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    in Science

    Bad philosophy within the evolutionary theory

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    Let's discuss whether or not to reveal to your mate that his or her friend is being a creep! Should this be a secret to save their friendship or should you risk ruining their friendship all together. 

    Call live at 7pm!!!Win a prize by answering a trivia question!!!

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    Is it natural to DESIRE someone else, while you're in love with your mate?

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    This topic isn't about whether or not polygamy and polyamry is good or bad, it's about whether or not someone who proclaims they are fulfilled with that one spouse/mate, should have desires for another person. Are desires for another being, natural, while in a fulfilling relationship with someone else? If you desire someone else does that mean that you're not fulfilled by your mate? Is it natural to desire someone else, while having a spouse/mate?

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    Sports Q and A Selection Sunday Show Feb 13 2016

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    The 2016 NFL Free Agency period is upon us and money is being spent all over the place.  We'll take a look at the winners/losers both players and teams. Calvin Johnson retired from the Detroit Lions, what's his legacy? March Madness Selection Sunday is herem we'll break down every region. 

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    what are the signs of your mate being down low

    in Relationships

    What are the signs your mate is down low or bisexual

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    Selection Sunday: Live Podcast

    in Basketball

    Indiana Hoosiers Selection Sunday for the NCAA Tournament. 

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    Firearm selection! on The 7P's of Survival

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    Firearm selection!
    Host: Josh "The 7 P’s of Survival"
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Tuesdays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    We will explore selecting a firearm for concealed carry, home defense, hunting/predator protection, and even for a bug out bag or whatever you may call that type of kit. Granted there will be overlap in categories but I will try to limit my discussion of each particular firearm to a single section. At the onset of the show I will talk about starter weapons which can function across many categories and are generally good weapons to begin your firearm journey with.

    I will try not to show favoritism for any particular brands or models (gun selection is intensity personal), but when I’ve had a good or bad experince I may convey those stories (I have a few great warranty stories). Depending on time avaliable we will talk a little about training, accesories, ammo selection and whatever other questions which may arise along the way.

    Read More→ HERE!

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    Cruz - Mathematically Eliminated - Chooses "Running" Mate? Hillary "Deal Me In!"

    in Politics

    It's OVER for Canada Cruz, John Kasich, AND Bernie Sanders.

    Yet, even though he is mathematically eliminated from the race for the Republican Nominee, Cruz chooses a running mate. Seriously?

    What happens, now, to the Cruz/Kasich Pact to force a Bokered Convention?

    What did Hillary mean when she said to deal her in?

    And I KNEW that this was going to happen: Last night, during the chumps "victory" speech, he quoted Senator Bernie Sanders, about Secretary Clinton's "qualifications to be POTUS.

    So, just WHEN will Bernie do what he should have done a month ago, gracefully bow out, urge his supporters to support the real life Madam Secretary, and tell them why their support of her is so very important?

    Join me - LIVE - Tonight at 11:30, and we'll try to figure it all out, together.

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    Presidential Candidate picks Muslim American Will Coley as VP Running Mate

    in Politics

    Making an 1800 Change….Or is it just making things “Right” again?
    The Libertarian Party, which made history in 1972 when Toni Nathan became the first woman to receive an Electoral College vote, is notorious for breaking barriers on race, gender, sexual orientation decades before their mainstream counterparts do.
    A few weeks back Darrel W. Perry was a guest on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica. Just to recap Perry is running as a Presidential Candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket. He is shaking things up and doing things differently. Among them, he refused to sign the filing paperwork, in defiance of the ridiculous and unnecessary rule. Keeping that shaking going, Perry made a very bold statement and move on April 6, 2016, announcing that his running mate would be Will Coley, the first Muslim Vice-Presidential Candidate in American history.
    Tuesday night at 8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST Isa and his guest co-host Robert Fantina will interview Will Coley.
    Isa and Robert will delve into the debate of Islam and the Constitution, the candidates' fear mongering about Muslims, yet, at the same time kissing up to Muslims. We will also get Will Coley’s perspective as he runs for Vice President for the Libertarian party.
    Catch A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica Tuesday nights on wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and, Coffee Party USA Radio Network. 8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST
    You are also encouraged to have a voice by joining up in the chat rooms or by calling in at 646-929-2495
    Listen Via:
    Computer: http://wakeupinmerica.com/live-show-2/
    Mobile: http://wakeupinmerica.com/live-show/

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    Why Trump Should Pick Newt Gingrich as his Vice Presidential Running Mate

    in Politics Conservative

    How did you feel, what did you think when you read the title of tonight's show? Soon Bards Logic will launch a petition to Donald Trump and Ben Carson who is heading the vetting of possible Vice Presidential picks. The petition will state many of the reasons why Donald Trump should choose Newt Gingrich.

    Here is the short version of the Petition.  

    Dear Candidate Trump,

    We congratulate you on your victory for the Republican nomination. Now it is time to move forward to choose a running mate that Conservatives will support and who knows Congress. That person is Newt Gingrich. He took the Republican Party to a 54 seat gain to win the House of Representatives in 1994 which had been held by the Republicans for only two out of the previous 62 years. This fact will alleviate those with fears of down ballot loses. Gingrich also has experience balancing budgets as he did in 1995. He got passed the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. Gingrich supports the Six Sigma business management model for the United States government. During his 2012 campaign, Gingrich proposed a balanced Budget Amendment, building a fence on the US-Mexican border, and promoted a reduction of the federal government's influence adhering to the 10th Amendment on States' Rights. Gingrich promotes increasing America's investment into the future in the areas of science and technology. For these reasons and more Mr. Trump we urge you to choose Newt Gingrich as your running mate for Vice President of the United States. Signed_____________

    Look for the extended petition and the link to where YOU can sign to tell Trump to pick Newt Gingrich as his Vice President Running Mate.

    Check out the Show's website at: http://www.bardslogicpoliticaltalk.com

    Through Facebook, Chat, or Call-In BE a Part of the Show by joining Our Round Table Discussion.

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    Call in show /Ask Question/ and The Great Debate /sexual selection

    in Culture

    Sexual selection is a "special case" of natural selection. Sexual selection acts on an organism's ability to obtain (often by any means necessary!) or successfully copulate with a mate.

    Selection makes many organisms go to extreme lengths for sex: peacocks (top left) maintain elaborate tails, elephant seals (top right) fight over territories, fruit flies perform dances, and some species deliver persuasive gifts. After all, what female Mormon cricket (bottom right) could resist the gift of a juicy sperm-packet? Going to even more extreme lengths, the male redback spider (bottom left) literally flings itself into the jaws of death in order to mate successfully.