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    Medicine Woman radio takes us surfing the waves of the moment with health tips to heal Candida. What is it ? How is it caused? and How to cure it in todays session with Rev. Annique LMT,CR,CTT,Mystic,Shamaness,Sorceress,Alchemist, Medicine woman.

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    Mindfulness Insights - change your thinking, change your life.

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    You can heal your life. If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete -
    - The Buddha

    Mindfulness is an integrative therapy modality:  Western Medicine and Eastern Psychology/Philosophy protocols- strategies and disciplines. 

    Mindfulness Institute integrative therapy modality includes mindfulness meditation to engender one-pointedndess, focus and attention in addition to self- acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, spiritual beliefs, equanimity, and self-nurturing - essential elements in holistic healing. 

    MindfulnessInstitute is a London-based group of practitioners whose expertise is in engaging clients in the transformative stages of holistic healing process. 

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    Medicine Woman Alchemy Radio crippling pain

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    In today's show our medicine woman Annique, takes us on a healing journey from the crippling pain we are all experiencing. From your emails and calls we respond with the tools of the moment called in by you to heal all our crippling pain.  

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    Medicine Woman New medicine

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    Due to the stattic between the realms we experienced some lapse in transmission and difficulties transmitting in this audio.Note:We have since replaced the audio with a better one. Please listen in again as more has been added to the show...enjoy!

    Today from a place beyond duality mystic healer Annique shares new medicine for the moment. Healing beyond the constructs of time and space; Mind is the only one that believes in death; new ways to receive Annique free alchemy on facebook;  and so much more when you are ready. Medicine Woman Annique shares her gifts of healing alchemy freely with you. Each week we start with a short meditation, and then we discuss different pathologies and receive gifts of alchemy to heal these topics. In this unique show Annique takes live caller's requests for alchemical healing. Recieving from source, the real touching the real, frequency dissipates distortion and light dispells the illusion of underlying disease that separates us from our greater oneness with all of its healing potential. High alchemy healing is the medicine of moment and the future.

    Call in now 714-409-0583 or email Annique directly at anniqueofgaia@gmail.com 

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    A great thanks to my teacher Almine, for all of her dedication and perserverence in bringing forth these great gifts that lie within us for us.

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    Mindfulness series for accomplishments, achievement, and peace of mind.

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    Personal transformation specially designed techniques for work/life balance engenders  how to be commited to change and  not consumed by ambition.

    It is essential to de-stress the mind/body connection; otherwise known as mindfulness:  How to manage time and emotions to ensure the success of  longterm life changes!



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    Mindful Shift - a converstion with Steve Hickman - Dir. Center for Mindfulness

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    I am very excited to be joined today by Director for the Univ. of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness Steve Hickman.  Dr. Hickman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has a joint appointment as an Associate Clinical Professor in teh UCSD Dept of Pyschiatry and Family and Preventive Medicine.  He is the founder and Director of the UCSD Center for Mindfulness and has himself taught over 40 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses, as well as adapting the program for nurses, medical students and other professionals and clinical populations.  The UCSD Center for Mindfulness is a multi-faceted program of clinical care, professional training, education, research and outreach intended to further the practice and integration of mindfulness into all aspects of society.

    They offer a broad range of mindfulness-based programs and initiatives.  Whether your interest in mindfulness is personal or professional, on behalf of a young family member or your workplace, or if you are just curious abut what it is, you are invited to explore this amazing Center!  The Center is a program of the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine and Department of Psychiatry.    Truly right up Mindful Shifts alley!  I have looking to interview a Mindfulness instructor for awhile, so this should be wonderful.  Steve is so much more than an instructor!

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    Taking Mindfulness and Spirituality into the Workplace

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    Mindfulness and Spirituality are discussed about much today. But not too many talk about bringing it into the business world or workplace. My special guest Alka Dhillon is adamant about how important it is to bring spirituality to work with you and to practice mindfulness there as well. Join us as we discuss how she was able to create an extremely successful Technology and Management Consulting business using these principles and why she is so passionate about spreading this message to others.


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    Mindfulness Insights : the mind records, the heart remembers.

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    Mindfulness insights: 

    This place where you are right now
    God circled on a map for you.

    Wherever your eyes and arms and heart can move
    Against the earth and the sky,
    The Beloved has bowed there -

    Our Beloved has bowed there knowing
    You were coming.

    I could tell you a priceless secret about
    Your real worth, dear pilgrim,

    But any unkindness to yourself,
    Any confusion about others,

    Will keep one
    From accepting the grace, the love,

    The sublime freedom
    Divine knowledge always offers to you.

    Never mind, Hafiz, about
    The great requirements this path demands
    Of the wayfarers,

    For your soul is too full of wine tonight
    To withhold the wondrous Truth from this world.

    But because I am so clever and generous,
    I have already clearly woven a resplendent lock
    Of his tresses

    As a remarkable truth and gift
    In this poem for you.


    Translation by Daniel Ladinsky, The Subject Tonight Is Love

  • Medicine Woman Releasing to awaken

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    Releasing time series continues....NEW AUDIO to replace the cut off of the show Enjoy! Medicine Woman Annique shares her gifts of healing alchemy freely with you. Each week we start with a short meditation. Recieving from source, the real touching the real, frequency dissipates distortion and light dispells the illusion of underlying disease that separates us from our greater oneness with all of its healing potential. High alchemy healing is the medicine of this moment. Learn plant medicine; frequency healing; alchemy healing; empower yourself with the tools of the ancients; grow your foundation of healing that is real.

     email Annique directly at anniqueofgaia@gmail.com 

    Like us on facebook: facebook.com/MedicineWalk 


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  • Mindfulness & Compassion

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    I feel being mindful of any situation, whether within us or our outisde environment is important to have a good life. As well, compassion for myself & others helps to keep peace of mind. These topics are explored in this program, for the beneficial of what I need to learn; maybe it will be helpful for you as well.

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    Mindfulness insights: love life and it loves you back

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    If nothing changes...nothing changes. When we lack awareness insights into  how our hardwired  behaviours i.e  being judgemental and reactive continues to block intimacy there is felt-sense of "sameness" about every interaction. Life is defined by fear.  A self fulfilling prophecy manifesting victimisation.   

    Mindfulness's  two-prong practice: social and emotional intelligence approach optimises parenting, partnering and companionship. 

    Over time when practised on a daily basis it is possbile to shift from being a victim into a  heroic individual,  successful  in love and life. 

    Driven  by stimuli  (addiction to intensity) results in being  easily triggered into feeling  frustrated angered and hurt,  intellectually, spiritually and emotionally avoidant. Such is the potency of unconscious thinking/feeling behaviours. The brains hardwiring does the firing and is hugely responsive to new brain body/thinking/feeling behaviours.  

    Addiction manifests obsessive compulsivity, as felt sense of being  disconnected.  When we approach life from a mature mindfulness stance we personify self acceptance, non-reactivity, non-judgementalism, validation, empathy and compassion.

    No longer needing to be reactive, entitled, enraged and oppositional. When we feel good- enough we are emotionally balanced.  We  navigate life with a heightened sense of equipoise, authenticity and awareness.

    Mindfulness  combination of social and emotional intelligence  creates a powerbase of potent people (social) skils. Healing primal intrinsic states  of disconnection.

    We are hardwired to conect. Mindfulness sweetens all our connections with loving kindndess, empathy and compassion. 


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