiah accused God of deceiving him and I don't believe God swatted him for it or that Jeremiah lacked faith.

    God made room for Jeremiah when he got real and I believe he will make room for us too. He knows all we are thinking and feeling whether we say it out loud or not. He is a big God, not shocked by our tirades or tantrums.

    Later in the same passage Jeremiah says; "Sing to the Lord, praise the Lord! For He has delivered the soul of the needy one from the hand of evildoers." (Verse 13) Be real with God -- he can take it. And when you are finished with your rant go ahead and praise him. That's real too!

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    Coffee Klatch: Mock Around The Clock Edition

    in Pop Culture

    Pop culture & political commentary collide with music at the speed of life!

    As we fall back in time, Amy Beth mocks around the clock. From the GOP debate debacle and the World Series to the new Speaker of the House and  Carly Fiorina's feud with The View, we’ve got your tunes. Oh and it's National Sandwich Day!

    Listeners chime in with their #BigStory & #Forgotten45 requests.

    Plus: Motivational jumpstarts & Inspiration to Action shout-outs!

    Tweet 24/7 @abwrites 

    Call during the show ONLY 347-857-4505 

    Join us LIVE or later on demand! 

    ***Please support the artists you hear on this show. All books &music are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and wherever fine work is sold.  



  • Episode 399: How do we change the world?

    in Politics Conservative

    How do we change the world? Andrew from Africa asked this very good question on episode 398. We are going to try to answer this on today's show!

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    Bozell Mocks Media Hyping Hillary Performance on Benghazi, Not Substance of Lying