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  • 01:30

    Yes, I'm Still Boycotting MichFest; She Said, She Said #32

    in Culture

    She Said, She Said is a podcast featuring lesbian couple Genia and Andrea. Genia is the host of SistersTalk Radio and Andrea is the assistant producer.
    In this segment:

    *Our anniversary celeration
    *Is your partner discussing your relationship too much on Facebook?
    *The Advocate dogs GLAAD: The pot calling the kettle black
    *Dealing with a partner who always acts up in public
    *How do you deal with closeted friends?
    *Yes, Genia is still boycotting MichFest
    *White gays and Black gays: what do each of us want?
    *Are you feeling an emotional disconnect with your partner since the baby was born?
    *Venice 1.05
    *Anyone But Me 2.3

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  • 00:58

    Part 1: Monica Roberts Addresses Michfest's Trans Policy

    in Women

    Monica Roberts, Trans Activist and  Founding Editor of TransGriot, joins Genia on the show to discuss:
    Michfest's policy that excludes trans women Which feminists have been at the forefront of promoting transphobia Which feminist works with right wing politicians to pass anti-trans laws This is the first part of a two part series.
    Learn more: 
    The TERF Queer Dictionary | TERF My Vagina is Not What Makes Me a Woman Just Another Woman at Michfest Are All "Womyn" Welcome? MichFest and the Struggle for Trans Inclusion??? Listen to more SistersTalk Radio. Subscribe to SistersTalk Radio on iTunes. Follow Genia on Twitter. Become a SistersTalk Radio fan on Facebook.