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    Marnie Swedberg joins Kevin Hunter on The Business Forum Show

    in Business

    Host Kevin Hunter features Marnie Swedberg on The Business Forum Show. In addition to hosting numerous Google #1-ranked websites generating millions of hits/year, Marnie Swedberg is the author of 12 books, manages the family restaurant and retail store, hosts her own radio talk show plus does media and speaking appearances. Marnie shares her broad experience as she mentors thousands of super busy leaders with her unique approach to being B.U.S.Y. -Best Unique Strategies for You. She is fun and fast-paced, yet peaceful and approachable.

    To reach Marnie, please visit


    To contact The Business Forum Show, please call 360-430-5007 or email stephanie@thebusinessforumshow.com


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    Marnie Swedberg celebrates Grandparents

    in Lifestyle

    Popular radio personality Marnie Swedberg joins our Life Lessons team to talk about the importance of grandparents.
    This show is brought to you by Gracefully Yours greeting cards and journals, official sponsors of Grandparents. www.shop.gracefully-yours.com

  • How to Let Go & Trust God: Find Calm in Chaos:Triumph in Tragedy Marnie Swedberg

    in Christianity

    Marnie Swedberg is the online mentor to over 14,000 leaders from 30 countries training B.U.S.Y. - Best Unique Strategies for You. She is a syndicated radio talk show host, the author of 13 "how-to" books, (her newest is Flow Through Vessel: How to Master the Habit of Letting God Flow Through You ) plus she personally oversees two businesses in the retail and restaurant industries. She consistently shares practical, doable success strategies to shorten your learning curve, increase your productivity and skyrocket your delight in life. 

    She is fun and fast-paced, yet peaceful and approachable. Her history includes fires, floods, a tornado, car wrecks, business set-backs, a burglary, lightning strike, ambulance rides and more.
    She models come-back behavior, possibility thinking and profound faith.

    Marnie is webhostess of WomenSpeakers.com, the largest online directory of its kind in the world, she connects, influences and encourages millions of women each year.

    As a public speaker, she has presented for large corporations including Honeywell, Prudential, Pillsbury, AT&T and others; for non-profit groups including Chambers of Commerce, Professional Women's Clubs, public libraries, speaker training conferences, Women of Today, writers conferences and so on; for Christian women's retreats plus programs for denominations including Baptists, Catholics, A/G, EFree, Lutherans and many others.

    Visit  www.Marnie.com.

    Connect with Deb at  www.DebScott.com

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    Marnie Swedberg in 10

    in Lifestyle

    Popular mentor and web hostess Marnie Swedberg shares her life lessons and provides valuable teachable moments on this debut show called Marnie Mentors in 10.

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    Time and Success Strategies to Achieve Your Goals with Guest Marnie Swedberg

    in Self Help

    Do you have a great life, but you find it impossible to achieve all the goals you set for yourself?

    Do you sometimes run out of time, money or energy for the things in your life that matter most?

    Join Cloris Kylie as she welcomes, Marnie Swedberg, the online mentor to over 12,000 leaders from 30 countries and a Success Principles & Time Management Trainer. Marnie will share key strategies you can use to reach your goals in the minutes you have.

    About Marnie:

    Marnie Swedberg serves thousands of mentees from over 30 countries training B.U.S.Y. - Best Unique Strategies for You. She is a syndicated radio talk show host, the author of 12 "how-to" books, plus she personally oversees two businesses in the retail and restaurant industries. She consistently shares practical, doable success strategies to shorten your learning curve, increase your productivity and skyrocket your delight in life. www.Marnie.com.


    Visit Cloris’s Site: www.cloriskylie.com

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    Marnie Schneider Of Keep On Playing

    in Sports

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Marnie Schneider. 

    Marnie Schneider is, simply put, a force of nature. Born into a family of out of this world leaders, Marnie has not only kept the tradition going but has kicked it up a notch. She grew up in style in Philadelphia traveling the world and sitting in a box seat at every Eagles football game (she obviously couldn’t play football so she became the world’s biggest cheerleader). Her Grandfather, who owned the Eagles for over twenty years, was known to land his helicopter painted green and white with a huge Eagles Logo,on her high school’s lawn to whisk her and friends off to a football game.

