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    Filmmaking and Mindfulness: Millennials Zach Valenti and Gabriel Urbina

    in Art

    What are Millennials doing? Join us as Zach Valenti and Gabriel Urbina talk about filmmaking, podcasting, writing, and mindfulness.

    Gabriel Urbina is a Costa Rican-American writer, filmmaker, and science fiction lover. He created, writes, and co-produces Wolf 359 - one of the fastest growing audio drama podcasts on iTunes, with over 400,000 downloads since August, 2014. When he’s not too busy taking dictation from the voices in his head, Gabriel juggles, has strong opinions about movies, and sleepwalks an alarming amount. He lives in Brooklyn. Follow him on Twitter (twitter.com/kindaevilgenius). 

    Zach Valenti is a New York City native filmmaker, voice actor, and mental health activist. In his free time, Zach co-produces and stars in Wolf 359 (www.wolf359.fm), one of the fastest growing audio drama podcasts on iTunes. As an advocate for mental health awareness, he has presented at Harvard, TEDx National University of Singapore, and Massachusetts General Hospital and his writing is published in The Wall Street journal, Salon, and New York Daily News. Zach also currently serves as the Director of Video production at One Month (onemonth.com) - a venture-backed online school for entrepreneurs. Follow him on Twitter (twitter.com/zachvalenti).

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    Clearing Emotional Clutter: Mindfulness Practices for Letting Go

    in Spirituality

    At one level or another, we all carry around some form of baggage, trauma, adversity, or pain from the past. Whether it’s a result of what others have done to us, what we have done to others, or even the harm we’ve done to ourselves, this inner emotional clutter directly affects our ability to live a fulfilling life.  

    n Clearing Emotional Clutter: Mindfulness Practices for Letting Go of What’s Blocking Your Fulfillment and Transformation  (March 8, 2016), psychotherapist, author, and former Buddhist monk Donald Altman offers readers easy-to-use daily practices designed to dissolve emotional clutter, whether it is old emotional wreckage from their childhood or new emotional clutter that they take on every day.

    Clearing Emotional Clutter is built around Six Clutter-Clearing Mindfulness Skills, which can be accessed through the acronym PAIR UP:  Present Moment Participation, Attuned Acceptance, Intentionality, Reflection, Understanding of Suffering, and Purposeful Partnership. Throughout the book, Altman shows readers how to apply these skills to become more centered in the present moment, and promises that when they practice one of the mindfulness skills, they are actually practicing all of them.   


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    Mindfulness in the Workplace & Retirement Account Portability

    in Business

    On this week's program, the hosts talk with guests from eMindful and Millennium Trust Company on issues related to mindfulness, retirement and more.

    The first guest is Kevin Renner, SVP of marketing and product management for eMindful. Employers are facing a new crisis: The proliferation of stress, burnout, obesity and other chronic conditions at unprecedented levels among their employees. In the span of 12 months recently, the percentage of U.S. employees reporting they were stressed at work jumped from 73 to 83 percent, according to the Work Stress Survey conducted by Harris Interactive. Among the most innovative developments in behavioral wellness and holistic well-being today is the application of evidence-based mindfulness training to stress and other modifiable health cost drivers facing employers. A burgeoning body of scientific research has demonstrated that mindfulness is highly effective in improving behavioral health and chronic diseases. In this interview, we will discuss some of the latest findings with Kevin, who has worked in the mindfulness field with eMindful since 2010.

    The second guest on the program this week will be Terry Dunne, SVP and managing director of Rollover Solutions Group at Millennium Trust Company. Employees in health care tend to switch jobs frequently; they need portability of their retirement benefits to help ensure that they can save well for their retirement. This topic touches on a critical public policy goal of preserving assets for retirement savings. For Americans, there is approximately $25 trillion earmarked for retirement. This includes DC, DB, government entities and IRAs. There are over 630,000 DC plans with over 90 million participants – many DB plans and government-type plans. IRAs now hold over $7 trillion in assets. The issue ties to every industry, health care included. What should Americans be doing to enhance their retirement years?

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    Why Can't I Meditate? How to Get Your Mindfulness Practice on Track

    in Spirituality

    Why Can't I Meditate? How to get your mindfulness practice on track with Nigel Wellings

    Meditation is supposed to be a practice that's relaxing and beneficial...so why is it so hard to commit to? While many people have taken workshops in meditation, a significant number don't maintain their practice for long after the class is finished.

    Mindfulness can help us relax and is great for coming to grips with thoughts that make us depressed or anxious, but it can also bring us into a more intimate relationship with ourselves--a prospect that can make some feel uncomfortable. Yes, lots of good things come out of meditation practice, but keeping it up is challenging.

    This is where Why Can't I Meditate? comes in. Full of practical ways to help our mindfulness practice flourish, this book also features guidance from a wide spectrum of secular and Buddhist mindfulness teachers, and personal accounts by new meditators on what they find difficult and what helps them overcome those blocks.

    Nigel Wellings is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist who has been teaching and writing about the relationship between psychotherapy and Buddhism for the last sixteen years. He has served as a Director of Training at the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology, is a founding member of The Forum for Contemplative Studies and a facilitator on The Bath and Bristol Mindfulness Courses.

    Click here to purchase Nigel's book from Amazon.com

    For more info visit: http://whycantimeditate.com/

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    Cultivating Work-Life Balance & Wellness Through Mindfulness w/ Jennifer Wolkin

    in Management


    In this age of mass distraction, honing our ability to cultivate work-life balance has never been more crucial. More and more, we are sacrificing our overall wellness by pushing ourselves mentally and physically in a quest to do it all.  We are working longer hours and never “turning off”.  This leads to chronic stress, which wreaks havoc on our mind, bodies, and brains.  As our stress levels spike, our ability to be present in our lives diminishes, and both our personal and professional selves feel compromised. By practicing mindfulness techniques, we can learn to tune into what we truly need to nourish ourselves, reduce stress, and thrive as an integrated and whole person. 

    Bio: Jennifer Wolkin, PhD is a NYC-based licensed clinical health and neuropsychologist, writer, speaker, and adjunct professor.  She recently founded her blog and online community, BrainCurves™, a space inspired by a mind-body-brain approach to living your best life.

    To find Jennifer Wolkin online:

    Twitter: @Braincurves

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/BrainCurves/

    Website: http://jenniferwolkinphd.com/speaking-and-workshops/

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    Using Chinese Herbal Medicine for dermatological conditions

    in Health

    We welcome Chinese Medicine Dermatology expert Diana Hermann, L.Ac. to our show!  Diana is the owner of Zi Zai Dermatology in Ft. Collins, Colorado and is incredibly knowledgeable on this oft poorly understood subject. She completed the grueling 5-part CM dermatology diploma course, flying to England to train under Mazin al-Khafaji, one of the world's leading authorities on the subject. Join us as we discuss using Chinese herbal medicine to treat dermatological conditions, how to obtain additional training, and more!  

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