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    Show 357: Let The Remixed Drinks Snow.

    in Comedy

    Join your hosts Scott Bull, Jennifer Jacker-Bull, and Gail Hamilton, as they discuss the unofficial start to Christmas in this toe-warming happy hour of music and comedy that adds extra marshmallows to your cocoa.

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    KFYB Episode 163

    in Politics Progressive

    It's not midnight, it's almost midnight, sometimes I just like to go outside and look up at the moonlit sky and imagine what life would be if the stars aligned properly and the honey dew camp would open up and allow the pineapple crew to set up shop, thus allowing the 4th son of Mr. Peanut to rise from his long slumber and take his place as King and lord of the 8th circle of K where the rats eat the corpses of the old God's so that they can gain their knowledge, but it will never work, the rats are doomed to repeat the same circle until the beginning of the days of the empty turtle shell, what does that mean though to the Fish of the sea who only seek dominion amongst their own, they don't want to leave their world but their world is leaving them, what will happen when the peanut butter car runs out of gas and the long lost son of a long dead despot can not reach his destination thus further pushing back the destined time of the ordained, what will happen when you crawl but can't swim and the Sharks begin to move towards you, they smell blood, but you're blind and you have no arms, what will happen when you only sink down to the bottom and you're left with a circle of surrounding you, will the red dragon that lives under the moon's crator return to earth to begin the culling of the weak?  Maybe the mushrooms are ready, who knows, my jacket was black but time has made it grey, it's just as warm as the first day I put it on, but it's color has faded into grey, will the fresh juice made from the blood of the citrus Queen heal what time has done or are we all destined to walk a spiral staircase that leads into ??

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    Love Burns...with Charity Trueheart and Gwendolyn Lovequest

    in Entertainment

    Marshmallows and roaring fires...or crackers and cheese...romance is easily romanced...check in with Charity and Gwendolyn as they advise you on love...lost and found...all fun...no net.

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    in Radio

          First let me get this off the menu, so we can proceed.  This show is called the HONEYCOMB HIDEOUT.  A honeycomb is where delicious gooey sticky honey comes from after the bees have harvested what they get to make honey.  Isn't that a miracle?  How come ants don't have a goo nest?  How come caterpillars don't make marshmallows?  You know when they do that cocoon thing, and what they leave behind is a gooey gump of that white stuff you roast over an open fire?  But here's what I wanted to get off my chest - BEES don't have a jumpstart on this JGCD (Johnny Davis) fellow with his M80s, don't get JD mad, or he will turn into the violent proctolagist.  And it will be just like sititng on a land mine.  KaBoom!  And I don't mean the cleanser.  This is a good show.

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    Stovetop Politics: Riots, Romney, and Roasted Marshmallows

    in Politics Conservative

    The government wants to tell you how to properly - and safely - roast marshmallows. We ask the important questions, such as: are they trying to suck the fun out of campfires? Is this a cover so that they can realign s'mores to meet the First Lady's exacting nutrition standards? How many of the key components can one remove from a s'more before it ceases to be a s'more?

    Also: How is the removal of a bacon sign like the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange? And the related question: how is a vegan like a terrorist?

    John Kerry's dumb tweet of the week, the latest on Ferguson, and what to do if someone you love is supporting a Romney 2016 bid.

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    Talking Terror Presents Episode 94 - Sleepaway Camp Overnight part 1

    in Movies

    Join us live this Thursday at 9 pm est as we grab our sleeping bags and tents for a night of terror! We'll be discussing Sleepaway Camp and Return To Sleepaway Camp. These two are the only films to feature the lovely Felissa Rose aka Angela Baker so grab your marshmallows and get ready to sit around the campfire as we discuss two summer themed horror films

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    Resisting Marshmallows

    in Christianity

    None of us really like it when trials enter into our lives.  It hurts and makes like very uncomfortable to us.  Just as bad, if not worse is when temptation begins to knock at our door.  Why not answer that door?  Well, when we are tempted our faith is always at risk.  When we jump into our sin all of a sudden the things that were so easy to believe in somehow become much more difficult to the point that we just begin to distance ourselves altogether from Jesus, the one who loves us and has the best for us.  I believe every follower of Jesus longs to have to overcome temptation and live boldly for God.  So how do we do it?  Listen in today as Dave Johnston shares how you can "resist the Marshmallows." 

