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    Did Misogyny Cause The UCSB Shootings?

    in Science

    This week we'll be discussing the UCSB shootings, feminism, misogyny, and the science behind mass murder. 

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    Violence, Misogyny and Race

    in Politics Progressive

    How many times can we say "never again" before it's true? And how do we end the cycle of violence when it is wrapped so tightly around misogyny and race? How do we keep guns out of killers hands? And how do we address this country's inadequacy of mental health care? MOMocrats Cynematic, Karoli, Anoosh Jorjorian and Donna Schwartz Mills talk about the Isla Vista tragedy in this political discussion from the progressive point of view. Produced by Engender Media Group.

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    Yardie Skeptics (Ep. 6) Religion, Homophobia, and Misogyny

    in Education

    Main topic: Religion and Misogyny; exploring the intersectionalities of religion, homophobia, and misogyny
    Special guests: Alison Irvine-Sobers, Yvonne McCalla Sobers, Sharon Smith and Damien Marcus Williams
    This show is hosted by two of Jamaica's most outspoken secular humanists - Clive Forrester, linguist and professor at York University in Toronto, and Hilaire Sobers, human rights lawyer in Washington DC. We have spent copious amounts of time debating with and challening the notion that Christian privelege should proceed unchecked in Jamaica, and have successfully managed to rally a group of other secularists to collaborate on a publication (forthcoming 2013). This radio show provides a medium in which skeptics can discuss matters of science, critical thinking, religious imposition, and the seperation of church and state all from a Jamaican perspective, but playing close attention to the interconnectedness on the global landscape.
    Tune in as we tackle the big questions each and every Sunday at 12:30EST (1:30PM Jamaican time) - lively banter, music and trivia, probing questions... we are Yardie Skeptics. 

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    Talk Back Tuesdays: The Emasculation of The Black Man

    in Self Help

    As we continue into Black History Month we will discuss The Emasculation of the Black Man and all that it encompasses. In order to understand the history surrounding the destruction and stigmatization of the black male you must go back to 1712 and The Willie Lynch Movement (last week's show).

    God made MAN to be the HEAD, the LEADER, and to have DOMINION over everything so when he is not able to withstand or uphold the responsibilities as the HEAD then everything in it's periphery suffer: i.e, family, children, women, etc.

    We will discuss how slavery, prison/incarceration, poverty, homophobia, sexism, misogyny, hip-hop, and political disenfranchisement have all contributed to The Emasculation of the Black Man and what are some solutions to the problems we face today. We will also look at our freedom fighters past and present to see are we continuing the "fight' or have we become a "dream deferred."

    Come Get on the COUCH!!!!!

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    Deconstructing Black Feminist, Male Women Bashers And How We Contribute To Both

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will have a no hold barred discussion on Black feminism and the Black males who bash Black women. This won't be a "run of the mill" discussion. We will show you how Black feminism and Black misogynism works to destroy the Black family and Black infrastructure. Many Black people may not overtly fly the banner of feminism or misogynism but we will show you how we know when you are. We will also show you how some of the things we think are empowering genders are actually destroying genders and causing more harm than helping. We will not beat around the bush so prepare for real talk. This discussion isn't designed to destroy but to build back up the Black family. Join us.

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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West - Feb 13, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Friday the 13th!! OK, so, if you miss this show because you're idea of saving a few bucks, or just due to poor planning, was to go out for Valentine's dinner tonight...on FRIDAY the 13TH...you're doing it wrong...seriously.  So trust me, you don't want to miss this, we have a GREAT show lined up.  Stevie can't make it this evening due to sick evils, so Jodi and Di, hosts of the Red Whine Show will be stepping in to keep Hammy in Line.

    First up, we will be joined by blogger Lady K (@SouthernKeeks) to discuss the she-woman man haters that want to ruin Valentine's Day for everyone else (probably because they can't get dates), and they hate men, and pink, and misogyny, and did I mention, men.  She wrote a great article you should read before the show (yes, there will be a test). https://medium.com/@LadyK/v-day-feminisms-response-to-feb-14-38fb090a3541

    Later Tami Natz (@TamiNantz) will stop by to talk about her upcoming humanitarian / missions trip back to Africa.  This is a great cause that we are happy to able to help her raise funds for.  Also, there are T-shirts :) 

    We're also have lots of news, stories about people so off the grid the government doesn't know who they are (and no, they didn't come across the border), and of course, in general, we'll just have a good time.  So grab a cold one and join us at the bar, it's Friday night and we are Getting Hammered!

