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    HelioSoul with USET 6 on air tonight with Harmonization and Balancing Act

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    Today's transmission from  HeliOSoul Source brings the waves of LEI for purpose of harmonization of perpetual change and transformation of fast moving life and dynamic of our own shifts and flows of the  wave of transformational energies sweeping the terrain of Earth and the bodies and spirits of humanity collective: This transmission is a part of regular USET-Universal Spiritual Energy Transfer which are  now a regular ones as part of heliOSoul's giving back. It is every one’s own and individual choice to receive USET. LEI is the Divine and self-intelligent unified and structured flow of love and consciousness from the heart of the matter on earth and from the sacred soul of one unified living God Creator. Therefore, as self-intelligent and all-knowing due to Divine nature. LEI’s are self-directed precisely to where your body-soul-spirit-consciousness-mind unified HUB – Human Universal Being needs at this moment of time.

    The facilitator of LEI, as well as your own self have no authority or control on how the transfer shall appear in its unfoldment, quality and outcome. It is all up to Grace, which “knows it all.” Your own possible shift and transformation during and/ or after the transfer may and will vary from others. Every shift and transformation of your own self is and always will be different from your own and every previous one. All you need to do is tune in to our transmission, sit comfortably, enjoy and prepare to receive first public open and free USET from us as a spiritual gift. 

    http://www.helio-soul.com/about-us/e-ra/   http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9aK1tXiIq9fuNIF1UbLtLX-CIiIPzLGk 

    Please, call in and participate in wave of meditational tarnsmission from Universal Source Of Divine Self-Intelligent Light & Love 



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    Different Meditations - Reading Fiction & Creating Your Own - 10 Min Meditation

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    Meditations come in all shapes, sizes, content, length, purpose and styles.  Typically accompanied with a peaceful focus and various types of breathing, meditations can suit your moment, your mood, your needs and your current personality styles.  Dr. Carol Francis, a student of meditation for over 40 years, considers today the meditation of reading fiction and then leads a 10 minute meditation in your own fiction.  Such meditation aim to move you beyond your limited thinking and limited perceptions of your reality so that when you return to your daily demands, you are better equipped to consider issues, problems, and opportunities from many different angles helping you optimize your attitude and your actions.   Enjoy these moments of soulful, spiritual, playful and expanding meditational experiences.  

    Dr. Carol Francis is an experienced Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, Reiki Master, Shamanically trained for 20 years, Jungian and Transpersonal Psychotherapist, and Certified Medical Hypnotherapist with 38 years of professional experience.  Dr. Carol Francis consults in the Los Angeles Beach Cities of Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, San Pedro and Long Beach.  3655 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA  90503 310-543-1824.  

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    Dharma talk with Jaya Julienne Ashmore of Open Dharma

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    Jaya Julienne Ashmore speaks on freedom and transformation -- with the help of poetry and her own decades of experience meditating and teaching meditation.  The relief of letting go, the power and nourishment of presence, and the gentle birthing of life all come about through loving life in meditation.

    To listen to other talks and meditations by Jaya and other Open Dharma teachers, please visit:


    This talk and all other teachings are offered freely, and your gifts and generosity help keep the flow going.

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    Attract Your Soul-Mate with the Law of Attraction #2

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    This podcast continues part one on how to attract your Soul Mate with the Law of Attraction.  Robert Zink, the Mentor of Light shares some of his esoteric knowledge on how to increase your magetic power and thus attract your Soul-Mate.

    This particular podcast will have reference to an article, which provide meditational skills necessary to make this system work.  You Soul-Mate is waiting for you.  Perhap you have had dreams about your Soul-Mate, now is the time to attract your Soul-Mate and live the love and life you were called to enjoy.