    After graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Penn State University, where she was president of her sorority Delta, Delta, Delta, Marnie began her career working at NFL Films. For two NFL seasons and two Super Bowls, she assisted Chairman and Filmmaker Steve Sabol interviewing NFL players, coaches and owners—and she was never turned away from any office, practice field, or locker room in the league. Marnie knows the ins and outs of Football and the NFL….The National Football League, not a Non Fat Latte! Marnie has the experience, DNA and Pedigree to educate both Men and Women on Football. Always drawing a huge audience at the local sports bar or classroom, Marnie’s genuine and fun way of teaching draws a lively and excited audience, they get to hear her stories from growing up as the Football Filly, ( an experienced equestrian and animal lover) what the players called her as she ran up and down the aisles of the Planes taking the Eagles to an away game, and sitting on the lap of legendary Howard Cosell before a Monday Night Football game. All this added up to one heck of a lot of information and knowledge!



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    World Kitchen Holiday Entertaining Radio: Marnie Swedberg

    in Food

    Marnie Swedberg is on a mission to make this Thanksgiving and Christmas a joy for those who do the lion’s share of the work. “For women, a lot of the holiday responsibilities fall on our plates to organize and make sure all of this is happening each year. And it’s overwhelming because not only are you expected to do everything you always do, you’re expected to add 20 to 60 additional hours of preparation time,” the author of Marnie's Kitchen Shortcuts: Cut Your Cost, Cut Your Time, Cut the Fat tells The Best People We Know host Deb Scott. “By Christmas Eve, mom is so exhausted she’s not enjoying herself, and she’s not even fun to be around. Often she says things she later wishes she shouldn’t have said, which is tragic because it doesn’t have to be that way. So I’ve put together a Holiday Boot Camp to help us get organized enough to have a peaceful, enjoyable holiday season.”

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    Marnie Swedberg: Help for the Hectic Holidays

    in Women

    Join us for this special Saturday morning show with Mentor Marnie Swedberg, as she helps us keep the hectic out of the Holidays with tips from her newly released organizational guide,  Holiday Planning - Super stress-busting strategies in the eight potentially hazardous holiday zones.
    These include:
    - Traditions & Events
    - Personal Time & Rest
    - Personal Diet & Exercise
    - Healthy Family Meals
    - Christmas Cards/Letters
    - Tree & Home Decorating
    - Gift Ideas, Budgets, Buying, Wrapping & Shipping
    - Holiday Meals & Party Hosting
    Marnie has mentored over 12,000 goal-getters from 30 countries, planned and hosted parties of over 1000 attendees, is author of the 12 book serires "The Marnie Method Series for Super Busy Women,” and is an experienced media guest expert appearing on/in CNBC, USA Today, Women's World Magazne, ABC, CBS, FOX and many more.
    Join us to get practical, doable advice that both energizes and encourages your life this Holiday!
    Taking your calls live 347-637-1318.
    Visit: http://www.marnie.com


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    Marnie Swedberg: Time Management Strategies of Olympians

    in Self Help

    Are you needing more time or better time strategies that are successfully used with olympic champions, presidents and leaders?
    Marnie Swedberg is an International leadership mentor, author, speaker and owner/manager of a restaurant and a retail store. As the mentor to over 12,000 super busy leaders from 30 countries, Marnie shares practical, doable success strategies to shorten your learning curve, increase your productivity and skyrocket your delight in life.
    She is the author of 12 books, hosts a weekly radio talk show and the owner/manager of two family businesses, a restaurant and retail store.

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    Comic Artist Marnie Galloway on Comic art and illustration

    in Art

    What does it take to come up with original comic art? How can an artist make a graphic novel that is truly literary? Join us as Marnie Galloway talks about comic art and illustration today.

    Marnie Galloway is a comic artist and illustrator working in Chicago, Illinois. Her three-part wordless comic series "In the Sounds and Seas" won a Xeric Grant, was nominated for the LA Times Book Prize for Best Graphic Novel and made the Notable Comics list in Best American Comics. She is a co-organizer of Chicago Alternative Comics Expo and a co-host of the biweekly panel podcast Image Plus Text with cartoonist Sam Sharpe. Her illustration and comics clients include 826CHI, Saveur Magazine, Cricket Magazine and Chicago Zine Fest.