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    Quitman Panthers vs Meridian Wildcats

    in Football

    Live coverage of the Quitman High School Panthers' second home game against the Meridian Wildcats on Friday, August 30 starting at 7:00 pm CT.
    Play-by play coverage provided by Dustin Davidson.
    Broadcast live over the Internet by AM1500 WQMS Radio. 
    Those who miss the live coverage can listen to a re-broadcast of the game the following day (Saturday) at 2 pm on AM 1500 WQMS Radio Listen to the recorded broadcasts on-demand anytime afterwards at: http://wqmslive.com.

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    Poetry Appreciates Earth Day!

    in Poetry

    National Poetry Month & Earth Day

    Host Rich Gehlhausen

    Host Charlie Checkers

    Host Isabella Heart

    and Program Director Lady Selah SuJuris; sharing their favorite selections of poems and lyrical poetry for National Poetry Month with Earth day tones!

    Lady Selah will share a section from Billy Collins in the Library of Congress March/April 2015 issue timmed to coincide with National Poetry Month in April. 

    Billy Collins Durinmg his term as Poet Laureate (2001-2003), Launched Poetry 180 Project designed to give high-school students a poem a day to read aloud. 


    Spring by Lord Alfred Douglas 

    Nature Is What We See by Emily Dickenson

    God The Artist by Angela Morgan

    Buttercups & Daises by Mary Howitt

    Read A Poem Out Loud by Billy Collins

    Marsh Woman Watches Over by Lady Selah SuJuris

    Musical Interludes by Musical Meridian


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    Naomi Westover Speaking on the Restorative Powers Of Kinesiology & Dowsing....

    in Spirituality

    Welcome an avid practitioner of Dowsing, Naomi Westover to “Get Your, It Together!” Saturday April 11, 2015 at 10:am est. This high vibrating and self directed energy manipulator will share our platform in her very first Blog Talk/Internet Radio interview, ever! She comes to share her experience, exposure and insight gained from 15 years of utilizing energy medicines, with energy techniques. She makes use of a number of techniques to identify various energy restorative needs, such as dowsing and kinesiology. Dowsing is an exercise of a human faculty that allows the initiate to obtain information in a manner that’s beyond the scope and power of the standard human 5 senses, but rely heavily on intuition and paranormal abilities. Kinesiology is used in a complementary capacity in the health or natural medicine field and is defined primarily to identify imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical, emotional energy, etc., to establish healing needs and changes in the evaluation with a broad spectrum of both manual and non-manual therapeutic proceduresthat works with the All There Is! She helps you to better understand how to facilitate rapid, life changing clearings of meridian blockages, past damaged cell frequencies, capable of sustaining heightened levels of resonant vibrations to repair energy disconnections, recalibrating the morphogenetic fields. You may email her for consultations at mentalalchemy@live.com, or call 10:am – 6;pm est. 828-515-0700. Join us & continue affirming that we’re all activated seeds of consciousness, animated by The Divine Spirit of The ALL There Is! So, come share with us live on air, at 773-897-6555 www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit .

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    Golden Ark of Treasure Part 4 of "Keep Doing This In Remembrance of Me"

    in Christianity

    Part 4 of the Mini Series

    Hosted by Isabella Heart

    Buried by Friday, Nisan 15,  Empty Tomb by Sunday, Nisan 17

    Historical Account of Jesus Burial and Ressurection and Events in Jerusalem

    Music Provided by Musical Meridian



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    I Know EFT Works, So Why Am I Not Tapping Daily?

    in Self Help

    "Sometimes a miracle is a change in material conditions, such as physical healing. At other times, it is a psychological or emotional change." ~Marianne Williamson

    You've experienced how effective and rapid EFT is for removing fears, self-limiting beliefs and releasing trauma, yet you "forget" to tap....even when you know you could.  You've gotten GREAT results in the past, but you've stalled out. 


    This episode focuses on the top 5 barriers that keep you from using EFT regularly to transform your life.

    Hear the testimonial of Carol who has used EFT to heal a difficult and painful case of psoriasis. She calls it her "miracle in slow motion."  It was getting in the way of doing normal household chores. Can you imagine how it would keep her from manifesting a SoulMate?

    Please take 2 minutes to complete the Barriers to Using EFT survey here, then tune in.

    Dr. Annette Vaillancourt, the Elite SoulMate Coach, and her guest will discuss how she overcame the barriers to using EFT!


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    Millions Will Attend, Will You?

    in Current Events

    Golden Ark of Treasure

    "Keep Doing This In Remembrance Of Me" Luke 22:19

    Nisan 14, thousands of years ago Jesus Christ was impaled on a torture stake and paid a ransom for all humanity. Nisan 14 corresponds with April 3, 2015 after sundown in which millions of people around the world attended the Annual Memorial, commemorating Jesus death. 

    Last year about 20 million attended the event through small venues Hosted by Jehovah's Witnesses all around the world. People of all faiths and walks of life attend. 

    Everyone is invited to attend after sundown in your own local community or regional territory. 

    The Memorial is usually 45 min to an hour. The event is free. There is no collection plate passed. No donation is required. 

    To learn more about the Event and locations go to www.jw.org

    Website Link to Shows regarding event: Storytellers Campfire Radio / Golden Ark of Treasure

    Video Link: Musical Meridian

    Music provided by Musical Meridian for this Announcement

    Love Never Fails 


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    Golden Ark of Treasure Presents Part 2; "Keep Doing This In Remembrance of Me"

    in Books

    Golden Ark of Treasure Presents "Keep Doing This In Remembrance of Me"

    Part 2

    The emblems in the Lords Evening Meal, what did they mean? 