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    Carolyn Wilkins is a Professor of Ensembles at Berklee College of Music and author of  They Raised Me Up: A Black Single Mother and Women Who Inspired Her and Damn Near White:  An African American Family’s Rise from Slavery to Bittersweet Success. Both are available from the University of Missouri Press. Wilkins is an accomplished jazz pianist, composer, and vocalist with radio and television appearances with her group SpiritJazz, a concert tour of South America as Jazz Ambassador for the US State Department, performances with the Pittsburgh Symphony as a percussionist under Andre Previn, and shows featuring Melba Moore, Nancy Wilson and the Fifth Dimension. Carolyn has performed at Boston's Regattabar, Scullers' Grille, the Globe Jazz Festival and the Many Colors of a Woman Jazz Festival.  She appeared at Harvard, Brandeis, and Boston Universities, and was featured in four concerts at Boston's First Night Celebration. She authored Tips for Singers: Performing, Auditioning and Rehearsing (Hal Leonard Publications) and released four CDs of original compositions on Tiphereth Records:  SpiritJazz I, SpiritJazz II, Healin' Time, and Praise Song.  Carolyn composed music for The Search Goes On, a musical performed at First Night 2000, for NPR’s adaptation of Langston Hughes' Tell Your Mama, poet Phil Bryant's Southside Suite, and for Return, a Meditational Journey of Self Discovery for Black Women. Wright College Choir, Mt. St. Joseph Chorale, Emmanuel College Singers, and Shiloh Gospel Choir performed Carolyn's compositions.  www.carolynwilkins.com


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    Dr. Michael's Soul Dialogue-Debbianne DeRose

    in Spirituality

    Debbianne DeRose, MANifesting MENtor, returns today with an all-new episode. Visit her here: http://debbianne.com/

    Rev. Dr. Michael H. Likey is a clinical hypnotherapist, metaphysician, spiritual psychologist, author of "The Science of the Soul". Visit Dr. Michael here: revdrmichaellikey.weebly.com. Dr. Michael's meditation CD: Amazon. Dr. Michael's music from the show: Amazon.

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    Aries New Moon Meditation

    in Spirituality

    Join us tonight for Cosmic Grove Radio as we embrace the creative Aries New Moon energy with a meditational ceremony with Brittany and our Guest Speaker Astrologist and Root Doctor Kichawi Mzizi Daktari! Bring your New Moon intentions with you to the call! 

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    Mesmerism, Magnetism and Magic with Lee Gerrard-Barlow

    in Health

    Lee Gerrard-Barlow, owner of Arcana Therapies in London has been working Therapeutically with trance states ‘Meditational’ and ‘Yoga’ based practices for the last 20 Years. A N.L.P Master Practitioner, he also teaches the arts of Magnetism ( Mesmerism ) Fascination and ‘Presence based therapy'.

    Mesmerism is one of the touchstone forerunners of modern energy medicine. Explored in the late 1700s, Franz Mesmer hypothesized his healing results came through the enlightened use of a universal energy he called fluidum.  He postulated that fluidum was a subtle physical fluid that filled the universe and was the connecting medium between all living things, the earth and heavenly bodies. He found that the best source of this universal force was the human body itself and that the most active points of energetic flow were the palms of the hands.

    Please join your host, Subtle Energy Center CEO Cristina Smith in the Subtle Energy Salon for a fascinating conversation with one of the world's foremost experts on mesmerism and magnetism.

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    The Word on Wednesday

    in Spirituality

    The Word on Wednesday is a 15 minute inspirational segment to help encourage your hearts, increase your faith and usher relaxation through meditational worship.

    Remember it is only 15 minutes of your day...if you miss it "live" just search through the Archive to find the broadcast for that particular day or one that will really minister to your troubled spirit.

    "I am praying for you each and every day that The Word on Wednesday will carry you through!"

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    Altar of Tziyon

    in The Bible

    Every Saturday night join Rinnah Yisrael Bat Yah (Donna W. Dixon) of Avondale, Arizona and Nava Michaels of House of Sarah, and Lolita Todd of Repairing the Breach Ministries Int’l, dechiper words and share their thoughts concerning..... HaShems Transforming Presence in His People by Torah, and Experience.
    This weeks Host will be Achoti Nava Michaels the shows Topic.... " There is a Cure "
    Meditational Scripture : T'hillim/Psalms 19 :7-14
    Guest Therapist - Neysa Watley-Hill
    Psalmist - Jonelle Dulin

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    Dr. Michael's Soul Dialogue-Debbianne DeRose

    in Self Help

    Debbianne DeRose, MANifesting MENtor, returns today with an all-new episode to discuss "Boundary Drawing"! Visit her here: http://debbianne.com/

    Rev. Dr. Michael H. Likey is a clinical hypnotherapist, metaphysician, spiritual psychologist, author of "The Science of the Soul". Visit Dr. Michael here: revdrmichaellikey.weebly.com. Dr. Michael's meditation CD: Amazon. Dr. Michael's music from the show: Amazon.

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