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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch explains yesterday's abrupt ending, talks about his appearance on The Don Geronimo Show, recaps TNA Wrestling, Husband Leaves Shocking Letter For His Wife. Then She Responds, Hundreds Of Churches Encourage Members To Beat Each Other Bloody Because ‘Men Are Made For Combat,’ Girl Scouts Release Three New Cookies Including Two Gluten-Free Flavors, and Eminem Sued Hey Lookin' Boy ...You Jacked Our Song!!


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    In Mint Condition

    in Gardening

    It's been a while since we've talked about the variety, beauty, usefulness, and fresh flavor of one of my favorite families of herbs: The Mints.

    Click on in to today's show for some minty-fresh, mint condition ideas! 

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    Shriekfest Radio: Denise Gossett interviews Steffan Postaer!

    in Paranormal

    A copywriter by trade, Steffan is perhaps best known for his provocative and iconic work on Altoids, The Curiously Strong Mints.  Early in his career, Steffan co-wrote “Not your Father’s Oldsmobile,” which became a part of popular culture.

    Currently, Steffan is Executive Creative Director at gyro, San Francisco responsible for elevating the creative product across a broad range of B2B and technology clients.

    Steffan is immersed in new media platforms. His blog, Gods of Advertising is a must-read in Adland. http://godsofadvertising.wordpress.com/

    He’s the recipient of advertising’s most prestigious awards, including the Kelly Award for best print campaign in America and gold and silver Lions from Cannes.

    In addition to his much-awarded screenplay, “Belzec: The Made Undead” Steffan has written three novels, all of which are available via online booksellers.

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Award Winning Author Michael Largo

    in Self Help

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Michael Largo. Michael Largo is the author of God’s Lunatics, Genius and Heroin, The Portable Obituary, the Bram Stoker Award-winning Final Exits: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of How We Die, and three novels. His latest book is THE BIG, BAD BOOK OF BOTANY: The World’s Most Fascinating Flora, an entertaining and enlightening one-of-a-kind compendium of the world’s most amazing and bizarre plants, their history, and their lore. He is the former editor of New York Poetry and the researcher/archivist for the film company Allied Artists. He and his family live in Florida with their dog, two turtles, a parrot, two canaries, and a tank of fish.


    this weeks Q&A includes:

    • making herbal medicinal vinegars

    • explanation of dosing different herbal tinctures

    • 4 types of plant poisons- alkaloids, glycosides, resins and volatile oils

    • why to make infusions, cook greens for an hour and the difference between seasoning herbs and nourishing herbs.

    • ingesting too many volatile oils in plants gum up the kidneys and liver

    • do plants contain estrogens? not many, but phytosterols which are precursors to be converted by intestinal flora..

    • motherwort tincture to moderate blood pressure, no hydrogenated oils and movement..

    • calcification in blood vessels? drink nettle infusion!

    • hormonal disruptors..

    • motherwort, lavender and other mints in regards to the thyroid..

    • poke berry seed safety..

    • estrogens in the body and vitex berry tincture..

    • anxiety, motherwort tincture, visualization exercise..

    • why Susun uses 100 proof vodka for tinctures

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    Consumers on Solar - the research is in

    in Energy

    Paula Mints is the Founder and Chief Market Research Analyst of the global solar market research firm SPV Market Research. Ms. Mints began her solar market research career in 1997 with Strategies Unlimited. In 2005 she left Strategies Unlimited for Navigant where she continued her practice until October 2012, when she founded SPV Market Research. Ms. Mints provides classic solar market research products based on primary research and focused on the supply and demand sides of the solar industry and its technologies. Recently she has begun conducting end user research to discover what PV system residential buyer/lessee/PPA customers really think about the selling/installing process.  She publishes often with Renewable Energy World and Renewable Energy Focus. Her chapter, Overview of Photovoltaic Production, Markets and Perspectives, was published in the Fraunhofer/Elsevier book Advances in Photovoltaics Volume 1, edited by Dr. Gerhard Willeke and Dr. Eicke Weber.  Ms. Mints also speaks at several high profile conferences a year, including the IEEE PVSC, the EU PVSEC, Intersolar Europe and US as well as others. All of

    Ms. Mints is on the Intersolar Europe and Intersolar US conference committees as well as the Renewable Energy World Conference committee and the SPI (Solar Power International) conference committees.  She also serves on the expert committee of the EU PV Platform. She earned her MBA at San Jose State University in 1999.

