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    "The Secret Enemy Within"- FIRE & ICE on KLJN 107.7 w/ Taralyn & Soul Kitten

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    KLJN 107.7

    When most people hear the words, “mental illness’ oftentimes they associate it with negative connotations cultivated by societal views and personal stigmas. For example, the fear of being labeled “crazy” by their peers, family, and shunned in their communities is a major issue why many Americans shy away from discussing the topic of mental health/mental illness particularly minorities.

    Why is this topic so taboo to many of us? Mental health/mental illness continues to be a topic that many are unfamiliar with and lack proper understanding due to the stigma associated with fear of the unknown and being ostracized in society. 

                According to the World Health Organization, mental health is defined as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community,” (Mental Wellness/Your Health/UNC).

                “Psychological health refers to an individual’s overall state of mental well-being, incorporating emotions, stress, mental illness, sense of belonging, connectedness and life satisfaction,”(Psychological Health: Safety, Health and Wellbeing).


    HOST: Soul Kitten & Taralyn



    Jill Scott – The Light of the Sun on My Back

     Kendra Ross- Real Deal

     Eric Roberson-Find The Way

     Rahsaan Patterson- Ghosts



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    Fame, what it is and why I DONT need it

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    Once again my accounts were hacked! This is the 2nd time in two weeks...BRAVO to you motherphuckers. Clearly I can just go ahead and shut the ENTIRE facebook thing down as I give 0 FUX about it. I am just a regular gal from upstate New York but you low born people are really starting to irritate me. On tonights show I will be discussing whatever the phuck comes to mind...such as personal safety. Such as..who the phuck am I that someone needs to break into my accounts. Im not your average girl...so NO Facebook anymore. Since people want to steal shit. I can survive totally happy off my radio show...no social media needed. 

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    Tell the Truth Tuesday: Best Regards

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    Tonights show is about leaving things in 2015 that didnt suit you. Due to my health I was unable to do the show last night. I have been really low energy and in pain for a couple of weeks now. Of course its time to see a doctor, but not until everything I need to do is done. It got me to thinking that health REALLY is WEALTH. I can go conquer the world when I feel 100. When I feel less than 100 I cant do anything.

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    I'm Maphuckin Tied

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    Tonights show is about the Holiday Blues. Some people get S.A.D. as in SEASONAL ASSOCIATIVE DISORDER. Some people cant get out of bed. Some people wear their mothers old fleece nightgowns and refuse to participate in life. I am going to tell you what MY depression looks like. Its not always someone sitting in a window rocking back and forth. 

  • Suicide: The Ripple Effect; A film about Suicide Prevention

    in Health

    Kevin Hines, author of 'Cracked not Broken' joins me today to talk about his advocacy for suicide prevention and awareness as well as to promote his new film being released shortly.

    Suicide: The Ripple Effect


    A #Film about the devastating effect caused by suicide, and the powerful, positive ripple effect caused by hope that can help people heal & stay alive!

    Ways to help the #Campaign


    1-Promote link to indiegogo film funding page online: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube...etc.

    Here is our new Teaser Trailer from our forthcoming film, Suicide:The Ripple Effect...Enjoy, tweet, retweet, Like, & Share



    2-Contribute any amount...literally any amount on or after the launch, Nov 1, new link to come for that page. I will send you the link on the day of our launch November 1


    3-Share link to the page I will provide with family and friends so they can share with more friends.


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    Amanda Cain

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    Amanda Cain is a peer support specialist and political activist for mental health. Join me for Amanda's personal battle with mental illness and how her advocacy is impacting the movement to eliminate stigma

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    Experiencing Bipolar from a Child's View: Eunice Brownlee's Story

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    Oftentimes we focus so much on the individual suffering with mental illness, we tend to overlook the impact it has on our families. Family deals with stigma, suffering, and pain as well and often feels helpless with their loved one and within the system. Their voices are JUST as important as the individual stories of triumph over mental illness.

    Today, Eunice Brownlee will join me and talk about what it is like to have a father who lives with bipolar disorder. She has not only become HIS advocate, but a powerful voice in the advocacy movement for mental health.

    Please join me as I talk to Eunice about how she defines her role as a child of someone with bipolar but has to play the role of an authority figure in his life to get what he needs in the system.

    Much thanks to Eunice and all she does in our movement.

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    SimplyIB: Inspirational Beauty Explores Mental Illness, Depression and Bipolar

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    Its  Wednesday already! Join Inspirational Beauty and Team I AM ME as they journey into this weeks episode on #SIMPLYIB. As usual they will use Theatrical Radio to shocase what so many of us are dealing with in our homes, families and communities. Join them as they embark on a touchy subject, whie following a famiy waiting to hear if their chid has BiPolar Disorder. "IB" and her camera cre wof I AM ME TV will take you inside the world of a couple of DR's , Nurses, Parents and Patients. So get ready. Tonight at 8 pm eastern. Dial 845-241-9898 or listen at Blogtalkradio.com/Iammeradio. Make sure you stay to peak with the cast after the show for their discussion. Exclusive on #IAMMERADIO  

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    The Fascinating Journey of Regal Fro: Laqwanda's Story

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    Talking with Regal Fro, editor of The Emotional Detox Life about her incredible journey through psychosis and her resulting path to advocacy.

    I was mesmerized by Laqwanda's story-telling, how open she is about her experience, and her passion and drive to help others feel not so alone. It is so incredible to listen to someone fully disclose experiences with mental illness with compassion for themselves at the time with a touch of humor. There is no better way to race toward recovery than to be able to see yourself in your mental illness and find the ability to laugh! This was my kind of interview!

    Tune in to hear her fascinating story, and I hope she will come back on sometime and share more!

    You can find more about her and her advocacy on youtube.com at onementalvlogger



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    The Mental Impact of Trauma: Izzy's Journey to Recovery

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    Talking to an incredible advocate and peer about the effects of early trauma and how it can have a mental impact. Izzy talks to us about some hard facts regarding transitioning out of state institutes and how difficult it can be for individuals. She shares with us her role in her new job as a peer helping individuals with that transition.

    She also shares her personal journey of trauma induced anxiety and depression from experiences at an early age. We follow her story through her teens and into her 20's where she is now in a position of recovery and giving back to people in need.

    Izzy is incredibly knowledgable and I feel lucky to call her my friend and colleague!

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    Morning Coffee - Dr. Patty Interviews Linda Vigen Phillips Author of "CRAZY"

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    Join Dr. Patty and Author, Linda Vigen Phillips for a LIVE discussion about her book "CRAZY" a novel by verse about mental illness. How many of you have lived with a family member who suffers from a mental illness? Mental Illness is a reality and it affects millions of people around the world. We invite you to get your cup of coffee and join the conversation. Let's Talk About It!