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    Masterminds and Mentors

    in Business

    Feedback. Communication. Learn some of the tricks of giving AND receiving effective feedback. This conversation will help you communicate in your business, at home, when you are out and about, nearly everywhere you are with people! You are accountable for your interactions, so join Coach Gibbs and learn more about how to more effectively communicate with those around you.

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    The Authors Corner a book review of the suspense thriller "The Second Precinct".

    in Books

    The Case of the Second Precinct is a story about the life and death of a New York City Police Officer who if not for his family ties would have lived and died in disgrace. It was common knowledge that the cops of the 31st Street Precinct in the Bronx regularly put in 10 to 12 hours a day.But only a few outside the walls of the 31st precinct knew what really went on during and after work. The Second Precinct is better known as the Riverton Avenue Clubhouse a secret police sanctioned criminal empire. Follow Marshal Harry Bailey as he takes on his toughest undercover assignment ever and goes deep into the belly of a crime infested 10 square block corner of the City. Bailey goes undercover to find, expose and take down another one of New York City’s criminal masterminds; a criminal who learned to cover his activities from inside the system. The question is, is this criminal mastermind too deeply hidden behind the NYPD’s Blue Wall?

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    Lisa from Lisa's Rum Cake - Talking about the Millionaire Masterminds of AZ

    in Food

    We are going to talk about Lisa's rum cake.  Lisa's grandmother was  from Italy and a her recipes are a 3rd generation.  Lisa has been making cakes for 40 years.   We will talk about Lisa's online business and so much more!  Join me as I talk to Lisa and her family.

    We are also going to talk about the reality show Millionaire Masterminds of AZ and Miss-Ashley Kendrick and her team Martin's Masterminds. They are completing against 2 other groups to create the strongest marketing plan for a local e-commerce bakery called Lisa'a Rum Cake located in Gilbert.

    Be sure to tune-in at 11:45 EST

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    "The Thunderstorm" w/ Lil Raskull and Ice Water Slaughter

    in Christianity

        On this show we will be talking about grace and forgiveness and how it applies to our daily lives. We will be featuring some Christian hip-hop artists and talking about our faith in Jesus. We also are ging to be chopping it up with some special guests!

         Lil Raskull aka (Ras), Chrsitian Hip-hop pioneer,and owner of Javo Reacords ( https://fivefeetmogul.wordpress.com/ ) and Ice Water Slaughter, Houston, Tx.  Hip-hop legend. (http://www.icewaterslaughter.com ) , come on the show to discuss their up-coming Maxi-single and Album called: 'I AM T.G.", and other plans for their future endeavors.

        The name " T.G. " Standing For: Trinity Garden, Represents the Name of the neigborhood where both Ice Water, and Raskull grew up. The album will Reflect the realities of the Hood where they are from, and how those realities have shaped them into being the men, musical, buisness, and lyrical masterminds they are today.

         The Album includes production by the legendary "MIKE B", and your Co-host For Thunderstorm Radio, "ION", C.E.O. of: IONOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS. With recording, Mixing, and Mastering done by Reginald Boudreaux (Professional music Producer, and Sound engineer), and James Hoover (Award winning audio mixing, and mastering) This Creative and High Quality Record is sure to become apart of your music library.




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    The Power Of Masterminding

    in Entrepreneur

    Have you ever been so dialed into a conversation that you felt like you had met your "synergistic other"?
    Have you ever conversed with a group that challenged you, questioned you...even pushed you out of your comfort zone?
    Have you ever felt like you were ready to grow beyond your present capabilities.

    If you answered "YES!" to these questions, then you are likely ready for a high-level mastermind to take your game to the next level in business and life. 

    Join JT for an insightful conversation on the power of Masterminds, and how to best maximize these awesome opportuities.

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    REAL CRIME-James Hoare

    in Entertainment

    From the notorious serial killers of the Age of Aquarius to the ruthless mob bosses of the Jazz Age and beyond, Real Crime is the first high quality true crime magazine on the newsstand. Every issue of Real Crime reveals the untold stories behind the world’s most gripping cases, the breathtaking experiences of investigators and survivors, and blow-by-blow accounts of how lawbreakers were finally brought to justice.