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    Robot Rabbit [29]: Junior Mints at a Wedding

    in Dreams

    Paul and Leonard promised they'd be back, and they delivered.  The boys talked about their recent birthdays, the best and worst of fall, and how to entertain one's self at interminable family affairs.

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    Herbs For The Summer

    in Health

    This week we're talking about a few Cooling Herbs for the Summer! They taste great, easy to grow and have amazing effects on the body. Their present day usage vs how it was traditionally used, share some recipes

    Herbs on the Agenda:




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    The Magic Hour 2.2

    in Comedy


    WE ARE BACK.. 

    TMH 2.2, and whats in store this week. But first we would like to THANK ALL of you who has tuned in last week, passed the word, and archived previous shows. 

    SO, we brings it again. A girl scout gets PAID, check out how she makes thin mints rain on em, L.A police claim a handcuffed man kills himself, Will it ever be okay for white people to use the N word, and lastly on the list FELLAS LISTEN TO ME.. WWWWWAAAAIIIITTTTTT before you buy that ring, How engagement rings are a scam..


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    Tanya debuts her NEW SINGLE "Work Your Faith!"

    in Entertainment

    This Week on "TheMusicBox!" THE ANTICIPATED WAIT IS OVER!! Gospo-Fella Entertainment releases NEW single "Work Your Faith" from Stellar/Dove Award Nominee Tanya Dallas-Lewis! 

    Join us TUH-NIGHT, as Marketing Ministries' Wanda Adams guest hosts--and--interviews MEEEE on MY SHOW! ;0)  Joining us will be Alton Lang Jr, CEO of Gospo-Fella Entertainment, and Producer Sean "Smooth" Keys. Prepare your hearts, and get ready to HAVE CHURCH with this single! It's not what you're used to from Tanya Dallas-Lewis, but I promise, you will be blessed by it! The Bible says "Faith Without Works Is Dead," so come on and get ready to 'WORK YOUR FAITH' and hear behind the scenes commentary on how this song came about.

    I'll be waiting for you! Don't be late...I got the anointing oil, prayer line mints, and white sheet to cover you if you fall out in the Spirit! You? JUST BRING YOUR 'SHOUTING SHOES!!"  C U at 8pm EST! 

    -Tanya, Stellar/Dove Award Nominated Recording Artist

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    A Healthy Plan with Xylitol

    in Health

    David Bard of XYBody.com joins Shirley Gutkowski to talk about a new way for dental hygienists to recommend xylitol products through XYBody.com. This discount system allows hygienists and dental practices to purchase xylitol products at a discount and pass that discount on to their patients. The system also has three kits to live cavity free. 

    Kit 1 an Adult Kit with gum, mints, toothpaste and mouthwash all with xylitol
    Kit 2 a Child Kit with kiddy flavors of everything and a banana toothbrush
    Kit 3 is a Dry Mouth Kit with a dry mouth spray and mints to use through out the day.

    Xylitol is in the scientificy literature nearly month showing benefits through out the body. Start your xylitol Strive for 5 as soon as possible.

    Host: Shirley Gutkowski
    Producer: Shirley Gutkowski

    Affiliate Links:

    www.xybody.com use the code M01107

    https://www.sendoutcards.com/XLP_CF/ Send Out Cards

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    Blue Prints TTFI Clock Reset

    in Business

    1.SAVINGS:  Silver 999.9 & Gold 24 Kt 999.9 Bullion
         A)  Religious & Commemorative Coins
         B)  Strong Foundation to secure your Wealth
         C)  Not Government Minted but certified by London            Gold Exchange for Purity [ Mints ] 24 Kt not 22 Kt. 
    2.  REAL ESTATE: Securing  your Financial Foundation.
         A)  Real Estate Investment Property's  Rentals
         B)  Up to 60% Returns - Highest returns consistaantly            of any type of Investment.
         C)  Next 20 plus years due to exploding Population and            Immigration into USA.  People need a place to live.
    3.  Wisdom to grow a Harvest.
          A)  Taught to be a good Steward by Mentors
          B)  Trained to be able to make the right Choices.
    4.  Prepared to Receive the Harvest, that none will be lost.
          A)  Entities to Store the Seed for the next Harvest.
          B)  Delegate; useing others wisdom to protect and Plant
                For the Next Harvest.