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    The Teacher Let The Monkeys Out

    in Comedy

    Join Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio gang as they celebrate the end of the school year and offer fun and educational ways for your children to spend their summertime of freedom outside of the house and away from the wet nurse of their iPhones, their iPads, and what-have-yuz.  Jay and Matt are all about the children and want to let them know how to have fun in the summer sun.

    The 2015 Atlantic Hurricane season kicks off this week as well, so they'll throw out plenty of preparation tips that may or may not save your life.  And as always, Jay and Matt will discuss the latest headlines from around the world with a cynical and satirical eye, and take your calls at 661.244.9852.

    So gather your kids around the internet radio as IWS Radio presents, The Teacher Let The Monkeys Out.

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    Truth Front to Back Ep4 Special Guest India Morel Starring Desiree Deluca

    in Entertainment

    Hey again you horny s   The dynamic duo is back  Desiree Deluca aka Boobzilla  and her Co Host  Karen Fisher   the milf  of all milfs

    Back to bring you  the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth  in the adult industry and trending topics

    Special guest Co Host  former star and Owner of Dollhouse radio  India Morel

    Our Adult entertainer special guest tonight is Alex Chance    Her sexy slutty ass will be here Midnight EST 9pm PST


    1130 p  Intro  song   Star    introduction of show  introduction of Guest    first topic  The XRCO awards 

    11 40  Announcements  first break  song   twerking like miley cyrus  by Heroine

    1145  furst show segment   news  

    1155  2nd  song break   star dancing  by Nightcore

    Midnight   Interview  Alex chance

    1215 third music break   can u dig it   by Yung peach

    1220   star lesson   how you get paid from agency's/any phone calls

    1228 wrap up   say goodbyes





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    TCH Ep. 61: Horror Movie Actress and Adult Film Star Ophelia Rain

    in Film

    On this episode we are going to have Horror Actress, Adult Film Star and Model Ophelia Rain on to talk about her amazing range of work, including such genre credits as Milfs Vs. Zombies, Death Metal, Bite School, Dracula's War and Urban Legends to Die For, as well as just getting picked up for Concept Media's Don't Fuck in the Woods! We will also discuss her Adult Film career and modeling. We will also discuss the "stigmata" of being a Adult Film Star and trying to cross-over to "legit" film!

    We will be reviewing Scream Factory's Blu-Ray release of Scream Blacula Scream as well as Olive Films Blu-Ray release of The Boogens!

    We will also be featuring Behemoth and their most recent CD The Satanist in our Metal Blade Spotlight!

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    RadioFreeRover is proud to present: Kim Rhodes and VetPaw

    in Fun

    Ladies and gents... We are extremely proud to bring you an evening with Kim Rhodes and the folks at VetPaw.

    This isn't a show about #SuperNatural ...it is about the lady behind the role, the mom,the autism supporter, the friend, the persona online that helps spread information and helps countless get their voices heard...who also swears like a fucking trucker lol Sorry not sorry.

    She blogs, she jokes around on social media...oh and she also happens to be a kick ass actress 


    It is also about Vetpaw.org and their fight to save animals in Africa, who better to fight poachers than vets?

    What they do?

    -Provide meaningful employment to skilled U.S. military veterans and utilize their expertise to train and support Tanzanian anti-poaching rangers and their communities.

    -Prevent the extinction of key African wildlife and the disastrous economic and environmental impact it would have.

    -Promote relationship-building in East Africa through sustainable community engagement.

    Iconic and irreplaceable species such as elephants and rhinos are being slaughtered to the brink of extinction. The goal of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife is to help end the African poaching crisis and conserve endangered species. We do this by utilizing the unrivaled skills and experience of post-9/11 U.S. veterans to train park rangers and support their communities.



    Join us and lets get to know these great people!


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    MILFS & Size or Skill

    in Entertainment

    Listen in to our very first episode. We discuss MILFS and size or skill. Which is more important to you? See you in chat!

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    You're Never Going To Marry Your 3am Hookup

    in Comedy

    This week, Jared is joined by comedian Megan Gailey to talk about how you know a relationship won't work, taking down MILFs, and why hooking up at community college is so difficult. Plus, the news from TotalFratMove.com. Check it out!

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    Tell Us About Your Mommy Baby

    in Comedy

    It's Mother's Day and NOBODY loves moms more than Matt-Man and Jayman. They will be talking about their favorite moms of all time, both real and imaginary. Then some of the WORST moms of all time and finally MILFs. Everyone loves MILFs. And of course who better to give mom advice to women than Matt-Man and Jayman? Also, they might have a few thoughts on Mommy Bloggers that you won't want to miss.

    To balance out all that chick stuff, the NFL Draft was this week and the IWS Team will be on hand to break it all down for you guys. We'll present some expert analysis that you just won't get anywhere else.

    Who knows what else we might feel like talking about and don't forget those phone lines are always open! Call us up with anything that's on your minds. Mommies get moved to the front of the line.

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    MILF and Size or Skill - Aug 12,2011

    in Entertainment

    Cougar Chat discusses MILF and Size or Skill with Boy Toys Dakota Lawrence and Christopher Kenna, along with friend Terri Rorek. NOTE: This is the very first episode of Cougar Chat that was aired April 25, 2011. Hope you enjoy! Give us your feedback! Visit us at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cougar-Chat/141016062635318 also follow us on twitter http://twitter.com/CougarChats Email us at: cougar.chat@yahoo.com

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    Kickback Saturdayz w/ Clarke & Farin

    in Lifestyle

    They say, "Age aint nutin but a number", but how much of that is true. What are your thoughts on dating someone much older or younger than you. Join Clarke and Farin as they discuss....."Cougars and Cradle Robbers: Does age really matter?"

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    No Limits with David and Jodie 9 9 13

    in Entertainment

    David and Jody go through analysis of eachothers past .