    Delivered with the same icy intensity and forensic detail of popular documentaries and TV shows, Real Crime uncovers blow-by-blow accounts of how notorious criminals have been brought to justice.  Every issue will be packed with ground-breaking interviews, original research and the incriminating pictures behind the world’s most infamous cases. With breath-taking accounts from investigators, survivors and the criminal masterminds themselves, the magazine opens up the world of serial killers; ruthless mob bosses; organised crime; unsolved cases and beyond.

    James Hoare, editor-in-chief at Real Crime, said, “We are always looking for new ways to meet our readers’ need for intelligent, trusted reporting and opinion. 

    The first edition takes readers on a fascinating journey into the minds of some of the most notorious serial killers, including Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Fred and Rose West. It also includes a special interview with the woman who shot footage of the O.J. Simpson car chase, on the 20th anniversary of the contentious trial. REAL CRIME-James Hoare

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    Positive Experience with the Masterminds of Scipio Biofuels

    in News

    This will be the third show talking about sustainability of resources with both masterminds behind the idea of Scipio Biofuels and how to use our own resources better... Plus we will chat about the individual choice of people to into the idea of biofuels.... and it not being a political decision... please welcome Matt Snyder and Scott NorthcottPlease join us on blogtalkradio for this great show... call in at 310-982-4253 or join us in the Joeygiggles blogtalkradio Chatroom... you can also join us on skype...

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    Masterminds and Mentors

    in Business

    The Masterminds and Mentors coaching team takes a different approach to their discussions of personal and business growth this month when they "Talk Turkey about Books."
    The coaching team of Coach Cindy Gibbs, Coach Terri Refshaw and Coach Sherry Newman talk about their favorite books and how they have influenced their personal or professional view of how they do business and live their lives. 
    People read books for many different reasons.  Sometimes it may be self help, additional knowledge or just for fun.  Whatever the reason, how do the types of books we read  say about our quest for learning and personal growth? 
    At show end this month the team has a very exciting announcement about what is going to take place for Masterminds and Mentors for 2012.
    Join us for some great book fun and fantastic  news as the Masterminds and Mentors team "Talks Turkey about Books"                       

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    Musical Masterminds

    in Entertainment

    Thfore best musical masterminds deserve recognition. Join us for the modern age musical masterminds such as Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. Plus enjoy a musical performance by our special guest star Lilyan Sophie. Get ready! Get set! And listen!

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    Interview with the Authors of 7

    in Books

    Debonair guest host and book reviewer Ethan Gregory interviews the award-winning authors of the new release 7. Casey L. Bond, Jo Michaels, Tia Silverthorne Bach, Kelly Risser, and N. L. Greene are the masterminds behind Fractured Glass, and they've come together once again to break traditional thought and construct of what should go into a multi-authored novel. Ethan will ask the women questions he had while reading the book, regale you with his charm, and surprise them with his witty banter while giving you insight you won't get anywhere else.

    Listen in for details about the book you won't get any other way. Follow Ethan and the authors on Twitter: @egrgry, @AuthorCaseyBond, @WriteJoMichaels, @Tia_Bach_Author, @kar2b, @AuthorNLGreene

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    New Years Revolution with Brick Da Foundation and YG Preach

    in Motivation

    Peace and Black Power Family,

    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. This episode is dedicated to the ascension of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Natalie Cole and all our ascended masters who continue to live on through us. We are honored to have a session with the two masterminds behind the scene here at Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The visual excellence and one of the new faces in the person of Brick Da Foundation and Head of marketing and Promotion YG Preach. The humility honor and respect these brothers embody is a testament to the love they have for our people. Both dedicate long hours of sacrifice and time away from their families to aid in our people's rise to dominance. We celebrate them today as well as the legacy of the warrior scholars and musicians who inspired us as a nation of people. Join us we Do Tha Knowledge Saurday 1-2-16 at 6;30 p.m. PST 8:30 pm CST 9:30 EST as we pay hommage to our beloved. Call in live to phone number 713-955-0707 and press 1 with your questions and comments. Here is the link to listen remotely: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2016/01/03/new-years-revolution-with-brick-da-foundation-and-yg-preach