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    Impact360: Ensuring a Successful ERP Migration

    in Business

    Today's episode we discuss a successful ERP migration and what you can do to ensure yours goes smoothly

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    Human Migration

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks about the tidal wave of migrants making their way from war torn Libya to Europe, primarily Italy.

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    Migration changing political map; Conservatives support Common Core?

    in Politics Conservative

    Have you noticed the change in accents in the South are starting to change? There is a reason for this dilemma, another Yankee invasion! This migration has changed the Political Map of the country and it could have some significant effects on who controls the Senate and House of Representatives in Washington, DC.

    Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her bid for the White House right after the New Year Celebrations. Is she one tough lady or is she oblivious to what is going on?

    Two Contitutional Amendments to change some South Carolina laws that need South Carolinians attention in November.

    Can this be true, Conservatives supporting Common Core? With kids returning to school and the controversial Common Core standards still weighing heavy on the minds of country, I have arranged to have the National Policy Director Michael Brinkman of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute (a conservative education policy think tank) to join us "In the Pickle Barrel" to discuss the controversy over Common Core standards.

    Never a dull day "In the Pickle Barrel".

    Show goes live at 8AM-10AM EST.

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    A Tribute to Black History Month: What Was the Great Migration?

    in History

    Tune in tonight to get the truth about The Great Migration, and find out what really caused Blacks to make their journey from the southern part of the country to the north.  Was the north the New Promised Land?

    Long Story Short is a weekly show focusing on African American history, current issues in the black community and the future of people of African descent around the world. For the month of February, Dr. Hardy is dedicating the show to Black History Month where he will share some untold, as well as some familiar stories of the history and souls of Black folks. Tune in as Dr. Hardy makes the long, rich stories of the African Diaspora short, sweet and unforgettable.

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    ZBTR Roundtable: Return Migration

    in News

    The ZBTR Roundtable will examine the issue of return migration which is increasingly becoming a major theme in migration studies as the number of immigrants returning to their home countries is increasing. Based on the article written by Chola Mulenga a Zambian Diaspora resident, there are numerous factors at play before one considers the whole concept of returning home to re-settle. When is it right to return home? To what extent does the political situation influence this decision?
    The roundtable will also examine the recent events at Zambia Railways Limited and its CEO who left his job as a college professor/lecturer to take the helm of the embattled Railway company. Has Professor Chirwa’s outbursts and salary perks demands undermined the Diaspora communities credibility and loyalty to their homeland?
    Join us on Perspecti

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    Israelites In History According To Archaeology & Migration w/King Yeshiyah

    in Spirituality

    Lil Yeshiyah


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    in Fun

    KB and THE REVOLUTIONARY RYDERS strap up with information and put in work for the revolution. Black People fled the south by the millions in search of jobs, equality and opportunity. The reality was that the north was just as racist and oppressive as the south in some regards. Nowadays Black folks are searching for a new promised land where they can get a piece of the "American Dream." What are the worst places for our people in this country?, what are the best places for us? Does it really matter where you go if your black? What makes a place good for us? Join us for an important discussion on the future of Black America. 





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    The Quran Salat Institute: Seerah Of The Prophet - First Migration to Abyssinia

    in Education

    The Quran Salat Institute is 2 hours of a weekly 3 hour session broadcasted live from Masjidul Waritheen in Oakland, California.  It is covering a comprehensive study of the Quran and the LIfe Of Prophet Muhammad and the relevant insights into both through the lens brought by the work of Imam Warithuddin Mohammed (ra)

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    Monster X Radio with Charlie Raymond

    in Science

    Join Monster X hosts Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson as they sit down with Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization founder Charlie Raymond.

    Established in 1997, the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization is a non-kill research organization which seeks to prove the existence of and protect tas he creatures known Bigfoot. Their purpose is to document all credible Bigfoot sightings in Kentucky. Their mission is to obtain a database as to monitor population density and migration patterns for all reported Kentucky bigfoot encounters. They believe bigfoot to be a yet-to-be classified, unidentified hominid. Their main goal is to acquire enough evidence to establish laws in Kentucky to protect these creatures and their habitat.

    The number to call in is to Monster X is (347) 326-9859

    Gunnar Monson is a long time Bigfoot researcher. A past investigator with the BFRO, he is the Lead Investigator of the Tillamook Forest Research Project as well as a member of The Olympic Project (www.OlympicProject.com) and Bigfootology. He is also the founder of The Sasquatch Coffee Company (www.SquatchCoffee.com)

    A native of Scotland, Shane has had an interest in Cryptids since his youth. Fate brought him to Oregon where he dove head first into the subject of Bigfoot. Shane had a sighting in the Mt, Hood National Forest in 2013 which only deepened his passion in his pursuit. He is a core team member of both the T.F.R.G. as well as The Olympic Project. He is also a member of Bigfootology. In addition to hosting Monster X Radio, he can be heard Wednesday evenings on Cryptologic Radio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cry

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    Bert Martinez joined by Dilip Ratha and Dr. Joseph Parent

    in Business

    Dilip Ratha innovative thinker in development finance including remittances, diaspora bonds, sovereign ratings, and structured finance. Lead economist and manager of the Migration and Remittances Unit, World Bank, Expert on global economics, Pioneer of remittance alternatives and Global TED Speaker 2014

    Dr. Joseph Parent highly respected and sought-after keynote speaker and executive coach in Performance Psychology for Business, teaching the path to success through peak performance principles. He has a PhD in Social Psychology, and has practiced and taught Mindful Awareness in the Buddhist tradition for over 40 years. He is a renowned PGA TOUR and LPGA Performance Coach who helped major champions Vijay Singh and Cristie Kerr to achieve #1 in the World Golf Rankings. Dr. Parent is the best-selling author of several books, including ZEN GOLF: Mastering the Mental Game, which has sold over a half-million copies in ten different languages, in print, digital, and audio formats, and the newly released ZEN TENNIS: Playing in the Zone. He is currently working on a business book, ZEN WORKING: You Must Be Present to Win

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    Ralph Poynter:What's Happening

    in Politics Progressive