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    Fallen Edition - Misogyny and Submission.x.

    in Religion

    OrgasmicKarmatic, FemaleSatan and WickedPup get down on Misogyny and Submission. It'll be interesting to have a male POV in this conversation and is both an inspired topic and suggested topic. We'll be discussing each separately and exactly how a woman can use Misogyny without being hit by the bullet of it at the same time. 

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    THE FINAL WAKE UP CALL: Misandry vs Misogyny

    in Culture

    In Association with the T.E.A.B.A.G. Enterprises Incorporated
    A BLACK LIONS PRODUCTION (619) 924-9883
    Brought to you by Abruptly Wake Up the Sleeping 

    For over four hundred years the Stolen Afrikan in AmeriKKKa has been robbed of the ancestry, their Afrikan spirituality, their science and their Story, they have been uprooted and are quickly dying. 
    The results of governmental institutional racism & genocide are chaotic; single parent households, unwed mothers, incarceration coupled with mis-education and the under educated have practically destroyed the black family. Their right minds are being destroyed with religion, drug addition, the prison & education system.
    The continuous bombardments of the court systems manipulation and negative media influence have taken a toll targeted on black children, men and women.
    Society has brainwashed the black women into believing that they don't need their black men. 

    Our women don't believe this because they refuse to see their own reflection, which is their black man because society has convinced the black females to destroy the only true hope for their survival....The Black Man!
    The Black Lions are here to help our women experience the presence of a man so they do not try to defunct his true nature.

    The Black Lions are here to take back our communities, businesses, families & kin our children and our women.

    ...Maybe then our black women will discover that A Black Man was all she really needed in the first place.
    We need our women by our side in the revolution. Let’s Talk about it. (619) 924-9883

    All viewpoints expressed on this show are the sole responsibility of the creators of 
    Abruptly Wake Up The Sleeping: Join the conversation - Uhuru Sasa


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    Amanda Brooks Broken Neck and Systemic Failure of the US Health Care System

    in Politics Progressive

    Amanda Brooks' and Jill Brenneman's lives were forever changed when Percy Isgitt's negligence caused the plane he was flying to crash, badly injuring both of his passengers. Amanda saw multiple US surgeons with varying, but largely poor results. All appointments were paid for in cash out of her pocket as she has no insurance and Percy Isgitt, the responsible party, refused to pay.  


    Amanda recently had her images read in consult with a non-US specialist who viewed the same images as the US doctors and observed what the other doctors missed. Objective imaging showed a non-displaced cerebral fracture in her cervical spine as a result of the plane crash, along with 2 herniated discs in her cervical vertebrae, and a cerebral bleed.  


    US doctors, allegedly the best in the world, missed the cervical fracture. What is a cervical fracture? It is a broken neck. Instead, the doctors wanted to follow their typical US "conservative care:" start with anti inflams, PT, oral steroids, injected steroid, and only after all of those options were exhausted to go to surgery.  All conveniently running up billable units paid for by Amanda. Amanda went outside of the US health care system, got a surgeon who took an hour with her and explained each aspect of her injury and told what we knew. There is no solution to her neck injuries other than surgery.  


    One minute before the plane crash Amanda was a very healthy 30-something woman. One minute after the plane crash Amanda had a brain bleed, 2 herniated discs in her neck, and a broken neck. Yet doctors and attorneys were confused about the injuries and confused about how they transpired. 

    Malpractice, bias, misogyny of health care providers and the failure of US health care. 



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    Narcissistic Central: The History Of Misogyny

    in Women

    In this show Nancy and I will be talking about the History of Misogyny, and how society was primed to create narcissistic abuse. Discover when this started, how this started and why misogyny was allowed to thrive. How did women lose their knowing of their power, and how to create safe relationships? This show will grant you fascinating information, and the understanding of how we truly do now live in times where we can create safety, respect and healthy relationships with life and others. If you have any questions that you would like answered in this show please email me at radio@melanietoniaevans.com and if you would like to dial in to speak to myself or Nancy call in number is USA listeners 347 989 1262 or for Australian listeners 00111 347 989 1262.

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    Open Forum Discussion: Is RSD's Julien Blanc teaching men how to abuse women?

    in Relationships

    "Upfront & Straightforward" Host Alan Roger Currie opens up his phone lines once again during one of his "Open Forum Discussion" topics, with this one centering on the fine line between teaching men the basics of attraction and seduction versus influencing men into giving in to the dark side of abuse and misogyny

    Get a FREE copy of Alan Roger Currie's "Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking" on Audible.com

    Get a FREE copy of Alan Roger Currie's "The Possibility of Sex: How Naïve and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly" on Audible.com 

    Alan Roger Currie on Amazon.com

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