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    Micro Geckos with Wally Kern of Supreme Gecko

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    Airing 11/30/14 at 8:00 PM EST

    Wally Kern of Supreme Gecko joins us for an episode dedicated to micro geckos. There are many species of geckos that never reach sizes over 4"-5". Their young are incredibly tiny and require a bit of extra care. If your space is limited or if you like smaller species than you will benefit from listening to this discussion. Feel free to call in with your questions or discussion topics at 646-478-5331. Calls will be answered in the order that they are received. Hang out in our chatroom during the live broadcast also. The chatroom works best with Google and Firefox browsers. 

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    Green Talk Live "Micro Local Food Systems: New Trend"

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    Tonight on Green Talk Live & More the Chefs will be discussing the creation and proliferation of local micro food systems and its impact on communities in NYC.





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    Micro Chipping People who receive Food Stamps

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    I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I will tell you that I do receive food stamps because I need them.  However, if it comes down to being micro chipped so I can continue to receive food stamps I will have to give them up.  I cannot allow myself to be tracked by the government on how and when I do my purchases or where I am at all times.  This type of behaviour makes me feel I am turning my life over to the government and I will not do this.

    I may be without funds but I am not without dignity and pride and this idea of letting the government micro chip me is so abhorrent to me that I would rather starve.  Fortunately, for me I would only be affecting myself, if I had small children I might have to rethink my position, but I hope not.

    Right now, I only no this micro chipping to be a rumor, but if it is a rumor with legs I will have to forgo eating on a regular basis because I will not allow the government to implant a chip in my body to make sure I don't abuse the system.

    We all have to draw the line for ourselves and this is where I draw the line.  I refused to be drug tested when I was working at my last job.  I have never done drugs or abused alcohol but that doesn't seem to matter, if one person is tested we all have to be tested.

    Where will you draw the line?






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    City Chicks: Keeping Micro-flocks of Chickens

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    More and more people are raising chickens due to the inhumane practice of factory farms and use of antibiotics. For folks that wish to grow food organically, locally and sustainably, raising chickens has become the most popular method. Across America, municipalities are allowing and even encouraging residents to keep laying hens within city limits. Expert, Patricia Foreman, author of CITY CHICKS: Keeping Micro-flocks of Chickens as Garden Helpers, Compost Makers, Bio-recyclers and Local Food Suppliers is certainly leading the way. Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer is joined by special guest, Patricia Foreman to discuss how to raise chickens in your urban environment.

    Today's show is brought to you by Eden Foods the most trusted name in certified organic clean food! Shop online at EdenFoods.com and enter the coupon code “ORGVIEW” when prompted during checkout to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases). For other promotional offers, please visit TheOrganicView.com’s website.


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    Our Mission Statement for Tarapoto, Disrict of San Martin, Peru.

    Our Mission here in Peru came from within each of us as a grand collective consciousness to do three main tasks. 1) Meet our ancient ancestors 2) Learn the culture and diversity in Nature to become familiar with its outstanding Natural Beauty and 3) Devise a plan to create a new system of the future that will allow the old corrupt system to simply go away.

    4 Months ago a group of people assembled here in Peru on a mission to clean the Jungle and it’s rivers and show the people new friendly technologies and ancient technologies and it just makes great sense that Peru was the chosen place from within.

    We have managed to currently fund the Acquisition of most of the new technology items that will be apart of the New Dome Operational Technology as listed below. The reason for doing this is the fact that Villagers will need at least 6 months intuitive sessions to understand what is landing on their doorstep and it is wise to assume the education needs of these beautiful people, when it comes to new technologies such as the QEG and the 3D Printer and The Light Mandala.

    Currently you can pick one microproject and help fund that project like the demonstration Aquaponics system here in El Achual, Tarapoto or the Bio-Gas project that is not yet being funded or the radio station.

    This will be a precursor to The Crowd-funding for the New Dome Center once we have completed all Micro  projects below and taught the children and villagers how to use the new technologies and new health medicines on route to their villages.

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    You may be a Micro-Manager if you ....

    in Business

    It's easy to setup an introductory, complimentary discovery one-on-one coaching call, schedule at https://www.timetrade.com/book/WFSFQ

    Do you feel pushed and pulled in all directions?
    Do you find that once you complete one task, 3 more pop up?
    Do you feel you don’t even have the time to delegate?

     The truth is chaos does not have to be a way of life.

    Join us every Tuesday at 9:00am ET - on the radio for a 5 minute discussion regarding a real-world situation that busy professional and enterpreneurs face every day.

    After the 5 minute discussion, the phone lines are open for some Q&A

    If you want more information, why don’t we schedule an appointment,  where I get to know more about your unique situation. And then I will be happy to make recommendations on what your best steps are moving forward.  How does that sound? 