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    Highways and Byways of Life

    in Finance

    Today we celebrate National Rocky Road Day. In the early 1900s it was a soft dessert made from chocolate, marshmallows and nuts. In the United States, the most popular way to eat Rocky Road is in ice cream.

    Although there are many variations, traditionally, Rocky Road ice cream was composed of chocolate ice cream, nuts, and marshmallows. Today it is common to find it based on vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, marshmallows and almonds.

    Is your financial pathway a rocky road? Your Money Your Matters focuses on how to reconstruct that trail with a smoother-surface. We know that the housing market has been a bumpy boulevard for many, and we’ll talk about how to push some of those obstacles out of the way. We discuss everything from debt management to life experiences. We explore what tools are available to help consumers better manage their personal finances, and we answer your personal questions.

    Your Money. Your Matters is a weekly show broadcasting every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon Central Time, featuring radio personalities Rick Grady, Cornerstone Credit Union League, Todd Mark, Navicore Solutions, and Jenny Stewart, Consumer Credit Counseling Services. Plus we have a wide cadre of guests that join us.

    Each week, we discuss financial issues that are most importance to consumers. Tune in; share your thoughts; and gain helpful advice.


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    Milling About Bang Candy Company

    in Entertainment

    Milling About visits Bang Candy Company in Nashville, Tennessee where handmade gourmet marshmallows are the bomb! There's all types of confection creations designed by owner Sarah Souther. Sarah came to Nashville by way of Ireland and the idea for her candy company started over dinner with a friend when her dessert contained a handmade marshmallow. She tells host Robin Milling, 'I thought, wow, people make marshmallows! I went home and I messed around in my cupboard and I found some cardamom and some rose. I thought, ooh I'll make a rose cardamom marshmallow! It's very simple; gelatin, some syrup and you whip it up until it gains volume, cools, traps the air bubbles and then you have this lovely spongy substance.'

    A big hit at a potluck party, Sarah was convinced she could make a business out of her designer marshmallows and she did. She jokes how she first would 'deal marshmallows' to friends in parking lots but then expanded to a 'shed on wheels' to cart her sweets around town called The Cocoa Van. Their home now is a former car factory for Marathon Motor cars right next door to the Antique Archeology shop where American Pickers began.

    There are literally endless ways to flavor a marshmallow and Sarah has tried them all taking full advantage of her neighboring distilleries including black currant absinthe, maple bacon bourbon and spicy margarita, as well as chocolate chili and toasted coconut almond; then dipped one by one on a diagonal in chocolate. Sarah says it's time consuming but well worth it and encourages anyone to try making marshmallows at home. Recipes are at http://www.bangcandycompany.com/

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    in Comedy

    Well, fuckers! It's the last episode of 2014 and whether or not you've decided on a resolution...it's time to move the fuck on! To end this action-packed year, Corinne & Krystyna couldn't think of a grander guest than stand-up comic, Broadway star and performer extraordinaire MR. KEVIN MEANEY. This is an extra special one, so grab some hot chocolate (with marshmallows, obvs!) and the new Dre Beats you got from Santa and listen in as the three talk living with a huge secret, getting aroused for the gender you're not attracted to and how to tell your wife you're gay. Gulp.

    PLEASE DONATE to our INDIE GOGO!! We need your help to make the podcast bigger and better. Here is the link to donate: 

    E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com


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    Naughty or Nice -- Bad Boys / Bad Girls

    in Writing

    Join Host Donna Wright as she gets all comfy and cozy with authors who bring on the bad boys and girls in romance. Learn how they keep these romances real, fun, and not too naughty so that their characters don't end up on Santa's bad side during the holidays.  Donna will be talking to Fiona McGier, Altonya Washington, LaSheera Lee, and Stephanie Queen. Mallory Kane will be bringing us Romance News at the bottom of the hour brought ot you by Dark Hollows Press and I'm sure they'll be a few more treats and surprises along the way. So sit back and relax with a cup of White Chocolate cocoa and melting marshmallows and listen to the Hummingbird Place -- Your Home for Romance brought to you live from the Secret Cravings Publishing Studio.