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    Politics Done Right - Budget Deal On Backs Of Middleclass Again

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    This week’s show

    Yet Again The Budget Deal On Middleclass’ Back

    We got a budget deal. We won’t have to worry about a government shutdown for two years. The moneyed interests were satisfied. Doctors got their fix. Corporations escaped any corporate welfare give backs.

    While sequester eased on some domestic programs, the winner remained the wealthy and the corporation. They felt no pain.

    This is not new. This should be no surprise. The powers that be will expect apathy. They will believe that 2014 will be a status quo election. Both corporate Democrats and Republicans think their alliance is safe. Is it? Hell no. We will rise up at the ballot box in 2014. It won’t be off year election apathy. It will be a strong resolve to engage, mobilize and win.

    Visit blog post here.

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    Re-Evolution Radio Presents The Black Caucus.

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    Tonight on the return of the Black Caucus. Brother Morpheus breaks down African Economic empowerment, Brother Morpheus will go deep into the fragile pysche of the economic defencancies, that the system presents to the Western African, Brother Morpheus draws information from several knoweldgable teachers, on the matter of African Economics. Please join Brother Morpheus tonight and is his full panel of guest host, tonight on Re-Evolution Radio at 10pm eastern please tune in and drop out 347-855-8862.

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    President Obama Fiscal Year 2016 Budget

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    President Barack Obama called for sweeping tax increases Monday in a budget proposal that dropped any quest for fiscal grand bargains with Congress, but also laid out narrower domestic priorities that may appeal to Republicans.His proposal for more than $1 trillion in new tax measures over the coming decade was immediately declared a nonstarter by Republicans, who also criticized the plan’s lack of new measures to curtail entitlement spending, the biggest contributor to federal deficits, his request for a 4.5% increase in military spending.WSJ

    The Treasury Department estimates that the proposals would raise $210 billion over ten
    years by increasing the top tax rate on longterm capital gains from 24.2 percent to 28 percent and taxing unrealized capital gains at death. A new financial fee would raise another $110 billion.Part of that revenue would finance a package of middleclass tax cuts ($175 billion) and retargeted education tax benefits would cost about $50 billion.In addition, some of the revenue would finance new spending initiatives for early childhood education and community college,
    which are not considered here.

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    In With The Knews: Who Killed The Middleclass?

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    Weds, Feb 6th, 11pm est . 8pm pac ... IWTK: Who Killed The Middleclass?...We will be discussing the ever dying middleclass. Seems these days, you either got it or you don't.
    Call in at 626-414-3414 with your opinion.

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    Midterm Elections Must Favor Democracy, the WorkingClass

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    America has varied classes of financial status. Some classes will remain the same regardless of the midterm election results. That would be the top 1% of Americans who owns 43% of all the nations wealth. The next group who remains untouched by midterm election results is the next 4% who owns 29% of the nations wealth.

    The next 15% many of which are part of the workingclass group, owns 21% of the nations wealth and most of them have rebounded since PBO avoided a depression, and this 15% likely will remaing wealthy regardless of the outcome of the midterm election.

    Which brings us to the true workingclass which is a group of 160 million Americans. Within the workingclass you have the middle class which constitutes around 50million Americans. Of this 50million, the group includes upper middleclass, and lower middleclass. During the recession, which started during Bush/Cheney administration, much of the lower middleclass loss status. Lots of these same people are angered still today and unless individuals and politicians who actually care about the workingclass are able to win this midterm election, America could be in more trouble than ever. The 15% of wealthiest American will begin to shrink. IN American taxes must be paid. Taxes must be collected and failure to collect taxes from one group, pushes IRS to collect taxes from the other groups. Workingclass pay most of America's taxes, and an effort to get more taxes from this group results in a state of depression in a matter of months. We experienced a recession and that has to be enough to convince all workingclass citizens that unless we all grasp onto a future of prosperity for all, we'll find we can't all hang onto enough to thrive in the years to come. We individuals, politicians, ceos, clergy, must step away from party and vote for politicians who have shown they voted for and will continue to vote for Veterans and the workingclass.

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    When Congress Blocks a Bill, Does it Matter

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    Grover Norquist, Grover Norquist, Grover Norquist. Litigation! Regulations! Taxation! Here lies all the problems of the corruption in America today. It began with the Republican political party in 1973. The political party, known as the GOP includes, Politicians, CEOs, Media, people seeking fame and fortune, and low information voters. They all disregard truths to gain successes and look good in the moment by telling any lie necessary. Just as elections have consequences, all these GOP lies have consequences.