    Hi, my name is Laura Rose.  I am a speaker and author. I am an expert time and project management.

    I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs create effective systems so that they can comfortably delegate to others, be more profitable and have time to enjoy life even if they don’t have time to learn new technology or train their staff.  I have a knack for making big ideas into on time and profitable projects.

     At the end of the day, I give people peace of mind.

    Archives of these epis

    odes can be found at



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    "Small Cap Spotlight" Podcast Featuring Vuzik Corporation [Part 2]

    in Finance

    Travers Discusses Company’s Video Eyewear and Smart Glasses, Marketing Strategy and much more in Part 2 of a 2 Part Feature.   

    Publicwire.com, the number one source for small cap market news, announced today Paul Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix Corporation (Ticker: VUZI), a leading supplier of Video Eyewear and Smart Glasses products in the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets, is featured on this week’s “Small Cap Spotlight” podcast heard worldwide on Publicwire.com. The interview with host Dave Donlin focuses on Vuzix’s products, marketing strategy, the future of smart glasses and much more. The interview is part of a new podcast just launched by Publicwire.com, a leading digital financial media company which boasts top rated investor web traffic both in the U.S. and the world (as ranked by Alexa).

    The “Small Cap Spotlight” podcast provides valuable insight into today’s financial markets and a unique prospective by featuring company CEOs, authors, newsmakers and many more.  This week’s episode is part two of a two part feature with Vuzix Corporation’s President and CEO Paul Travers.

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    TheAngryindian speaks on the US Senate #TortureReport, the ongoing crisis of racist police brutality against Africans and Indigenous Peoples in the land of the free Euro-Settler and the imperialist-corporate state and takes a Skype call from a listener on Twitter (poet/artist Liz Mariani - lizmariani.com) who talks about the societal scourges of 'fracking', micro-aggressions, human-phobias and the peso-poverty of American artists and why that should change. Follow-up audio from Bristol Community Radio, UK.

    Your feedback as listeners is important. Please feel free to forward us your suggestions as to how Aboriginal & African communities can effectively, non-violently and intelligently respond to our respective issues. Your suggestions and audio responses will be raised on future dispatches.


    eMail + '4thworldradio@gmx.pt'

    SKYPE + 'aboriginalnewsgroup'

    VoIP + 'sip:apns@ekiga.net'

    Voicemail/G+Talk + 'aboriginalmediagroup'

    APNSPR + 'feeds.feedburner.com/aboriginalpressradio'



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    The Firing Squad

    in Culture

    “Real journalism is publishing something someone else does not want published – the rest is just public relations.” George Orwell

    With so much drama in the world today in our communities on both macro and micro levels, it’s always strange to see the news or people that claim to be journalists talking about all kinds of silly things and never what’s going on. The Firing Squad is here to take aim at all that is wrong with the world, starting with our own communities.

    Three men of color with no censor and no objectives but truth, justice and common sense. Each episode will deal with hot-button issues with honesty, straight talk, and humor whenever possible . No personality is untouchable, and no one is spared the venom, or the praise whenever fit.

    The format fo the show is simple five topics a week with 5 minutes devoted to each topic, and a close by each individual member featuring a verbal shot of their own choosing.

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    ExpandingU RADIO Chats w/Jim Cole of Maxam Nutraceuticals

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    Presented by: India Irie Sanatana Dharma & Kami Be w honoured guest, Jim Cole.

    Jim Cole is the CEO & Founder of Maxam Nutraceutics.  He has been on a life-long quest for knowledge to understand how our human bodies are affected by our toxic environment, our family genetics and our flawed diets since his beloved father died very suddenly at the age of 57 from brain cancer. His research took him through cellular biology, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, chemistry, and of course, nutrition. The key to good health, he felt, was in finding an efficient delivery method for all the nutrients our bodies require.

    It was then that he met the brilliant chemist who after researching these same issues for over 20 years had hit upon a fermentation method that used micro doses of nutrients to send signals directly to our genes to instruct them to heal themselves.  This became the SMART technology of Maxam Nutraceutics.  Jim’s studies had convinced him that the greatest danger to our health was toxic overload, so the first product Maxam developed was one that would help the body eliminate toxic waste in the most natural way. He called it PCA and it has been Maxam’s premier product for over 15 years.  In that time, Maxam’s product line has expanded to 42 products, all of which Jim has always tested on himself first and most of which he has been taking on a regular basis since their inception.  It’s been over three decades since Jim set out to conquer the longevity that eluded his father, in those years he has outsmarted his genetic fate by beating cancer twice, always naturally.  But Jim’s mission won’t be fulfilled until he has helped all humans beat their own genetic fate and achieve optimum health, naturally.



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