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  • 01:09

    Missouri Rising: A Frustrating Week with Mike Moon

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Not About Right and Left. It's About Right and Wrong!

    Mike Moon joins us again tonight as we review the past two of the closing weeks of the Missouri Legislative session. Religious Liberty? Not in Missouri. Save the Babies? Not in Missouri. Perscription Drug Monitoring Program. Sure, bring it on. And, don't forget the most important priority, license plates for Boys Softball in Missouri. Meanwhile, the House continues to entertain bills which, just this winter, the courts demanded they stop entertaining. These bills contain so many different subjects, paragraphs, pages, and differing issues that it's impossible to be for them all or against them all. What's up with that?

    Join us at 7PM Missouri Time as we discuss these issues. Call and participate at 347-677-1835.

  • 02:03

    Missouri Rising: Dave & Lloyd with Mike Moon and Ron Calzone

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Not About Right and Left. It's About Right and Wrong!

    As with most Thursday evenings, Mike Moon joins the award-winning Missouri Rising team to update listeners on the week in the Missouri Legislature. On the hot topic list for this week, a hearing on HJR98. Bet your bottom dollar Mike has other interesting tidbits from this week's session - and he always stands ready to answer your calls.

    Then, as a special treat, we'll talk with Ron Calzone; a non-lobbyist citizen's advocate in Jefferson City, founder and director at Missouri First, and pro se warrior for Missourians in the quest for Constitutional governance. We'll get updates on Ron's recent battle to uphold Missouri's Constitution with respect to massive omnibus bills. We'll also talk about his fight with the Missouri Ethics Commission, who recently ruled that almost anyone who testifies before a Legislative Committee more than once must register as a lobbyist. We will wrap up with recently introduced legislation that would severely limit the powers of State Courts to modify laws, legislate, and amend our Constitution.

    You don't want to miss this two hours of fun! It's the best Thursday night you'll spend this week.


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    Missouri Grassroots Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Not About Right and Left. It's About Right and Wrong!

    Dave and Lloyd host Mike Moon again for a Friday night wrap-up of the week's doings in Jefferson City. Mike will take your calls and answer your questions about his take on what's happening.

    Then, it's been a busy week. Huge upset in Iowa, Santorum Out - Backs Rubio, and IS Ted Cruz a Natural Born Citizen.

    Join Dave and Lloyd for this and much more. It's 7PM Missouri Time, tonight. Tonight is Friday, 2/5.

    The call-in number is 347-677-1835.

    It's the best Friday night you'll spend this week.

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    Missouri Rising with Dave and Lloyd (and Mike Moon)

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Not About Right and Left. It's About Right and Wrong!

    With the legislative session getting short; Religious Liberty, Personhood of the pre-born, drug prescription databases, and Real ID move to center stage. Will Missouri take her stand against federal overreach or pass quietly into submission? Mike Moon will join us to talk about these important bills - and more.

    What the heck is going on at Eagle Forum? Once a strong political infuence in Missouri, the organization seems to be undergoing some changes. What's behind all that?

    How'd that caucus thing work out for you? Reports from front line participants are on the schedule, and yours are welcome. Call in and let us know how that went for you.

    And, as we wind down the Presidential selection process for Missouri, perhaps we can get down to talking about what's really important - local and State elections that truly matter to Missouri Rising.

    Join us at 7PM Missouri Time tonight. It's the best Thursday night you'll spend this week!

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    Missouri Rising

    in Politics Conservative

    Dave and Lloyd talk with Mike Moon

  • 02:01

    Missouri Rising with Dave and Lloyd

    in Politics Conservative

    Dave and Lloyd visit with Cynthia Davis.

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    Gridiron Moe Super Bowl Trivia Show (live)

    in Football

    Join Mike Goodpaster and Matt Andruscavage as they welcome to the show Gridiron moe counder Aris Persidis, as they will play gridiron moe's super bowl trivia app against two winners who won the drawing to compete on the show. If you want to be a contestant email the grueling truth at thegruelingtruth@gmail.com. Make sure you check out Gridiron Moe at www.gridironmoe.com, gridirn moe is available on itunes and will be on android systems very soon. Gridiron moe is by far the best interactice football app out there.

  • 02:57

    Alien Contact Org Members w/ TJ Morris, Janet Kira GLOBAL PYRAMID CON

    in Entertainment


    WE WILL SHARE GLOBAL PYRAMID CONFERENCE SCHEDULE MAY 13-15 2016 for those who may be interested in learning about pyramids.

    WE ASK FRIENDS IF THEY WANT TO COME ON TONIGHT! CALL IN 347-945-7207 and share some facts you know about pyramids

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    Missouri Grassroots Radio with Dave and Lloyd

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Not About Right and Left. It's About Right and Wrong!

    We start off as we do most Friday nights. With a visit and weekly recap of your issouri legislature from Representative Mike Moon.

    Did you realize that this week the Supreme Court decided that the Missouri Constitution is meaningless? Catch up on the details tonight.

    Join Dave and Lloyd at 7PM Missouri Time. Call in and participate at 347-677-1835.

  • 02:56

    Dr. Robert J Gilbert & TJ Morris on Pyramids, Crystals, Ancients and more...

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Robert J. Gilbert has a multi-faceted background in both spiritual and scientific studies. He is a former U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare Survival; since leaving the service in 1985 he has conducted independent research into the Geometric basis of modern science and new technologies. Dr. Gilbert holds a Ph.D. in International Studies and is a published academic author in that field, contributing to the first academic textbook in the new field of Transformational Politics.Known for his remarkable ability to sift through huge amounts of information from multiple spiritual and scientific sources, he distills it into easy-to-understand training resources.Having studied multiple world spiritual traditions extensively with advanced information from key systems integrated into Vesica trainings. A non-sectarian approach inclusive of individuals of all spiritual traditions.With over 25 years of in practice and studyof original European Rosicrucian and Holy Grail Tradition, he teaches original independent form of Rosicrucianism. Rosicrucian work is to help everyone connect to spirit directly, to craft optimal spiritual path. Dr. Gilbert was the first non-Egyptian to be certified to teach BioGeometry®, and created the standardized template for the Foundation and Advanced trainings in cooperation with BioGeometry founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Cairo, Egypt. We will share more in this radio show with events.TheresaJ Morris.com, of TJMorrisRadio.com and CosmosRadio.org . 



  • 02:23

    In Search of The Holy Language w Anita Meyer & TJ Morris

    in Spirituality

    Anita Meyer, Author, Lecturer, Linguist and Independent Researcher. Anita is going to share her knowledge with TJ and talk about the coming up Global Pyramid Conference where we plan on meeting.Biography - Author, lecturer and independent researcher.  Anita Meyer attended college for Criminology. Through her many studies she is also a linguistic decipherment expert in ancient writings in the fields of orthography, paleography, and graphology, and is also a Cryptology whiz. Among many other skillful abilities...  she is also a visual pattern recognizer in the study of nature and structure.Off the beaten path, Anita is a forensic religious procurement specialist who thoroughly engages in finding strong evidences for God’s existence. Purpose - Author Anita Meyer has written these books to bridge the gap between science and religion, and to reveal intelligent design in the framework of all that exists.Achievements - Author Anita Meyer has participated in author shows, book signings, large international conferences, conventions, schools and religious institutions, comic cons, as well as many famous places such as the Sci Fi Café, Barnes & Noble and many other book stores and local places. She has also participated on radio shows and written articles for Ancient America magazine, which made front cover news.