    Congress has been blocking bills since the election of President Obama. I recall someone in the media making this statement: Why does the President keep sending through bills he know will not pass.

    Let me be the first to answer that question. President Obama was writing bills of different variations with hopes of eventually seeing politicians coming together with a reason they could relate to and vote for US via the jobs bills

    PBO jobs bills began in 2009 and the blocking of jobs bills began Jan 20, 2009, first by way of a verbal agreement and has continued. Dispite the GOP negative actions, the actions of the President's administration has resulted in a US Stock Market hitting an all time high in profit margin levels. With money flowing like the rivers, Company owners are storing $Trillions overseas, CEOs are getting bonuses, Gov't officials are getting bonuses, and the middleclass working force is disappearing. Poverty is growing and for the first time ever people of all persuasions are unifying in issue based situations and are more fired up than in the 2008 presidential election. Congress blocks bills, based on instructions of ALEC (The American Legislative Exchange Council) and lock out of US workers continues, outsourcing continues, importing workers continues and poverty continues to grow across America.

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    The Government's "War On The Poor"

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    How the wealthy are the main culprits in bringing down the middleclass and the poor.
    When did congress and the President get on board to bring down this nation by starvation and minipulation.
    How will this food shortage affect the American people?
    Will there be a civil embarking on this nation in the next 2-3 years?

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    Introducing: Model/Radio host Shettima Webb

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    Shettima “Mocha Chocolate” Webb is a multitalented woman who is a jack of many trades and master of all she executes. She is a Model, an Actress, a TV/Radio Host and an Entrepreneur. 
    Shettima was first introduced to the modeling industry as a teenager when she attended Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in Chicago. It was there she learned modeling and acting techniques but did not pursue any further after completion of the program due to her parents finances.  Her parents were a typically middleclass family that struggled to make ends meet like any other family. Seeing how much her family struggled with financial matters, she decided to major in Accounting and Finance in college.
    In 2006, Shettima became the first person in her family to graduate from college with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Business from Devry University. From there she has worked for fortune 500 companies with some of nations top CEO’s in the country. It had seemed that her modeling aspirations where put aside until 2009 when she entered into the Miss Illinois Plus America Pageant and won.  It was there her plus modeling career begin.
    Shettima has ripped the runway in some of Chicago’s major shows such as the Black Women’s Expo and African Festival of the Arts and many others. She has also been featured in several magazines and has had the pleasure of being the cover model for an international magazine.  In addition to runways and magazines, Shettima has also been featured as an extra on the ABC’s hit series “Betrayal” and “Exxon Mobile” commercial and various other projects.
    Join us this Sunday as we showcase the Multi-talented "Mocha Chocolate" Shettima Webb.

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    The Bottomless Pocket

    in Culture

    This episode of Dangeouse Black Minds addresses issues on being  broke in an age were the middleclass is estimated to become extinct in Americas near future.

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    Unemployment Rates

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    Keep up with unemployment rates. Senators and congress and governors should be busy bringing down the jobless rate. But nooooo! they spend their time signing off on laws written by corporations with needs. Needs like less regulations, lower taxes, and fewer and limited litigations.
    GOP does not work to get US JOBs. NOOOO! GOP deeds are to protect / and grow Corporate money at the expense of jobless consumers, working poor, vanishing middleclass, those living off fixed incomes, and yes, ever those in poverty spends money that lines the pockets of GOP/CEO

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    The Fiscal Cliff: How Far Can We Drop?

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    While Republicans and Democrats destroy the middleclass of this country, one can only wonder where is the leadership of President Obama?  It is very apparent to even the casual observers, that if nothing is done, to keep the Bush Tax cuts from expiring, they will expire and taxes will go up on all working  American Professionals, or those in a household where both husband and wife make $ 75,000 dollars a year totaling. So all the President and the Democrats have to  do is nothing and they will get the single largest tax increase on working class Americans in history. All while the President’s pit bulls spend every waking hour developing the class warfare strategies, that are reinforced by a politically biased media, while he vacations and ignores the plight of working class American families. What do you think? Jimmy and Bernie want to hear from you. Join then Saturday December 8th 2012 at 2:00PM EDT on the Blog Talk Radio Network for the next  Edition of  Let’s Talk Justice America.