    Part 3

    How can we prepare for the Memorial of Jesus which is annually commemorated on Nisan 14, which correspnds to Friday, April 3, 2015 after sundown. 

    Hosted by Charlie Checkers

    Image Source Attribution; By Mustafaa at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons 

    Bruce F. House F.R.G.S., published by H. H. Hardesty

    Music Provided by Musical Meridian

    Link: jw.org

    Website Link: Storytellers Campfire Radio 

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    Golden Ark of Treasure Presents "Keep Doing This In Remembrance of Me"

    in History

    Golden Ark of Treasure Presents Part 1 of the Mini Series

    "Keep Doing This In Remembrance of Me"

    Hosted by Lady Selah SuJuris

    Historical Account of Famous Figure Jesus Christ and the famous words

    "Keep Doing This In Remembrance of Me"

    Music provided by Musical Meridian 

    Images Sources Attribution: Bruce F. House F.R.G.S., published by H. H. Hardesty 1883

    Jerusalem AD 958-1052, according to the Arab geographers; from from Palestine Under the Muslims: A Description of Syria and the Holy Land from AD 650 to 1500, by Guy Le Strange, London 1890 (hence out of copyright)

    Link: jw.org

    Website Link: Storytellers Campfire Radio


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    Cafecito Break: Monday Mornings ~ Meridian Touch "The Art of Letting Go"

    in Lifestyle

    Grab your cafecito/tea and let's enjoy a Cafecito Break Monday Mornings with Rosangel Perez & Ruthie Guten

    Our topic today: Meridian Touch, "The Art of Letting Go" with Darryl Aiken-Afam

    About Darryl: Born in Chicago and refined in Brooklyn, Darryl Aiken-Afam has over 25 years experience in the fitness, movement, healing and martial arts worlds. His earliest formal training began in the art of Tae Kwon Do at the age of 10, and throughout his high school years he was on both the track and footballs teams. In his early 20s he began studying Shotokan Karate and then Muay Thai kickboxing training to become amateur fighter.

    During this time he became an ACE Certified Trainer, teaching at every major health club in NYC including Equinox and Chelsea Piers while also studying Capoeira, Kali (Stick fighting), and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Training and teaching rigorously for so many years brought Darryl to a point of physical and mental exhaustion coupled with many injuries. This led him to become a practitioner of the healing arts studying Shiatsu, Okyu (Japanese Moxa) and other forms of holistic bodywork along with Oriental Medicine Philosophy in the US and Japan. This new healing path led him to create Meridian Touch in the year 2000.

    Darryl then formulated Meridian Touch into a Effortless Yoga and Sports Yoga version. He is an active lecturer on Oriental Medicine & Movement and Meridian Exercise theory, and has spoken at Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Kinesiology Department, and also at various training, fitness and dance centers in the US and abroad.

    Contact info: darryl@meridiantouch.com


    Tel: 877.868.5073


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    Improved health, wealth and emotional balance!

    in Business

    Dr. Roy Martina, holistic MD and Dr. Joy Martina, PhD are best-selling authors and ‘trainers of trainers’, who have worked with the likes of Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Eric Pearl and Paulo Coelho! They bring the cumulative experience of 40 years of healing and energy work to their services. On this site you can:

    Improved health, wealth and emotional balance!-Create Wealth Now: 21 Principles of Abundance, a quick to read PDF that will walk you through the 10 principles of prosperity you can leverage right away to start creating more wealth, equip you with tools to remove negative neural conditioning and put you in touch with the in-built feedback system the universe has in place to unerringly guide you to your goals. This no-guidance-needed system is yours for free, as a thank you gift from us.The Christallin Source Healing Meditation audio, a wonderfully relaxing meditation that will give you the tools to direct the universal energy (Chi) and channel it into self-healing, removal of stubborn energy blockages holding you back and meridian balancing. A must have cleansing ritual to accelerate and magnify the results of any spiritual program.

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Jean Buckborough of New Vision Healing

    in Lifestyle

    Gold Canyon, AZ – It begins the moment we wake in the morning: the aching, the soreness, the cracking. People are in pain, but our bodies are designed to heal.

    Jean Buckborough is the founder of New Vision Healing, an energy healing practice. For seekers of health and pain-free living, New Vision Healing is dedicated to empowering you for health, great relationships and all of life’s riches.

    According to Jean, our physical pain has an emotional component. Through a unique modality known as the Emotion Code and Body Code system, as well as other energy healing modalities, Jean and her clients seek to identify and clear imbalances within the body’s energy systems to promote healing.

    “We’re energetic beings but we live in a physical body," explains Jean. “When our energetic systems get clogged and energies get distorted, that’s when disease and pain occurs in the physical body or emotional body. What I do is I work with the energy systems to clear out this distortion so people can run more smoothly and promote healing of pain.”

    Once Jean can determine the underlying reason for a particular issue, for instance lower back pain, she can then begin to clear that energy and release it through the body’s governing meridian, which communicates with every cell in our body.

    “I’m very grateful that I’m able to do this work and help as many people I have,” says Jean. “People are feeling better, their life is better and their relationships with their family, friends and colleagues are better. By healing individuals I’m also working toward healing the world.”

    For more information on New Vision Healing, visit http://newvisionhealing.com